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Is the Network Marketing Industry just a bunch of Hype?

Network Marketing IndustryThis question may be on your mind if you are on the outside looking at the Network Marketing Industry as a financial vehicle.

Let me first say that many individuals who are in Network Marketing still don’t understand that the HYPE for the most part is DEAD in this industry…

One thing that I understand in 2011 is that people want REAL!

I apologize on behalf of those individuals who haven’t received the memo yet and send this message to them: Put your pipes down ladies and gentlemen and Stop Blowing Smoke… These activities give our multi-billion dollar industry a bad name.

Okay now with that out of the way, let me break our industry down factually. My objective is to give you a crystal clear overview to help you toward making an educated business decision.

Feel free to bookmark this article for future reference. (just kidding, but you can if you want :) )

Here are some facts about our industry:

  1. Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than MOST industries that you know of.
  2. Network Marketing is a SIMPLE business, NOT and EASY business.
  3. With a STRONG work ethic, desire, and level of commitment you can live a lifestyle others only dream about.
  4. This is NOT an overnight microwave your way to SUCCESS industry. You will have to roll your sleeves up and GO TO WORK!
  5. Everyone can find success in Network Marketing, but everyone is NOT successful in Network Marketing.

You may be asking:

1. What do you mean when you say that network marketing is a simple business, not an easy one?

  • The concept of network marketing is very simple however in this industry we’re dealing with people. Once you have a full understanding of people and their personality types network marketing is easy.

2. If everyone can find success in Network Marketing, why isn’t everyone successful?

  • That’s a great question, not everyone is hardwired to be an entrepreneur. You must approach this business with the right mindset. We find that many aspiring entrepreneurs and even those who are already successful in business approach this industry with the wrong mindset. I admit, I did that in the beginning coming from Corporate America and was unsuccessful until I shifted my mindset from employee to entrepreneur.

I’d be happy to recommend the books I read to condition my mind for success in this industry. Feel free to contact me by clicking this Contact Ulysses link.

I am happy to be amongst a group of professional entrepreneurs who pride themselves in what’s MOST important to our inner circle members.

  1. Setting the correct level of expectation for our new inner circle members.
  2. Giving them the tools required to be successful.
  3. Teach them how to use the tools successfully.
  4. Teach them to teach others how to use the tools successfully.

I personally think its boring to live on the beaches of the world alone, so it’s my job to help as many people get there with me.

Note: If you got this far in the article, it’s obvious that you’re either considering the industry as a financial vehicle or you’re already in network marketing.

It doesn’t matter which side of the road you’re on.

If the idea of building WEALTH  Click Here for the Original Article

To your success,

Ulysses Spellman

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Ulysses Spellman
Your Professional Network Marketing Coach

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Dean R Black
Dean R Black

Ulysses, great article thanks for sharing with all of us.

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