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Why In The Heck Are You Buying Business Opportunity Leads?

The Dreadful Business Opportunity Leads….

business opportunity leadsHave you ever wondered why it’s so hard to recruit people into your business via the phone? Have you ever tried it only to wonder where did I go wrong and what happened to all of my money? Urrrg…it had to be those generic business opportunity leads…right?

Let’s get to the bottom of it right here and right now!

Thinking back on my experiences in network marketing it’s always strange for me to think that the first thing that I was taught to do and spend my money on was by far the least effective and the most costly in terms of both time and money.

Calling business opportunity leads is fine and all if you are good at it, but anyone new to network marketing isn’t gonna be good out of the gate.

And to get good you have to pay your dues in a big way. You have to spend more money, get hung up on more times, and told NO more than you ever have.

Let me tell you from experience it doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth.

But here’s why all that happens . . .

From the standpoint of the upline it’s easy for them to just say go get some business opportunity leads at XYZ source and hand you a script to call. If they have let’s say 1000 people on their team doing this and each on average only closes 1 out of 200 leads, their business is going to grow.

That’s what you call leverage.

Well that’s good for them but not so good for you and me.

Here’s why?

First off . . .

When you buy business opportunity leads you just put in your order and a week or two later your leads show up.

And when you buy those “business opportunity leads” it ain’t easy.  After you get those leads armed with your cold calling script and try to actually make some magic happen it doesn’t.


Well think about what you are doing?

You’re calling people that have no idea who you are and probably don’t care and you are asking them to get into business with you when they’ve never seen or heard of you before.

It really doesn’t matter how great the opportunity is that you’ve put in front of them, the truth is most of them don’t care, and unfortunately, you get to spend your hard earned time and money finding this out.

You think you aren’t doing something right, but the problem isn’t you. The problem is you’ve had no control over where these leads have come from or what they are responded to in interest to become a lead.

The result is a huge gap between where you are coming from with your marketing and where the leads are coming from with their interest.

It’s kinda like this . . .

From the perspective of the business opportunity leads:

It’s like being asked if you want lunch. You respond “yes.” And then a day later after you’ve already had lunch, someone else you’ve never met comes up to you with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tells you how great it is and then says it’s $5 a month to get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

You say “no I hate peanut butter and jelly and don’t ever offer me one again because I’m allergic to them.” (Ouch!)

You see what happened to the poor peanut butter sandwich marketer?

He did everything he was supposed to. He paid for the lead, and approached the lead, and couldn’t have avoided getting shot down.

Have this happen to you enough times and you’ll see why cold calling generic leads isn’t all that much fun.

What if the peanut butter sandwich marketer had done his own marketing? What if he found his own interested business opportunity leads that were interested specifically in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Don’t you think his success rate would vastly increase even if he made the exact same presentation that he had previously made to the generic lead he had bought?

If you said “yes” you’d be right.

The bottom line is buying generic-business opportunity leads suck and leads to highly inefficient marketing which you are left to either swim, sink, or just tread water in while waves crash over your head.

Step into my world and learn to attract only those folks interested in EXACTLY what you do and not only will you speak only to those people who are interested in what you have to offer but if you get good enough they’ll start chasing you down.

To The Top,

Keyanna Mayfield

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