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Secret MLM Sponsoring Tactics You Can Use TODAY!

Let me start by saying that sponsoring is the force that drives all growth in your MLM business. If you are not personally sponsoring new team members your production will come to a screeching halt.

Let’s talk about what is important vs. what is not important to someone looking at your business.

What’s not important is whether or not:

  1. You’ve got the best product
  2. You’ve got the best price
  3. You’ve got the best company
  4. You’re a great closer

News Flash: It really doesn’t matter if you’re the best in the business or they even like the company that you’re in.

The 5 key motivating factors that are important to someone looking at your business are:

  1. They have to like you
  2. They have to trust you
  3. They believe that your process works
  4. They believe that they can follow your process
  5. They’ve got good reason or a goal that can be achieved through your business.

Let me introduce you to a concept that my entire organization uses:

Secret MLM Sponsoring TacticsIt’s called “The Process Cycle”

Step 1: Establish a trusted relationship with your prospect if there is none.

Step 2: Once the relationship has been formed, have a needs based conversation with the prospect. (discover their “hot buttons” during the conversation so can be used later in the process)

Step 3: Send your interested prospects to a simple 3rd party presentation by a credible expert other than yourself. (until you’re making money in the industry). Online and Offline exposure methods can be used for this.

Step 4: Validate the 3rd party presentation with a 3 way call with someone who can “relate” to your prospect. (this can be anyone other than yourself, preferably someone with a similar background)

Step 5: Close your new distributor and point them to a LIVE Event. (be sure to reference your prospects “hot buttons” during this step)

BONUS Step: Teach your new distributor these exact steps, personally sponsor another distributor and repeat the process.

Note: The tricks to sponsoring in large numbers are: 1. Have a simple well-oiled system that duplicates, 2. Move as many people through that system as possible.

These are the EXACT STEPS that I followed until I discovered a system that completely automates this for me. I am working with one of the fastest growing teams in the industry who have duplicated this process online.

To your success,

Ulysses SpellmanP.S. For the original article: ===> Click Here <===





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