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MLM Marketing Secrets And Jedi Ninja Mind Trickery

MLM Marketing Secrets

You Don't Want To Be This Guy

Whether you’re a Network Marketing master or a total newb, we all struggle with marketing at one time or another. As it’s become pretty difficult to market offline, we all know those old school strategies hardly work. Pitching your warm market sucks and calling people about your opportunity is the wrong way to recruit. Honestly, if you market your opportunity the wrong way you’ll end up broke, heartbroken and out of business. So pay attention to what I’m about to say as you’re going to find out exactly how to market your MLM business ONLINE.

First of all, MLM marketing needs to be broken down into 4+ steps.

- Marketing Strategies, Traffic & Lead Generation

- Relationship Building & Cash Flow

- Exposing & Educating

- Closing

As you should already know, the first thing you need to market your MLM is traffic. Traffic meaning people. I’m going to be talking about MLM marketing online. As offline marketing isn’t really my thing anymore. It works like crazy when you’re starting out, you can read about it here if you like.

Anyway, there are like 100 different online marketing strategies you can use to drive traffic. Of course, to put any of this information to use you’ll need a website and obviously an autoresponder. So first of all you need to generate some traffic. The traffic can be driven to your blog or wherever. I’m not going to go into traffic generation strategies as I’ve already done that like 100 times. If you want to learn about generating traffic, I listed half a dozen methods here.

The fact is that traffic generation is easy. All you have to do is follow a proven formula and the traffic will flow, you can’t go wrong. The next thing is converting traffic into leads. Again, a very systematic process… And unless you’re an illiterate being who can’t structure a sentence, you can’t go wrong. If you’re using paid traffic, you can funnel it directly to your opt in page. Otherwise known as a capture page, we use them to convert traffic into targeted leads. But I don’t need to tell you that do I? If you’re driving traffic to a blog or some kind of website, you just need to add a couple of strong call to actions linking to your opt in page.

As for getting high conversions, I’ve found the most effective strategy to be using a solid piece of opt in bait. Something like a free course on Internet Marketing or MLM sponsoring. As long as it would interest the visitors you’re driving, people will opt in. You can tweak and test for better conversions later on.

Relationship Building & Cash Flow

I’m actually going to reveal how I use technology to automatically build relationships, get insane email open rates and generate almost instant cash flow. Basically, building a relationship with your subscribers can be broken down into 4 steps…

  1. Send welcome email.
  2. Send solely content for 1 week.
  3. Send more content week 2, but include P.S. lines.
  4. Send out direct promotion for info product. (cash flow)

First, I just want to quickly talk about the welcome email. Not a lot of people spend any time with this stuff, but I can tell you your welcome email will sort of make or break your email marketing. You know that saying about how important first impressions are? Well, the same applies to email marketing. If the first email you send sucks, you’ll instantly lose your subscribers before you even get the chance to sell them stuff.

So in your welcome email, you need to instantly give away the opt in bait you promised. Usually, I’ll add a “click here to grab opt in bait x” thing at the very start of the email. Then, it’s really important that you introduce yourself properly. Talk about you, why you’re in the MLM industry and finish it off by saying I’ll talk to you soon. Really simple to do. The welcome email plays a very important role. It’s to give away the opt in bait and brand you as a leader who knows their stuff.

For the next week of your subscriber’s life, you need to give away 100% value! Just send 100% content emails that don’t pitch a thing. Doing this will build up some initial trust. After the week is over, your subscribers should start to think you’re a pretty cool person. The following week you need to carry on sending 100% content emails. BUT, you may include P.S. lines that link to your info product sales letter.

You should never expose your opportunity until a subscriber’s been on your list for at least 2 weeks. If you directly promote your MLM company in the first week, you’ll kill your chances of ever recruiting. Remember, people hate being sold to. It has to be their idea to join your opportunity. Meaning you shouldn’t go about shouting from the rooftops that you’ve got this crazy opportunity that’s going to make everyone rich.

So to make some fast cash flow, you should promote an information product. That’s what I do and it works very well. Remember that your subscribers opted into your list because they wanted information. You gave them the free information and if you have an excellent info product under the price of $100, they may well buy it. Creating almost instant cash flow without having to mention the word opportunity.

Towards the end of the second week, it’s totally ok to send an email solely for the purpose of selling an info product. If you have a video presentation that you’ve personally recorded, even better. Anyway, moving on. This is where you actually start to market your MLM. First…

Quick lesson: 

People won’t join your opportunity unless:

A. They think you’re a genuinely nice person who wants to help. (Laugh)

B. They truly believe you actually know your stuff.

C. They think they can actually learn from you.

D. You’re making a lot of money/are about to. (You are where they want to be)

So, in order to check all of the above “boxes” it’s imperative that you use my 2 week trust building process. It’s not scientific, but I’ve found 2 weeks to be enough time to build a relationship. Any longer then you’ll lose interest. That I can back up. It’s been proven that subscribers are most active during the first 3 weeks. So during the 2 weeks, it’s a good idea that you send videos of yourself as content. It’s all about branding remember?

Exposing & Educating

In Network Marketing, timing is everything! If you expose your leads to your opportunity at the wrong time, you’ve lost them. Literally, you may as well delete them. So once my leads have gone through the relationship building & cash flow process, it’s time to expose and educate. You do this by dropping P.S. lines to begin with.

You carry on sending out cool content, while also using a P.S. line to link to a presentation on your opportunity. Really simple to do, it’s essential that you record your own presentation. This business is about relationships! Your subscribers won’t feel comfortable listening to some jack ass presenting your opportunity. They need to hear it from someone they know, like and trust. (Hint: you)

I wouldn’t send out direct promotions for your company too often. People generally click P.S. lines so you’ll get the message across without looking like a douche. How you market your opportunity is crucial. Look at how the pros are doing it. Do they try and convince people why they should start a Network marketing business? Nope, they don’t.

And… All the free content you give away works like subliminal convincing. It just gets them to like and trust you. So they’re far more likely to listen to you when it comes to the actual pitch. Recruiting is all about presentations. Using a recorded video presentation is the ultimate way to recruit. Honestly, all you have to do is paint a picture of what life could be like after joining your opportunity. Of course, you have to paint the picture before you reveal your company name or any detailsThe key is to make people convince themselves that joining your opportunity would be a good decision before they even know what it is. The real masters do exactly that.

I like to call it Jedi Ninja mind trickery, but whatever…

You know how I recruit the most people into my company and make crazy amounts of money in the span of hours? I promote my company in bursts of energy. Sure, I use P.S. lines and things like that to constant trickle some traffic to my presentations, but that’s not where the real money is. The real money is in promoting your opportunity in bursts of energy.

Usually, I’ll do this by running some kind of special promotion. Like a discount or a special bonus for the people who join within a certain time period. My promotions always have a timer on them. So all the people who’re sitting on the fence have to make the decision to join me, or stay on my list. I simply throw together a quick video talking about the discount or bonuses along with the usual Jedi Ninja mind trickery that makes people want to join. Then, I roll out the presentation to my email list. Then I’ll email them again probably daily for around 1-2 weeks. I’ll always have a set time period for my promotion, sometimes 1 week, sometimes 2. Whatever the case, I mail almost daily for it.

This makes sure everyone on my list knows exactly what’s going on and all my active subscribers go watch the presentation. I’ll also run the promotion on Facebook etc; maybe even have some JV partners do a few mailings for me. Just remember, big bursts of energy. Ohh, of course I’ll do a webinar or two about my special promotion. It’s all about creating an irresistible offer that’s available for a limited time only. Do that and you’ll be able to recruit an infinite amount of reps.

If you leave the doors open to your opportunity at all times, people will sit on the fence. They’ll sit on the fence until they justify why they shouldn’t join. Like 98% of people will do that, the other 2% will join at some point. Again, not scientific but trust me. If the perceived value of joining your opportunity is higher than the actual cost, reps will just roll in. To do that, you have to run a special promotion now and then. It will practically shake everyone off the fence until no one’s left on it. They’ll either join then and there, or they never will.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Feel free to leave me your comments, thoughts and questions in the box below.

P.P.S. If you’d like to learn more about that Ninja Jedi mind trickery I talked about, put your email in the form on the right. :)

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Great Post. Very informative. This information should save many brand new internet marketers from making the common mistake of believing all the mis leading get rich quick schemes that are being advertised all over the internet. It is refreshing to read honest internet marketing information instead of all the false promises that so many blog posters write. Have A Wonderful Day Corine Miller

Glenn Watson
Glenn Watson

Nice one Dave, killer content my friend!

Pj Zafra
Pj Zafra

Another awesome post David! Sucked in a lot of great info here! Pretty new to Online Marketing and still learning a lot along the way. I think the steps you mentioned up above are definitely pretty simple yet very effective. Will be using this technique. Thanks David!

Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph

Hi Dave, A super creative strategy here. Lead with value and to a promotion boost. Leading with value for a few weeks sends the message: "I am delivering. I am showing you how I can help you." Trumpet this message and after you have delivered, share how your opportunity can improve the person's life. We don't want to join an opportunity, we want to join a business partner, a mentor, someone who can help us when we need it. Make sure and drill this point home as you share the opportunity. Thanks for sharing Dave. Ryan

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