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Seven Steps To MLM Success

Since I didn’t want to bore anyone to death with a 1500 word blog post, I decided to break this one into two. So this is the second part and if you haven’t already read the first, click here. Otherwise carry on reading the last 4 steps to MLM success.

4. Actual Marketing

Once you’ve done the offline thing – you should have a small group of people in your downline. At this point, you’re ready to start marketing online. Offline marketing can work really well and if you don’t want to learn anything new – stick to it. However if you want to start recruiting reps on a daily basis and generating leads on auto pilot, you need to start marketing online.

There really are hundreds of marketing strategies. There’s blogging, SEO, article marketing, pay per click or banner advertising. My advice is to stick to one strategy. The real question is; paid or free marketing strategies? I would personally say set aside $100/week just for experimenting. On top of that you can do as much free marketing as you like. Just know that free strategies take a long time to yield results. For more on MLM marketing, read this.

5. Recruiting

Recruiting is an art that takes months or years to master. Unless you’ve be in the trenches selling shit that nobody wants for a period of several years – it’s going to take a little while to master recruiting. However, it can broken down into these steps:

  1. Get Traffic
  2. Send Traffic Into Funnel
  3. Build Relationship
  4. Show Presentation
  5. Close

First you need a constant flow of traffic. Let’s say 500 targeted visitors daily. The next step is to convert the traffic into leads by offering them something for free. Once leads are in your funnel, you must automatically follow-up with them using an autoresponder to feed them great content. This part is relationship building where you give away cool stuff, help them out and gain their trust.

You can also sell them a few information products along the way for upfront cash. Next you can send them to an online video presentation pitching your opportunity. That’s it – people will join then and there. On top of that, you can follow-up with the people who didn’t join and close the deals. That means making personal phone calls. Since recruiting is such a huge subject, read this post on MLM recruiting.

6. Duplication

Duplication is the most difficult part of Network Marketing. Most say it’s recruiting, but in reality recruiting is the easiest part of building a Network Marketing business. By the time you reach this point, you should have at least 25 people in your downline. At which point you can stop focusing on recruiting as much and start focusing on duplication. Now when I was building my first few MLM downlines, I seriously struggled with duplication.

I could recruit, that wasn’t the problem. The problem was whenever I stopped recruiting, my income would only decrease. So after extensive research and lots of trial and error; I figured it out. First, you have to put together an action plan for your downline. Another huge problem which really held me back was training my downline. I was spending several hours every day teaching them how to market.

Instead, you need to systemize the process. To do so you can record videos and write guides teaching your downline how to do everything. From traffic and lead generation to recruiting. You must put together a training library so your downline can get started by themselves. If 90% of your downline are going to drop out anyway, why bother spend endless hours coaching them in the first place?

7. Tools & Training

This is the last step to “Network Marketing success”. It’s selling your own tools and training. Believe it or not, the top Amway earners make the majority of their income selling tools and training courses to their downline. It’s simple really. You just have to create courses and tools that will help your downline build their business. Your downline will literally hand you as much as $10,000 for some private coaching.

Or you could put together a training video series on recruiting and package it up for $39. If you have 2000 downline members and just 1000 buy the series, that’s $39,000 in profits. The potential for selling tools and training to your downline is limitless. Once you have a downline of at least a few hundred; selling your own tools/training is a must.

So that’s about it, the seven steps to Network Marketing success.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

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Steve Smith MLM
Steve Smith MLM

You can make as much money as you want in MLM, but for most people, it doesn’t happen overnight. Treat your MLM Home Business as a long-term business. You want to build up your income in MLM Home Business before you get rid of your job. If you rush to walk away from your job before your business has reached a certain level, you run the chance of getting stressed out and quitting your MLM business all together. Never let that happen to you. Before you even think of quitting your job you should be making at least the same amount of money from your MLM business as you’re earning at your job. That way you can quit your job and be excited about your MLM business.

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