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10 Highly Rewarding Traffic Tips For Bloggers

Blog Traffic TipsIt was only a few years ago that I knew virtually nothing about traffic generation. Websites, autoresponders and traffic generation were completely alien to me.

But over the past few years I had an awakening. Something made me look into online marketing and it’s been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.

I don’t claim to be a ‘guru’ by any means, but I know A LOT about traffic generation. It would also be fair to say I know a lot about blogging. Take this blog right here, it has a US Alexa ranking of 7,967 and a global ranking of 20 something thousand.

The cool part is there were no tricks, gimmicks or automated spamming tools involved in this site’s development.

It was all pretty white hat, fundamental content marketing. It’s a real example of how a good site with quality content will succeed over time. So here are 10 highly rewarding traffic tips for bloggers:

1. Content Always Wins, In The End

In the past I’ve talked a lot about how content isn’t king when it comes to ranking on Google. That’s still completely true, but in the end content always wins. Publishing good content is an extremely long term SEO strategy. It’s only a good SEO strategy when you have a popular site.

When you have a popular site and you publish an awesome article, others will find it and people will link to it. When your blog is unknown nobody will link to it or share it via social networks because they won’t find it. Content always wins because ultimately your goal should be to build a community of people who regularly visit your site for a reason.

One reason, to read your content – that’s it. So if your content isn’t unique in any way of superior to the content of other blogs/sites in your niche; you’re really not helping yourself. You need to do some initial content promotion. Commenting, guest blogging, forum posting, participating in different communities. However from the get go you should always be posting the most bad ass content you can think of.

2. Be An Authority

Yes this is a sort of BS tip, but it’s true. Be an authority. Write and portray yourself as an authority in your niche, an expert who knows far more than anyone else. Do this correctly and you’ll have a group of loyal fans in no time.

3. Be Genuinely Helpful

I read an interesting piece the other day on a marketing strategy. It talked about long tail and short tail fans or customers. The long tail are the people who come across your site, opt-in and decide to buy something from you very quickly. Without really knowing much about you.

It’s otherwise known as a cold lead or cold purchase. Someone who purchased something from you without prior exposure to your material or even existence. Companies like Netflix who cater to millions around the world target this long tail audience. But when building a blog the best way to grow is to focus on the short tail.

The short tail are the people who truly love what you do. They are your true fans. The people who read all your content, buy your products and will drive for hours or get on a plane to meet you. These are the people who will propel your business or blog to new heights in the beginning.

You only need a small group of short tail fans, when you have them they’ll read all your content, share your posts and refer other people to your site. They’re like your mini team of marketers. In order to build short tail fans you need to genuinely help people. Help them by replying to their comments, emails and even reaching out to them via email or social networks.

4. Copywriting

Copy is evidently important in all aspects of online marketing. Period, space, space – no questions about it. In blogging, the title of your posts is most important. The title will closely correlate with how much traffic a post gets from the search engines and other sites.

A strong title is essential for a popular blog post. If you struggle to write good titles, write at least 10 of them, read them through and decide which sounds best.

5. Build A Community

The best way to grow a site is to build a community. If you read my posts on here you’ll hear my say this MANY times. When you have a community, you create viral organic growth. People keep coming back to read your content. This results in your Alexa rank boosting, your blog becoming more recognized, your readers sharing your content and referring their friends.

Refer to this post for more details: http://workwithdavidwood.com/how-to-build-a-community-and-get-more-blog-traffic/

6. Use Social Media

Social media is the best way to generate referral traffic other than guest blogging. Social media generates viral traffic. When someone likes your post on Facebook, that person’s friends also get exposed to your post. Social media is also a powerful way of connecting with your readers. Start a Facebook page, promote it via your blog.

Post content, updates and questions on the page. Respond to your reader’s questions and comments. I could go on and on about social media, but there are hundreds of other articles that go into great detail.

8. SEO Isn’t That Important

Yes, SEO isn’t that important. I say this because too many bloggers focus on SEO in the very beginning, instead of focusing on what really matters; creating quality content and natural traffic.

SEO will happen naturally as your blog grows and picks up readers. Always focus on driving traffic instead of building backlinks. This means posting on forums, publishing guest posts on other blogs and commenting. By doing those three simple things; you’ll be driving traffic as well as doing SEO.

Don’t worry about the little things. Meta tags and keyword density are all a waste of your time. Write good content, spend time with keyword research and shoot for natural traffic, not links.

9. Lists

Writing lists is the best way to attract natural backlinks. In the online marketing niche this works great.

  • Top 10 Internet Marketing Tools
  • Top 100 Internet Marketing Blogs
  • The Big 50 Internet Marketing Icons
  • The Top 83 Video Marketing Strategies
Write big lists for blog content. People love reading lists, the chances are other people have already written the same or similar lists and will be happy to link to them.

10. It Takes Time

The most important lesson of all is that it takes time to grow a popular blog. Unless you’re already well-known or famous in some way; it’s going to take at least a year to gain a substantial following. If you can’t face that fact or have some ridiculous belief that it only takes weeks or months; don’t even bother starting.

The reality of blogging is that it’s very difficult for most bloggers to earn a full time income. It all comes down to your business model, not how popular your blog is, not how much traffic it is or even how many subscribers you have. As long as you follow these tips, you will get traffic, without a doubt. But will you be able to monetize that traffic?

In Prosperity,

David Wood

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