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Make Money With Adsense? Pssst… That’s A Thing Of The Past

Make Money With AdsenseToday I thought I’d write about something different to the usual traffic generation/marketing strategy stuff. I thought I’d write about online business models and walk you through the process of making money with CPA.

For the past 5 years, combining Adsense with SEO has been extremely popular. The formula was just so simple, it was mathematically impossible for it not to work. All you had to do was find a keyword that was getting enough searches and buy an exact match domain.

For example, you might have found “lawn mowers for sale” getting 3600 searches a month and the domain “lawnmowersforsale.org” available.

That would have been am excellent domain to purchase. So you would buy the domain, install WordPress and setup a little site. Next you would find 5-10 other related keywords and have some dude in India write an article targeting each one. Once written, you’d publish the articles and plaster Google Ads all over the place.

Once complete, you’d begin SEO. This was back when SEO was so frigging simple. All you’d do was write a few articles, spin them and distribute them via a few blog networks. That’s it. The site would be live and it would dominate the search engines for its keywords and make a cool $2-$10/day in Adsense revenue.

Not bad whatsoever considering you could build these sites in a day.

I know of so many marketers who solely relied on this business model. A few months back the entire model suddenly came crashing down after a few Google updates. Ever since the Penguin update (a recent update), I’ve been telling people to start paying for traffic. SEO isn’t as simple as it once was and the risks are higher now. if you’re only depending on free traffic – you’re headed towards bankruptcy.

…And with Adsense; you need to do SEO. You can’t really build an Adsense business on anything other than free traffic via SEO & content marketing. Unless you want to build a massive website or brand which takes years anyway; you’re going to struggle.

So now is the time to use paid traffic and if you’re looking for an alternative business model to the old SEO & Adsense – this is it.

CPA and PPC!

As you probably already know, PPC stands for pay per click marketing. It means you pay for every single visitor you receive. Most people assume they need thousands of dollars to get started with PPC and that they “have to” blow $500+ before they see a single penny in return.

The truth is most people do lose money their first time paying for traffic. You might lose $50, you might lose $2oo, heck you might even lose $2000. But the reality is you’ll probably only lose a few hundred at the maximum.

That is if you’ve done the work before hand and know what you’re doing in theory. If you really know what you’re doing and you know the niches, there’s no reason for you to lose any money at all. You can start making profits from day one.

CPA stands for cost per action. It’s where you get paid to generate big companies and small businesses leads. You get paid for every lead you generate. That usually means a name, email address and a phone number. The more information required, the higher the payout of the CPA offer. Here’s an example of a basic zip submit CPA offer:

CPA offer

It’s an offer that requires the user to enter his/her zip code to get a $500 free giftcard. Anyway, by combing CPA with PPC; you stand to make a lot of money.

The strategy is simple: choose high converting CPA offers and use PPC to drive traffic to them. I mean direct linking, sending pay per click traffic directly to CPA offers.

1. Signup To A CPA Network (Peerfly for example)

The first step is to join an actual CPA network. CPA networks are like marketplaces for CPA offers. Just like Clickbank or any other online marketplace for affiliates. CPA networks connect advertisers with publishers. You can join them and browse through thousands of different offers.

2. Find A High Converting Offer In A Good Niche

Once you’re inside a network, browse through the list until you find a high converting offer in a good niche. Basically, you just need to find a CPA offer that you believe will have a large audience.

I and most other marketers usually stick to health, wealth and relationships. But with CPA; you can use any offer in any niche that has a lot of traffic. Giveaways are great, simple email/zip submits like the one above.

They are basic 1 page squeeze pages that only require a visitor to enter their email or zip code for you to get paid. For example, let’s use the gift card example. There are plenty of CPA offers giving away gift cards.

In the image above, the CPA offer is giving away a $500 gift card to either Sears or Best Buy. Those kind of CPA offers usually pay out $1-3 per submit.

3. Make Sure The Niche Has A Lot Of Traffic

Really important, use the Google Keyword Tool to search a few terms related to the CPA offer of your choosing to make sure there is enough traffic in the niche. For this example offer, you would search “best buy coupons”, “best buy giftcards”, “best buy” and the same for Sears. If there are a few dozen keywords or more getting 500-2000+ searches a month; it’s good.

4. Select 30 Keywords That Are Likely To Convert With The Offer

Next just select 30 of the keywords that you think are likely to convert with the offer. Meaning you should believe the searchers of the keywords would be likely to opt-in to the CPA offer.

5. Break Keywords Into 3 Ad Groups

Now break your 30 keywords into 3 ad groups. By ad groups, I mean categories. Ad groups are the PPC term. They could be; sears giftcards, best buy giftcards and sears coupons. They are just groups of keywords. You should always be able to categorize your 30 keywords into at least 3 groups. To make it easier to understand, here’s another example.

Let’s say your niche is laptops and you’re promoting a free laptop giveaway CPA offer. You could have 3 ad groups; toshiba laptops, dell laptops and hp laptops. In each ad group, you could have a set of keywords for each brand. It’s simple categorization.

===>> Click here for part two.

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Nice article. I have 2 sites and I currently have adsense on both of them. I for the most part only makes cents everyday. Occasionally I might make a dollar in a day. I think I need to step up and get more traffic to my sites.

I have a question about putting adsense on my YouTube videos. Most of my videos are from concerts & from performances or interviews I recorded from the TV. Is it ok to put adsense on those videos? I had a YouTube account awhile ago that was terminated by YouTube because of copyright protection from 3 of my videos. If I put adsense on my videos & I end up with another terminated account (which I pray I don’t, if I see it says copyright after I put the video I usually delete the video) could my adsense account get terminated too?

I’ve seen that if your adsense account gets terminated you can never sign up for another one again. Is that true?

Sorry if I wrote a novel. Thanks in advance for your help.



Neil Patt
Neil Patt

With recent EMD update it has been a lot more difficult to rank as before. Google has changes many seo rules in ranking.


Sounds easy. Is there a particular PPC platform that you prefer over all others (Facebook, Google Adwords, etc)?

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