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What Are Webinars And Why You Must Use Them

What Are WebinarsRunning webinars can not only be fun, interesting and exciting, but extremely profitable. If you know how to run a great webinar, there’s literally no reason why you can’t grow a 6+ figure yearly business. Back when I got started with online marketing, the idea of a webinar was pretty alien to me. Sitting in front of my computer watching some person go through a bunch of slides, how dull is that?

…Not really, I soon learnt that webinars were extremely powerful and went on to attend several of them every week. At the time I was only attending them because they were fun, exhilarating, interesting and damn right exciting. Little did I know I would go on to use webinars to explode my business and make ridiculous amounts of money. So what the heck is a webinar?

I would say the best way to describe a webinar is an online seminar/presentation. Most webinars consist of 50-80% cool content, basically education. The rest consists of a pitch of some product the webinar conductor is selling. When I heard about how much people were making with webinars, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and host my own webinar. My plan was to sell a $50 product that a friend of mine created. I think it was about Facebook marketing, something like that….

All I did was throw together a few slides in a power point presentation that taught a few “Facebook marketing secrets”. Towards the end of the power point I had a quick call to action that promoted my friend’s Facebook product at 25% off for $50. I used Go To Webinar and managed to get 60 people to sign up of which 20 attended! Out of the 20 people, I made 1 sale! In normal online marketing a 1 in 20 conversion ratio is freaking incredible…

…With webinars, you can get conversion rates as high as 70%! It’s been around 2 years since my first webinar. Now I’m able to get hundreds or even THOUSANDS of people to show up, as high as 90% of attendees to stick around till the end and between 15-50% of attendees to purchase. That’s the power of webinars and exactly why you should use them in your business. You can use them to sell your products, services or other people’s stuff. You can use them to provide training or teach attendees just about anything. Now I’ve told my webinar story, here are the fundamentals:

Webinar Definition:

A webinar is an audio-visual presentation, broadcasted over the Internet to sell a product/service or to provide training to a group of attendees.

How Many People Can Be On A Webinar? 

Anywhere between 1 and 1000+ people can be on a live webinar.

Why Do They Convert So Well?

Simply because they are live! Webinars are live and that’s the key reason why webinar conductors are able to get as high as 70% of attendees to buy. Webinar attendees feel like they are a part of a massive group of people which makes them so special. It makes any product, service or opportunity that much more exciting.

When Did They Start?

About 10 Years Ago!

Why Use Webinars?

  • Webinars allow you to present or teach anything to a group of hundreds or more people LIVE from anywhere in the world.
  • Webinars allow you to build rapport with all of your attendees
  • When done correctly webinars convert better than anything else in the world.

Seminars V.S. Webinars


A lot of people compare webinars with seminars. Some say it’s a lot more effective to hold a seminar, some don’t. In my honest opinion nothing beats a great seminar with a few powerful speakers. However webinars have so many benefits like no travel, no venue/hotel expenses + the ability to host it anywhere in the world. In fact, I’ve done webinars while in bed!

How Do You Create A Webinar?

Most of the time people just use Power Point. Any software like PP or Keynote will do since you only need to put slides together. Most people use Power Point slides with simple bullet points and images. They then expand on the bullet points in their own voice on the webinar. For most presentation type webinars, people use software like Power Point and just run through the slides while speaking on the webinar.

If you want to teach something or walk attendees through something you can use screen capture software. Marketers always use screen capture software to walk attendees through the process of something live on a webinar. That’s how the video side is done, for audio you can speak, play a song or even a movie – whatever you choose. You can also have multiple presenters doing the talking too.

How Do You Host A Webinar?

Most people use Go To Webinar, but there are a lot of other alternatives. Go To Webinar is like the Aweber of the webinar industry. You can grab a free account and hold a webinar with up to 15 attendees. Or go with a paid account and have up to 1000 attendees for $99/month. As I said there are a lot of alternatives, but it’s worth every cent. If you have no money at all but want to get started with webinars right away, use Meeting Burner.

Your webinars should really be entertaining. They should emulate a TV or Radio show combined with an informative seminar. They need to be empowering events! One immensely important note: webinars should be fun and social. To be successful with webinars you need to understand several things. First, webinars are an event model. You must position webinars as onetime events that cannot be missed.

Two, you cannot jump straight into a pitch. People get on webinars to either learn something new or get an amazing special offer. Unless you’re an ultra famous marketer with tons of products the first scenario won’t happen. You have to teach your attendees, excite them and deliver an uplifting experience.

As a rule you should deliver great value 80% of your webinar and pitch a product or service in the last 20%. What you can do is teach something really cool like a few Facebook Marketing tricks. Then towards the end of the webinar you can say… You have a lot more to share and if your attendees would like more information, they can buy the full product @ www.myproduct.com. You should also talk about the special price you’re offering… But those are the fundamentals and you have lots to learn if you want to start hosting profitable webinars!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments in the section below. Also put your name and email in the form below for more cool marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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