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Constant Struggle In MLM- It Ends Now!

Are you stuck? Not knowing how to build your business, make the income you desire, and have the time freedom like everyone else on the internet that you may have been watching or studying. Have you watched a gazillion trainings on how to successfully build and market your MLM business and you’re now feeling like you have all the tools and knowledge you need to Rock this thing out?? But yet, you’re still stuck in the same place…Why is that? Well there could be a couple reasons in which I just want to cover some of those today.

Reason #1- You Need to Know Your WHY

So many people come into business thinking that they are just going to make a ton of money out of thin air with no plan, no reason WHY, and lack of direction. The only thing they have in mind is how much Money is to be made. Well coming into any type of business with this mindset will get you nowhere. You have to have a plan of action. Meaning, you have to figure out why you need more money, or why you want to be in business for yourself or whatever it may be. But you Must know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Make sense? Having no plan of action or reasoning for what you’re doing is like trying to find your way to a specific destination with no map. You can’t guess your way to success.

Reason #2- You Need to Know Your “Why Not”

Most people that get started in MLM come into the business super pumped and excited that they start working so hard, they forget the exact reason as to Why they joined in the first place. They immediately stop taking part in their daily or weekly activities like going to the beach, catching their favorite show on tv, or simply spending time with family. Instead, they spend countless hours in front of a computer all day every day and immediately get burned out quick. Which eventually leads them to quitting. The reason being is because they try to implement every single strategy that they have learned, get information overload from trying to figure everything out and still end up being back at square one. I’m pretty sure that you didn’t come into the business to have another JOB right? So it all goes back to framing a plan. You have to decide if you’re in for money, time, and/or freedom. You also have to know what you don’t want.Meaning working 18+ hours a day just to see some type of result in which 9 out of 10 times, you’re not going to see much.

Big Secret (…not)! Strategy To End Your Struggle


Yes you heard it right…Consistency. This is the easiest, yet one of the hardest concepts that people in this industry fail to get right. Consistency is either going to make you or break you in business. You have to get in a daily routine or habit of doing things that is going to help you grow your business. Keep in mind that success will not happen overnight. But if you stick with it, follow the steps that are in place, you will succeed. There are 4 Key Activities that you must do consistently in order to produce a great output/result. They are:

-Blog Daily
-Syndicate Content
-Backlink Your Content
-Email Your List

Simple enough right? But yet many people are not doing this. It’s not rocket science! You just gotta do it long enough for it to work. You have to have specific systems in place to leverage your time and energy so that you’re not working countless hours trying to do everything on your own. But you have to stick with it, be coachable, tweak certain things along the way with your daily routine. Even if you see no action right away, stick with it. It will pay off! Believe me, I have been there…

Just keep in mind that money and success comes from the people that are very consistent in this industry. Don’t get frustrated to the point where you just want to give up. Just start taking action and applying some of the skills and knowledge that you have learned thus far.

So with that being said, it is Important that you have 2 things in place…

1. You will need a Scalable Business Modelyour business cannot grow beyond your level of work if you’re doing all the “grinder crap” by yourself.

2. You will also need to be part of an “Inner Circle” TeamYou have gotta be around the right people. You Must be a part of a mastermind team that will be there to guide you and give you the necessary tools you need to be successful. The team also need certain systems in place so that you do not have to do all the work on your own…once you surround yourself with a great team with a great, fail-proof system, you will come out on Top! I guarantee…but you must stick with it…Preservere!!

See You At The Top!
Keyanna Mayfield

P.S. If you are tired of being stuck in your business and you want to be part of an Inner Circle, where you can mastermind with Top-notch Leaders, utilize the exact same system that we use to recruit like crazy, then Click Here. (Do not click the link if you’re not serious about taking your business to the next level!)

P.P.S. Leave your thoughts, comments and questions below. 


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