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What Are Backlinks And Why Are They So Important

Now this is something a ton of people used to ask me when I got started online. To this date, it amazes me how many questions I’m asked just like this. If you want a big following online, you need to know exactly what backlinks are and how to build them. With that being said, reading this article will make you an expert on backlinks!

So what the heck are backlinks and why are they so damn important?

Well, a backlink is essentially a link to your website from another. When another website links to your website using text like this, it counts as a backlink. Backlinks are a huge part of search engine optimization (SEO). If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s optimizing your website to rank well in the search engines. (like Google & Yahoo)

Backlinks count as “votes” towards your website, it’s like a popularity thing. If you have a website without backlinks, it won’t be receiving free search engine traffic any time soon! Even if you have hundreds of pages of quality content, no one will read it without quality backlinks. Think of your site as a minuscule island in the middle of the ocean. You need to build bridges to it via backlinks in order for people to find it.

As you should already know, millions of searches are carried out on search engines like Google every day. That’s a phenomenal amount of potential traffic, leads and customers for your business. And in order to receive a tiny segment of that traffic, you need quality content and backlinks.

Just a little information about Google’s algorithm and how it ranks websites. (Google runs the show when it comes to search engines, see the market share stats below)

Google 85.72%
Yahoo 6.42%
Baidu 3.67%
Bing 2.14%
Ask.com 0.56%
Other 0.49%
United States:
Google 84.58%
Yahoo 8.13%
Bing 5.38%
Ask.com 0.79%
Other 1.12%

So… Google has it’s own complex algorithm it uses to rank websites in the SERPS (search engine results pages). And before Google can even think about positioning a website in the SERPS, it has to carefully analyse several critical site factors. While no marketer truly knows their top secret algorithm, we have a pretty good idea of how it works. I have no idea who made this chart so I can’t give credit, but it will give you a good idea of how Google ranks websites:

As you can see, link popularity plays a huge role in Google’s algorithm. In all honestly, link popularity is far more important than all that other stuff. Im talking 70%+ link popularity. Note: (backlinks overpower everything else 80% of the time)

Something to know about backlinks is that it’s all about the anchor text. The diagram above shows the anchor text of backlinks play an important role in Google’s algorithm. The anchor text is the text that links to another web page. Whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for, you should use as anchor text. It basically tells Google exactly what the linked webpage is all about. Clever ehh?

Backlinks: Quality V.S Quantity

Now this is something most webmasters never even think about. Even the monster link builders who dominate the search engines, they really miss this. The truth is that link building is not all about quantity, it’s about quality. In fact, 1 high quality backlink can overpower 1000 others!

Yep, it’s completely true. When it comes to link building, you want quality backlinks PERIOD. So what makes a high quality backlink?

Well, it has to be super themed. Im talking about relevant website content. Say if a 0 page rank wind surfing website decides to link to this page using the anchor text “wind surfing”, it would literally have zero affect on this page’s rankings.

However, if another authority site in this niche linked to this page using the anchor text “what are backlinks”, it would give me a little boost for the term in the serps… Resulting in a slight increase in traffic, leads and sales.

High quality backlink factors:

High page rank domain: The higher the page rank, the more authority and weight the site holds in the eyes of Google. Resulting in far more “link juice” passing through to your website via the backlink. In simple terms, Google trusts high page rank websites. And if a trusted site “votes” for your website (via a backlink), Google will reward you. Think about it like a recommendation. (just in case you can’t wrap your head around this mind boggling concept) LOL

Unique content: This is where a lot of black hat marketers go wrong, seriously wrong. A high quality backlink comes from a high quality unique piece of content. If the page linking to you is full of crappy duplicate content, Google won’t like it!! On the other hand, if you get a contextual backlink from a unique article that’s on a page rank 7 domain, double bonus! I have tried and tested this theory countless times. By using automated software to spam out 1 copy of an article to 1000′s of websites linking back to my site. The results didn’t even compare to 50 links from unique articles on high PR websites.

Outbound links: This is something to remember when building backlinks. This is like a micro factor, but something to keep in mind. Link juice evenly flows through outbound links on any given webpage. For example, if you manage to get an approved comment link on a relevant pr4 page and you’re the only one, that’s a very decent backlink. However, if 300 other marketers suddenly dump their links on the page, your backlink will be rendered useless! The same goes for every type of backlink, mainly contextual. (meaning backlinks within content)

Backlinks: Yeah, building backlinks to your backlinks! A backlink within a backlink, that’s some crazy inception shit! (LOL) Remember about the page rank of the domain… Well combined with all the other stuff, backlinks build up page rank and ranking power. Meaning the more backlinks your backlinks get, the more powerful they become. (people even build multi tiered backlink structures) Like this:

So how do you build these magical backlinks that will explode your search engine traffic?

Well, there are two ways to build backlinks that’ll sky rocket your search engine rankings. The right way and the wrong way. The wrong way is to do everything manually. Yeah, some web masters are stilling living in the eighty’s, back when marketers built backlinks manually. Fortunately for us, times have changed and innovative software has been built to completely automate the process of link building.

So what do I use to build backlinks that generate thousands of daily visitors? Well I use article links, they are very effective. Building article directory backlinks is actually really simple. You just write a few helpful articles and publish them on directories like EzineArticles or ArticleBase. A couple of years ago people were actually writing hundreds of articles and posting them to directories manually. Thankfully, with the help of some of the magical tools inside of my recommended Internet toolbox, you can build thousands of high quality backlinks in seconds!

In Prosperity,
David Wood

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts, and ask questions below – let’s rock it out :)  If you really want to understand how to create massive linking structures, easy and fast, put your email into the form on the right.

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Bob Koontz
Bob Koontz

You did it again David and awesome article that I need disparately thanks again. awesome Bob

Chris Tuttle
Chris Tuttle

Mr David Wood you did it again. I will be implementing this knowledge in my works.


Hi David, Thanks for sharing a detail information about back linking. I know clearly understand what is back linking for and the difference between a quality back link with other back links. More success to you buddy! Edison

Sherman Smith
Sherman Smith

Hey David, Thanks for sharing the detail information about backlinks and how to build them. I started writing articles and linking them back to my blog and it has definitely been helpful! Sherman

Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan

Hi David. I hope you are doing great brother. :-) Thanks for this article dude. I knew pretty much most of it but still picked up on a couple of things that I was not aware of such as that pie-chart you had explaining how Google ranks and what it prioritizes. Overall though this was a great article and I bet you have already submitted it to the directories using AMR huh? ;-) LOL I hope you are having a great day! Rock on brother.


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