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Why Internet Marketing

For me, Internet Marketing was a dream come true. I was working my ass off at a job I hated… Whilst working, I ventured into Network Marketing.

I was exposed to Network Marketing from a very young age. Because of that, I was always determined to find a way of making passive income from home.

As back then, Network Marketing was done nearly all offline. It was only in the 2000′s that Network Marketing really combined forces with Internet Marketing. So that was how I came across Internet Marketing to begin with, via MLM.

After realizing the power of Internet Marketing, I exponentially grew my Network Marketing business and made a fortune in the process. That was when I realized how Internet Marketing was the solution to all my problems.

For most people, Internet Marketing is an escape from reality. For others it’s a fantasy and for the select few, it’s their way of making fortunes while living their dream lifestyles. So why Internet Marketing?

1. You Get To Work In Your Underpants












Most Internet Marketers who’ve left previous jobs like the fact that they can work in anything they want. Forget the formalities of jobs, companies and their policies; you get to wear whatever you please. Sweat pants, baggy jeans or even underwear, take your pick.

2. Casual

I just love this about Internet Marketing. It’s so informal, everyone is just so laid back. There’s no wonder why either, Internet Marketers have no constraints. There are barely any rules and regulations in the trade. If you ever go to an Internet Marketing meetup or event; you’ll struggle to find more than 5 people wearing suits.

Most of them will be wearing baggy jeans and tee shirts. Internet Marketers have surprisingly small Ego’s, they’ll wear and look like whatever makes them feel the most comfortable.

3. You Work For Yourself

This one is a dream come true for most employees. Let’s face it, being employed sucks. No matter how much you make or enjoy your job, you’re still working for someone else. You’re working to make someone else rich, not yourself. As an Internet Marketer you work for yourself, there is no corporate ladder to climb up.

4. It’s Always Interesting

As an employee, you have a single job. Employees are hired based on their skills and most of the time, they’re hired for one skill in particular. Whether that be programming, languages, accounting, or computing. Employees are usually hired to do a single job or worse; perform a single task.

The repetition working a 9-5 job sucks. It gets boring to say the least. Internet entrepreneurs never have this problem. As an Internet Marketer you’re always doing something different. In the beginning, it’s never dull. One day you’re building a website, others writing sales pages and sometimes bossing your employees around.

You get to learn and do a lot of stuff!

5. Time Freedom

Time freedom is near the top of everyone’s list. Internet Marketing allows you to set your own hours. While you can get away with working a few hours per week; the reality is you’re going to have to work over time in the beginning. But that still means you get to choose your own work hours.

6. Travel

Why Internet Marketing











Travel and Internet Marketing go hand in hand. I don’t know very many successful Internet marketers who don’t enjoy travel. As an Internet Marketer you can work anywhere that has an Internet connection.

Whether that be the Maldives, Italy, The Middle East, San Francisco or the top of Mount Everest. (not sure about the connection up there)

7. Education

I touched on this above, but I think I need to emphasis the point further. Education is a huge part of life. The more things you do, the more skills you acquire…And the more skills you posses; the better off you are in life. I can’t count the number of valuable skills I’ve mastered thanks to Internet Marketing.

I’ve learnt more about people, marketing and psychology in my brief time as an Internet Marketer, than I did my whole life before. You really do learn something new every day.

8. The People

Internet Marketers are some of the warmest, coolest and most intelligent people on the planet. The connections I’ve made through online marketing have been incredible. They’ve allowed me to achieve my wildest dreams. The difference between being rich or poor comes down to circumstances, knowledge and connections.

If you want to build your network, Internet Marketing will allow you to do so. You’ll meet some of the wildest, weirdest and most astute entrepreneurs in the world.

9. Unlimited Potential

With a normal job, there is a cap on the amount of money you can make. With Internet Marketing there are no limits. There are literally no limits to how big your business can grow, how many hours you work or how much money you make.

10. Passive Income

Passive income is why I got involved in Network Marketing. I loved the idea of having a network of people working under me to grow my monthly pay check. I soon discovered the passive income potential for Internet Marketing was astronomical.

To make $10,000/month for example, you’d only need 100 people to pay you $100/month. Easily accomplished by getting 100 people to subscribe to a $200/month membership site that pays out 50% commission to affiliates. The potential for passive income is huge.

The Internet Marketing lifestyle is travelling the world, driving ferarris and chilling out on the beach all day. Whether that’s your thing or not, you can still do anything you like when earning money while you sleep.

11. To Quit Or Not To Quit Your Day Job?

Most employees don’t enjoy their day jobs and would rather do something else. In fact most people would just like to “get money” and spend it. But unless you’re lucky enough to have a million dollar inheritance on its way, it’s just not going to happen.

The problem most people have with getting out of the rat race is not being able to quit their jobs. They can’t quit their jobs and start businesses because they have bills to pay. With Internet Marketing, you can keep your day job until your passive income greatly surpasses that of your day job’s.

12. It’s Simple, But Complex

Internet Marketing is painfully simple. The vast majority of marketers think you have to be some kind of evil genius to make the big bucks online. So they settle for a measly $100 or $200 per day. The real secret of Internet Marketing is that it doesn’t take much effort to go from $100/day to $500/day.

Hitting the first $100/day is most difficult. Once you find something that works to make $100/day, you can  simply scale it up to $500/day and beyond.

13. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is why I fell in love with Internet Marketing. You can literally outsource 90% of Internet Marketing related tasks to the Philippines or India. I don’t actually know a single successful IM’er who doesn’t outsource. If you start a local business, in order to expand you need to hire locally.

Hiring locally means you have to pay minimum wage at the bear minimum. With Internet Marketing, you can hire people overseas for as little as $200/month.

14. The Community

Most home based businesses or online jobs leave you isolated from civilization; not interacting with any other human beings. Internet Marketing has a community feel.

There are countless IM meetups all over the globe happening every day. Where Internet Marketers get together to discuss, socialize and enjoy themselves.You’d be amazed by how many great friends you meet through Internet Marketing.

15. Why Not?

Seriously, why the heck not? The pros greatly outweigh the cons. It makes sense to start an online business. There are so many ways to get started with Internet Marketing. Selling info products, physical products, SEO, CPA, pay per click, list building, affiliate marketing or perhaps a service based business model?

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cool Internet Marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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The part I really enjoyed about this article is being able to work in your underwear...I've actually done that...LOL. I can relate to your story a bit, I've actually been online for the past 2 years, have had failures and successes, and that's how I stumbled upon network marketing.


The possibilities with internet marketing are huge. There is so much power and potential with the internet right now that you'd have to be loco not to get involved! I freakin' love it, man!

Tyronne Ratcliff
Tyronne Ratcliff

I definitely have to agree with #12 on your list, that's really the beauty of internet marketing and how business works in general, once you discover a process that's working for you, it's just a matter of scaling up and your business can grow to any size you want it to, awesome post by the way.

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