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Make Money With Adsense? Pssst… That’s A Thing Of The Past (Part Three)

This Is Part Three Of “Make Money With Adsense? Pssst… That’s A Thing Of The Past” Click here for part two.

10. Monitor Results, Kill Bad Keywords And Keep Top 10-15

Setting up these campaigns is really simple, again. It’s 100 times easier than making money with Adsense or affiliate marketing or pretty much any other online marketing strategy. These little profit pipelines can grow astronomically. If you put aside $500/month for them, you can easily have at least one or two profitable campaigns up per month.

The key is to monitor them, they aren’t always profitable forever. Before you see a profit, you usually need to kill a few bad keywords. Well… a lot of bad keywords. This is why tracking each keyword individually is so important.

You can see exactly which keywords are converting with the CPA offer and which aren’t. Many will convert with the offer, but hardly break even. You need to kill (delete or pause) any keywords in your campaigns that aren’t making a substantial profit.

Once you kill the keywords that aren’t making you money you should hopefully be left with 5-20 keywords you can leave to run. You just need to check in on them every other day and make note of any changes that are apparent.

If a keyword stops being profitable, kill it. You can attempt to find more keywords in a niche to replace the bad ones, but a lot of the time it’s just easier to setup new campaigns.

If you’ve found an offer and niche that’s extremely profitable and converting like crazy; scale up the campaign’s budget. Let’s say the example Sears/Best Buy giftcard CPA offer paid out $2 per submit.

Let’s also say that you found 30 keywords, 20 of which ended up sucking (sometimes a campaign won’t yield a single profitable keyword in which case you need to be ready to lose money and start over). So you end up with 10 keywords that are making you a profit and converting really well with the offer after eliminating 20 bad keywords.

They could be:

Sears giftcard
Sears giftcards
Sears coupons
Sears coupon
Best buy coupon
Best buy giftcards
Best buy giftcard 2012
Sears coupons 2012
best Sears deals
Best buy deals

Let’s say on average you’re paying 20 cents per click and you’re getting 50 clicks per day spending $10/day on traffic (50x$0.20).

Now because you eliminated 20 of the worse performing keywords, your CPA offer is converting at 30% which means in every 10 visitors, you get 3 conversions. That means in every $2 you spend on traffic; you make $6 (3x$2) in CPA commissions.

Not bad at all right? If you were getting 50 clicks a day with these conversions and statistics; you’d get 15 conversions a day and $30 in CPA commissions. Out of that $30, you would be spending $10 on traffic so you’d be profiting a cool $20/day from this 1 campaign.

At this point, you would try and scale it up. The best ways to do this is to:

IMPROVE THE CTR’s (click through rates) OF YOUR ADS

In PPC your click through rate is everything. The higher your CTR, the less you pay and ultimately the more money you make. PPC networks display your ads on the side of their search engine/s for the keywords you’re targeting. The higher they position you in the search results; the more traffic you get.

So in order to scale up and get more traffic without paying a lot more money; you need to move up in the results. To do this, you need to make your PPC network more money. PPC networks place people based on how much money the individual ads make them.

This is how it works…

Let’s say advertiser #1 who is ranked at the very top position for your desired keyword is paying $1 per click and his ad converts at 5%. That means in every 100 people who search the keyword, 5 of them click the advertiser’s ad and make the PPC network $5. Now your ad might be ranked in third position, it might be converting at 5% too and your maximum bid for the keyword might be just $0.50.

So obviously, the PPC network puts the other advertiser at the top because their ad makes the network $5/100 impressions as apposed to $2.50 with your ad. But what if you write a better ad and it converts at 15%?

This is what happens…

Your ad now makes the PPC network $7.50/100 searches and the PPC network pushes you to the top. By moving further up you get even more exposure, usually higher CTR’s and a hell of a lot more clicks. But guess what? You pay less than the schmuck who is getting less exposure and traffic than you.

The networks care about making the most money per 1000 impressions.

So by writing better ads, split-testing and getting higher click through rates; you not only get more clicks, you pay less! As your conversion rate goes up, you can lower your maximum bid for each click. So the traffic gets cheaper and cheaper as you get more and more of it. Pretty bad ass I know.

The key is to continually split-test everything.

11. Scale Up Or Repeat

Lastly, you can either scale up or repeat. With some campaigns in large niches; you can just scale up. You can add more keywords to your campaign and keep improving your click through rates to get more traffic for less money. Or you can stick to 10 or so keywords that are “safe long term bets” and repeat the process by creating more campaigns with different offers.

Adding more keywords and increasing the daily budget of 1 campaign is risky. It’s easier to create lots of micro campaigns that only target 10-20 keywords than it is to create a few campaigns that target hundreds.

There is more upkeep with the larger campaigns. By eliminating keywords and sticking to 10-15 per campaign; the chances of them suddenly becoming unprofitable are slim. The reality of this entire strategy is that you’ll make 2-4 times what you spend on traffic with the good keywords.

A lot of the time you won’t make any money because the offers just won’t convert. Fortunately, CPA networks provide you with statistics like life-time conversion rates of offers.

If a CPA offer says it converts at 10% or anything above; it’s excellent. Simply because most other publishers send untargeted or barely targeted visitors to offers therefore suppressing their conversion rates. When really you can obtain 30% or higher when sending highly targeted PPC traffic.

In conclusion, this is a pretty kick ass way to make money online and a great alternative to the old Adsense and SEO strategy or basic affiliate marketing. If you can strategically put campaigns together, do a little research and have common sense; try it out…

…And hopefully, if you’ve read this without the intention of pursuing the strategy; it has helped you justify spending money on traffic.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cool marketing tips, tricks and secrets!

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thanks very much i was looking for this


How much would you spend on a keyword before getting rid of it? For example if you are paying.50 per click......how much total would invest before determining if it is profitable or a dud?


Well I look to pay 20 cents per click or less. By improving your click through rates you can easily get to 20c. I would say 100 clicks so $20 - it's difficult to tell before that. But if a keyword has had 50 clicks and made no conversions, kill it. They have to show signs of doing well from the very beginning.

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