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The Beginners Guide To Generating Free MLM Leads

Free MLM LeadsWhile this information is already available all over the place, I still get people me asking me how they can generate free MLM leads. I’ve listed a whole bunch of strategies to generate MLM leads in the past, but I thought I should create a list of solely free strategies. I’m talking completely free, stuff that won’t even cost you a dime. Anyway, here are 3 simple ways to generate completely free MLM leads.

1. Sneaky Facebook Marketing

There are literally 100 ways to market on Facebook. In fact a marketer launches a Facebook marketing course practically every single day. So I’m not going to teach you how to do some crazy stuff with your Facebook fan page, or even how to use groups. Instead I’m going to teach you this sneaky strategy anyone can use to generate 20+ leads a day (almost guaranteed)… like tomorrow. I guess this is the equivalent of cold calling, but on Facebook. I don’t actually use this strategy, but it’s the FASTEST way to generate 20+ leads a day…. (some of you are not going to want to do this, but it’s the fastest way to generate leads for free PERIOD)

Let me break it down for you in a several steps…

  1. Create & login to Facebook account.
  2. Locate groups related to your niche. (I.E. Network Marketing/MLM)
  3. Add 10+ friends per day from the groups.
  4. Spend an hour a day chatting with your new friends on Facebook chat.
  5. After initial chat, ask friend about Network Marketing, no pitch, just friendly chatting.
  6. Go in for the next chat, ask friend if he/she wants to see something cool. They’ll say yes 90% of the time. Then send them to your opt in page and tell them to fill out the form. Say the cool video/article or whatever is on the next page.
  7. Repeat process

Ok, this may sound a little funny, but I’m not actually joking. It works like crazy. Who would have thought that asking people to join your list would actually work? Well it does, just as long as you build up a friendly relationship before hand. Seriously, try it out. I once tried this strategy and was able to easily generate 20 leads a day. At one point I just added friends, started chatting and after around 10 minutes, I told them to checkout this video on the next page of my opt in page. It works!

2. Search Engine Optimization

Did you really think SEO was as tricky as the gurus make it out to be? Well I hope not, as it really isn’t. Search engine optimization is just like any other marketing strategy. It’s a science, you follow a simple formula and the results show PERIOD. So how the heck can you use SEO to generate free MLM leads… And what exactly is SEO?

Well SEO is essentially ranking websites in the search engines, mainly Google. As Google dominates the industry and has the biggest market share. Do you need a website? Well honestly you should have one, as you’ll get 1000% more results using your own site than someone else’s. Just because I said I’d show you totally free strategies, I’ll have to teach you how to do this without your own domain. So there are a whole load of websites that allow users to post content. Article directories, web2.0s (blogger & Hubpages etc), press release sites and a bunch more.

The cool thing is that you can create a fully customizable page on them. You can add articles, videos and links to your opt in pages. Basically it’s like building a website on someone else’s domain. So getting a site shouldn’t be a problem. You can be a total cheapskate and use something like blogger (which will get you hardly any results) or you could be smart and spend $10 on your own domain. Even if you’re living in some 3rd world country, anyone can find $10 for a domain. Then just $5/month on hosting.

Once you’ve got your site up, you just have to find keywords to target. The keywords being words or phrases large amounts of people are searching every month. Very simple to do, there are thousands of MLM/Network Marketing related keywords. While most of them have almost all been taken over by marketers, there are still 10 spots on page 1. Page 1 is where all the traffic is at and you can definitely defeat the competition with my not so top secret SEO tactics. So first, go to the Google Keyword Tool and find a keyword to target. (Find a term your ideal lead would be searching)

Once done, write a 500 word around the keyword. Include the keyword in the page title, description and the 3 header tags. That’s on page optimization sorted. Then all you have to do is publish the page and build a few backlinks. For the total newbies, here’s an article that’ll teach you everything you need to know about backlinks. Then here’s another post that talks about 5 link building strategies.

SEO is probably the simplest marketing strategy out there. Just pick a keyword, create a page/site around the keyword and build a few backlinks. The rankings, traffic and leads will follow. Super simple stuff, you don’t even need a penny. Just make to sure to add a strong call to action on the page you’re ranking that leads to your opt in page.

3. Article Marketing

Pffff, but you talk about this one all the time…

I know, I know… but I have to because a lot new comers have never even heard of the term. But isn’t there anything new and exciting? Nope, there just isn’t. The truth is that new marketing strategies pop up almost daily. But what makes them any better than the old ones? The ones that have been proven to work for decades… EXACTLY, nothing and you’re better off using proven strategies. So…

With article marketing the same concept applies, you simply target a keyword in every article you write. Then you submit the article to all the top directories. Directories like…

# Site Name Score PR Alexa
1 Ezine Articles 130.47 6 255
2 Articles Base 109.48 5 1826
3 Buzzle 105.96 5 2599
4 SearchWarp 92.99 4 8148
5 GO articles 85.70 6 22529
6 Article Alley 84.79 5 21576
7 Article Dash board 81.79 5 29138
8 Web Pro News 81.43 6 34505
9 Article Click 80.71 5 32451
10 Amazines 79.69 5 35964
11 Article nexus 77.80 4 37237
12 Idea marketers 77.73 3 31247
13 Articles sphere 77.33 2 26012
14 Articles Factory 77.09 4 39955
15 Article-buzz 77.03 4 40193
16 Article Depot 76.99 3 33622
17 Article garden 76.50 3 35311
18 Artilces natch 75.97 2 29812
19 Article City 75.89 5 52577
20 upublish 75.62 3 38583

Before you submit your article to all of those directories, you need to spin it. You know, that really tedious thing that’s boring as hell and makes your articles unique? Yeah, that thing. You absolutely must spin your article to at least 30% uniqueness. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead and look up article spinning. It’s basically where you take an article and create hundreds of variations out of it. Resulting in a semi unique article going out to each directory. As article directories won’t take 100% duplicate content, they’ll reject it.

So spin your article manually and submit it to the top 20 directories. Before you do that, first submit it to Ezine Articles and wait for approval. EZA articles rank best so you should submit the 100% unique version there.

Second strategy:

One more thing that if you’re not using your own website, is a must. Submit your 100% unique article to Ezine Articles or Article Base. Remember to incorporate your keyword in the title, description and throughout the article body. Then, once it’s spun, submit it to all the other directories linking to the EzineArticle instead of your money site. This will give the unique article a huge boost in the search engine resulting in a top rankings, plus lots of traffic. The truth is that if you’re trying to rank the article instead of a money site, you’re better off driving as many links possible to the EzineArticle.

Also, build some more links to ALL of your articles. Like my EzineArticles account has something crazy like several hundred live articles. Most of which I wrote myself back in the day. They brought me something like 25,000 visitors by themselves, before I built any links to them. Then…

I set out on a secret voyage to destroy my competition and explode my “directory traffic”. So I had a bunch of cheap articles written, spun and submitted to thousands of directories hitting all of my Ezine Articles with lots of links. The result? From 25k visitors to over 100k. Not bad right? A few links make all the difference!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Feel free to leave your comments, thoughts and questions in the box below.

P.P.S. If you’d like to learn more cutting edge traffic/list building tips, tricks and secrets, put your email in the form on the right.

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Tyronne Ratcliff
Tyronne Ratcliff

Awesome post Dave, I like your second strategy. With the recent panda update there is less competition on the first page of google for ezine articles.

Billee Brady
Billee Brady

Far out David! There's no mystery why you are where your at! I have been following your training for some time now and I have to say truthfully, your training allowed me to finally start seeing results! Love it! For anyone who is reading this and who is serious about learning how to drive traffic, generate leads and make money online, just opt in at the top right of this site, grab ya note book and start taking notes because Wood gives you the REAL DEAL strategies!!! Thanks David! Billee Brady


Awesome post Dave, There are a couple of free tools that I have found really useful for article spinning and submitting. If anyone is interested do a google search for "jetsubmitter2" their spinner is free and pretty awesome. Then there's "article submission helper" which is a free article submission software. It makes submitting to all of those directories quick and easy.

Michael  Berry
Michael Berry

Very interesting David, your post The Beginners Guide To Generating Free MLM Leads. I love a post that has real value. Take care, Michael

Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph

Hi Dave, It's interesting, the most simple strategies do work best. You just need to work these strategies daily to reap the rewards. Connecting with folks on FB is the best way to get folks interested in your opportunity. Forget puking your opportunity all over your friends. They won't be friends for long, if you this up. Be a friend. Chat 'em up. Share your opp after a few conversations in the most light, casual manner. Thanks for sharing your insight Dave! RB


Nice tips i really liked the one of facebook, is simple and everyone can do it when they start. Thank you, dave for another amazing post.

jeff h
jeff h

Awesome post! Everyone can use submit ease article submitter as a free spinner for your articles. Just get the free version. You can spin over and over then copy and paste it to the article directories. Just Google submiteaze and grab it. Or use the link on my blog.

Keyanna Mayfield
Keyanna Mayfield

Awesome content! I am currently using the article marketing strategy and its only been 3 days and my review is on page 3 of google! Cant wait to see it reach page 1 :) Thanks for sharing.

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