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Offline Internet Marketing: How The Pros Make Easy Money

Offline Internet Marketing

To begin with, offline marketing never really appealed to me. I thought it was cool that I could get rich on the Internet and never have to leave my home against my own will to do it.

Over time I’ve come to realize that offline Internet Marketing is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a living from this thing we call Internet Marketing.

How So?

Well, it’s simple. We know how to market shit on the Internet, and there are a whole bunch of offline businesses, companies and professionals who want to market their own shit.

A light bulb went off…

Every business needs marketing, and offline marketing is becoming redundant for small businesses. TV, radio, newspaper ads; the big 500 companies seem to have a monopoly offline. It’s not easy or cheap to do targeted marketing offline now.

It’s a hell of a lot easier for companies to pin point their PERFECT audience with laser targeting via SEO, Facebook ads, Google Adwords, banners and more. However there’s one small problem.

They are absolutely clueless when it comes to anything IM. See the big picture?

The big picture is all these local businesses, small to medium sized companies; they have marketing budgets. And you (or at least you should) know how to do online marketing very well. Local businesses are happy to pay thousands for a new website or a basic PPC campaign.

They really have no idea how much any of this stuff costs. They’re used to spending $5000 to run an ad in some magazine that only generates $2000 in sales. Here’s how to make money with “offline” IM:

1. Consulting

The easiest way to get started with “offline marketing” is to offer paid consulting to offline businesses. All they want is to talk to someone who knows their stuff when it comes to marketing online.

You only have to recommend a strategy to them, analyze what they’re currently doing, their website and give them a few recommendations. Online marketers usually charge $100+/hour for generic IM consulting. Can it get any easier?

2. Web Design

Web design is probably the easiest service to offer offline businesses. The vast majority of their websites are stuck in the 90′s where the Internet was a very different place. You’d be surprised how many businesses have never updated their sites since they started them.

Web design has come along way in the past few decades. The good thing is that web design is an EASY sell. A more attractive site means more clients right? (That’s what they think)

All you have to do is find a solid web designer, negotiate a good price and add a large premium for yourself. It’s perfectly moral, local businesses are happy to spend fortunes on their websites. $2000-$5000 isn’t too much for a nice website design, many companies spend tens of thousands.

3. SEO

SEO is as you should already know; search engine optimization. SEO is the perfect upsell to web design. Once you build a website for a business, the website needs optimization. It needs to be ranked on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. Local businesses see the value of SEO, they’re more than happy to spend $500-$1000/month for a high quality SEO service.

4. Rental Sites

This is a cool strategy that’s become fairly popular amongst Internet marketers in in the past few years. First you pick a niche, let’s say dentistry. Next pick a country, and then city or town. Do some keyword research to find out how many searches the “profession + city/town” is getting. For example, if we chose dentistry and California, we’d find out “california dentist” gets 1000+ searches per month.

When you’re happy with a keyword and you think you can rank for it (most of the time the competition is minuscule). You can start to build a local business styled website. Add some content, a few lead capture forms and a template phone number of your “local business”. Once the site is done you just have to rank it for the keyword/s that are relevant.

Once ranked targeted traffic should flow in (people looking for dentists in California) in this case. Once the site is generating leads, you can cold-call local businesses and offer them the website. Professionals running practices are perfectly happy buying leads or better; owning a website on the front page of Google that generates them.

Charge between $200 and $750/month for each website. When a client buys a site from you, you should customize it with their company logo, contact details, branding etc. Build 200 of these and have at least 150 with “tenants” at say an average of $300/month per site, and bamn you’re earning $45,000/month or $540,000 per year!

Not bad for a few rental sites. Treat it like a real estate strategy, it really works.

5. Lead Gen Sites

Same as the above strategy, but instead of renting the sites out to local businesses; sell the leads to them. Companies are willing to pay between $20 and $200 per lead if qualified.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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I love reading blogs that make me really think and expand into things I had no clue about.  This is one of the most informative posts I have ever read.


Will look into the rental part of this.  Thank you


Another way to make easy money would be to have a service that offers businesses free website setup, then you would make money on the backend by having them go through your affiliate links when it was time for them to buy domains and hosting. Doesn't seem like a lot of money but it does add up.

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