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The Ultimate Guide To Excellent Guest Blogging

Guest BloggingThere are literally thousands of marketing strategies out there right now. They are plaguing the industry of Internet Marketing as we speak and new strategies are emerging every couple of hours. Like most people, I used to jump from strategy to strategy. My goal was to promote my blog, build a readership, a fan base and a steady flow of traffic. It’s what most people want to do when they start a blog.

For me, my blog wasn’t everything. It was just a platform I used to promote my business. However, a lot of people want to become full time bloggers… Get a readership, lots of traffic, exposure and ultimately money. In order to do that, you first need lots of super high quality content. Once you have that, you need a killer blog theme and some basic online marketing knowledge.

You need to setup your social media profiles, Twitter accounts, Facebook fan page and all that stuff. The key is to build a social following. A social following will result in tons of repeat visitors, email subscribers and money in your pocket. Lastly, you need to promote your stuff. Your blog’s content won’t promote itself. No matter how good it may be, it won’t get traffic unless you promote it.

So what’s one of the best ways to promote your blog?

Guest blogging!

What is guest blogging?…

Well it’s exactly as the name suggests. Guest blogging is writing blog posts for other blogs as a guest. Generally writing for blogs in your niche with the intent of gaining traffic, backlinks and exposure.

Why on earth would you write for someone else’s blog?

That’s the question I asked when I first came across guest blogging. It seemed utterly ridiculous at the time. I have a hard enough time finding time to write my own blog posts, let alone feed someone else’s blog. Then I thought about it for a few months until I finally decided to write a guest post for a pretty well known blog in my niche.

Within a week the post got accepted and published. I soon received over 500 visitors, 60 blog subscribers and a little credibility.

So why exactly should you guest blog?

1. Exposure - While others may not agree, I believe exposure is more important than anything else. Exposure being getting your name and blog out there. The top blogs in the IM niche like CopyBlogger and Problogger get tens of thousands of daily visitors. If you were able to get a guest post on one of them your post should get 5-20,000 visitors within a couple of weeks. Even if readers don’t click through to your blog, that’s still a ton of exposure for your name and blog.

2. Backlinks - This one’s huge. Guest blogging is a completely white hat way of building high quality backlinks. They are also the best kinds of backlinks you can build. Ninety percent of the time you’ll be getting a backlink from a Page Rank 3+ blog . They are powerful links and although they take a lot of work to get, the other benefits make it worth it.

3. Traffic - This is the most obvious reason why you should start guest blogging. The traffic! Don’t be surprised when you get 500-1000+ visitors referred from your guest post, that’s about average from a popular blog. The traffic is also the highest quality PERIOD. The people who read your guest posts are most likely avid blog readers. Which means if they click through to your blog they’ll be likely to subscribe to your RSS feed and join your email list.

4. Subscribers And Credibility - This goes into what I’ve already said, but worth the mention. As I said, the kind of people who read your blog posts will be highly likely to subscribe to your RSS feed. If you don’t use a RSS feed then you’re stupid and need to get one. Always encourage your readers to subscribe to your feed. As whenever you publish a new blog post, your RSS subscribers will be instantly notified and your post will be flooded with visitors. Also credibility, with your name all over the blogosphere your credibility will sky-rocket. Thousands of people will be seeing you and it’s just an amazing way to build your brand.

So that’s why you should guest blog and I’m sure it now sounds pretty attractive. Now how exactly do you guest blog?

It’s quite simple really and will depend on what niche you’re in. If you’re in the make money online/Internet Marketing niche then you’ll find a ton of blogs accepting guest posts. If you’re in a weird niche like dishwashers or gardening, you’ll need to follow a different strategy. First, use these sites to search for the top blogs in your niche, and then search them for guest blogging opportunities:

1. Technorati Blog Directory - Technorati is a gigantic website/blog and they have a blog directory. You can use it to easily find blogs in your niche. Once you find them, search them for guest blog opportunities.

2. Google Blog Search - Who knew that Google has a blog search? Yep, they do and it’s a great little tool for finding relevant blogs to guest blog on.

3. My Blog Guest - My Blog Guest is an online blogging community for bloggers looking for guest blogging opportunities. You can sign up to find guest bloggers to feed your own blog or to find opportunities to guest post on other blogs in your niche. It’s a fantastic community that’s a must join for any serious guest blogger.

4. Google – Google isn’t the easiest way of finding guest blogging opportunities. It takes a little longer, but you’ll always find blogs to post on. The key is to search the right terms:

  • niche + guest post
  • niche + guest post (will provide you with posts attributed to authors who are most likely bakers themselves)
  • niche + guest author
  • niche + write for us
  • niche + guest blog
  • niche + guest posting
  • niche + submit guest post

Those aren’t the only terms you can search, but they should yield a lot of results. After you find a lot of blogs that are accepting guest bloggers, make a list of them. Then look at their guest bloggers, take their names! What you can do is search the author’s names and find all of the other blogs they’ve guest blogged on. You do this by searching “authorname + guest post” or “authorname + guest author”. Searching one of those on Google should bring up all the other blogs they’ve posted on.

If you can’t find a guest blogging page on the blogs you find, contact them. Almost all blogs have a contact page. On the contact page there is almost always a form you can use to submit a message. Just write a quick message saying that you’ll write a high quality unique post for their blog that their subscribers will love. In return you want 1 link to your website in an author box below or above the post. Truth me, almost no one refuses high quality unique content – free.

As for the actual blog posts, checkout what other guest bloggers have written. Checkout the overall theme of the blog’s content and go from there. Just keep it high quality and relevant. Whatever you do, don’t bore anyone! Once you find a guest blogging opportunity, write your post and submit it in for review. If it gets accepted it should go live within a couple of weeks and you’ll start receiving all of the benefits.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Like my post? Put your name and email in the form below for more cool blogging tips, tricks and secrets.

P.P.S. Let me know your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below. :)

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Doreen Munoz
Doreen Munoz

Hi David, Loved your article. I learned something today because I have never heard of "guest blogging"! Very interesting concept...


My website, Evolving Interactive, has recently decided to accept guest blog posts. What are your recommendations to get the word out so that bloggers with something to say can submit? We have posted on Facebook & Twitter so far, any other suggestions?

Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph

Guest blogging exposes you to massive networks Dave. I note a nice surge in biz after guest posting. Thanks for sharing! RB

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