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Why Network Marketing?

Why Network MarketingI’ve been in the Network Marketing industry ever since I can remember. To be honest I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve built teams and I’ve lost teams. I’ve gone through times where I’ve despised the business and other times where I’ve been in love with it.

All in all Network Marketing is great. It’s taught me more about life and given me more valuable skills than any other job or business I’ve been apart of.

Most people who’ve either never tried Network Marketing or have lost money doing it call it a scam. They call it all a big ponzi scheme where “only the people at the top make the money”. In reality that’s a load of horse shit.

Anyone can make money in Network Marketing and it doesn’t matter where you are in the “pyramid”. It’s the same as anything else in business, life or work.

There are always people at the top, more people below them and more people below them. In order to get to the top you need to work your ass off or do something clever.

So why Network Marketing?

1. Fears

This is the number one reason why I recommend everyone on the planet to participate in Network Marketing at one time or another. It gets rid of countless fears. If you want to make money in Network Marketing you need to face the one fear that holds 95% of the population back; rejection.

Rejection sucks, none of us like it. It goes back to getting rejected as kids and teenagers, feeling as if someone has tore apart our soul. Whether you like it or not, if you don’t face rejection head on it’s going to hold you back for life. Rejection is just a normal part of life, and an important part of Network Marketing.

Network Marketing stops most Networkers from pitching anyone. It stops them from picking up the phone and prospecting. People are going to say no to you, in fact 9 out of 10 people will probably reject you in the beginning of your MLM career.

The more times you get rejected, the better. Rejection is just one fear Network Marketing solves. If you want to reach new heights and become a better, less afraid person in general… Join a Network Marketing company,

2. Negotiation And Communication Skills

In Network Marketing you need to talk to people. In fact you need to meet and talk to hundreds of people. Most people don’t meet hundreds of people in their entire lifetimes and because of it; have bad communication skills. Being able to communicate well with other human beings is crucial if you want to succeed in life. Network Marketing teaches you that skill.

Negotiation is another reason why you should join a Network Marketing company. You’re gonna have to negotiate and it’s another important skill to have under your belt.

3. Marketing And Sales

If you ask any of the wealthiest people in the world what you should learn to “get rich”, they’ll tell you sales and marketing. When you can sell, you can do anything.

You can convince people to do anything. Becoming a master marketer means having excellent negotiation, communication and hypnotic skills. If you can sell, it means you can convince people to do anything and get what you want out of life.

Network Marketing teaches you both of these skills.

4. No Qualifications

This is a tiny reason why you should start a Network Marketing business. You don’t need any qualifications, it’s what makes the business so special. Mums, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and widows; they can all get rich with Network Marketing.

Some of the most amazing success stories come out of this industry, for this very reason.

5. Work From Home

This is one of the main attractions for many Networkers. Being able to work from home. Whether you’re a new mum, dad or simply agoraphobic; Network Marketing allows you to work from home!

6. Work From Anywhere

Touching on number five, you not only can work from home; but anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Wouldn’t it be cool to travel the world whilst keeping a steady income, being able to work on the go?

7. Leverage

Leverage is why I personally love Network Marketing. As soon as you sponsor one person into your team, you double your efforts. That person sponsors 3 people and you’ve quadrupled your recruiting efforts. The numbers quickly multiply and so do the number of people working to make your pay check bigger.

8. Changing Lives

Network Marketing sort of involves personal coaching, life coaching in a sense. If you find a really good sponsor, he or she should help you all the way. Just as long as you’re willing to do everything it takes to succeed. It works the same way for you. You help the selected few who you sponsor to make obscene amounts of money that changed their lives.

9. The Money

Money is essentially the main reason why people get involved in this industry. Mostly because of hype. There is a lot of hyped up bullshit floating around the web promising millions to anyone who joins their company. On the other side is the truth.

The truth is that you can easily replace your full time income and quickly reach new heights. Six figures is not at all a pipe dream for most networkers. Seven on the other hand is a little bit more difficult to crack.

10. The Lifestyle

The lifestle is… Well… Incredible. Sure – we have a few late nights. But what more could you ask for than:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Location – You Can Work From Anywhere
  • You Have Others Make You Money
  • You Change Lives
  • Time Freedom

11. The Community

Seriously, Network Marketers are some of the most friendly and nicest people on the planet. There’s a real sense of a community.

12. The Enjoyment

If you don’t enjoy Network Marketing, get out of it. Most people love it. When you’ve setup a good system, you should have new people joining your team every day without moving a muscle. That my friend is very enjoyable!

13. The Start Up Costs

There are almost no start up costs with Network Marketing. You usually pay a monthly fee for a product and then maybe a few hundred a month more for marketing. The start up costs are minimal.

14. Team Work

Network marketers work together. Just like the community factor. The community works together. As you sponsor more people you grow a real team. A team of like minded individuals who work together to make each other money!


Network Marketers might not be the richest people in the world, but they sure are some of the smartest, most friendly and highly talented individuals in the world.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also join the email list on the right for more Network Marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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I love network marketing. Since I started, my life has transformed in ways I couldn't even imagine. And what I like most about this industry is the people. I have met some of the coolest, nicest, approachable, fun, supportive, and all out AWESOME people that you can only meet by being in this industry! Great post!

Stevie Dalpe
Stevie Dalpe

Daves the man he just writes blogs and people want to sign up.

Rob Redmond
Rob Redmond

So many great points here! Thanks for the content!

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