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Vemma Verve, A New REVOLUTION In Energy Drinks? Or Is It A Bunch Of Hype?

This Article Is Taken From Our One Stop Vemma Verve Resource.

From the Office of David Wood, Online Vemma Marketing Coach
Vemma Verve

Spice up your Vemma business by giving your system some VERVE is the best advice I could give you, if you’re looking to market these increasingly popular Energy drinks…

…now before I continue, it’s important that I tell you that I’m not a Vemma distributor, and I don’t sell Verve, however, I do coach A LOT of people who do.  Before you continue reading this article on ‘Vemma Verve’, watch this quick introduction video that will show you how to get the most value out of this website (that is, if you’re seriously researching Vemma):

A Quick Introduction To Our Online Vemma Training Resource:

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Here’s Why I Created This Verve Resource:

Vemma Verve Picture

What I wanted to put together was a third party information resource on the ‘Verve’ Energy drinks and let you in on some marketing secrets if you’re planning on making it big with Vemma and really dominating the online scene.  Before you ask, I figure I would just quickly throw it out there that my qualifications for talking about Verve come from a vast background in the MLM profession.  Over the last 7 years I’ve built organizations that have spanned the world, both on and off the internet, and I currently work with hundreds of people who are learning how to market Verve and the Vemma opportunity in a way that is attractive, fun, and just plain WORKS.

What I’m going to do over this article is give you some pros and cons to the Verve product from a MARKETING standpoint, and I’m going to let you know what it can and cannot do for your business, so you can have realistic expectations when you’re setting out to build your ‘VERVE’ empire.

Here are the MASSIVELY cool pros to the Verve Product line:

1.  Verve, unlike most energy drinks being sold on the market place (no names here so I’m not tempted to tell you how crappy some products are) are actually based on solid, scientific research into the benefits of very specific nutrients that make up Vemma’s Verve formula.  In fact, Dr. Boxin at Brunswick Laboratories, (an independent laboratory), set out to see if they could find science based benefits to back the claims of Vemma’s Verve distributors.

There were actually two studies that were completed in 2007 by Brunswick Laboratories that specifically tested what the effect was on the herbs and nutritional formulas on the functioning of the human body.  “The studies showed positive and significant changes in nutrient absorption and body chemistry”, Dr. Wang related in an exclusive interview. “As a scientist, I am very pleased with the results… Vemma is a powerful, bioavailable beverage with multiple health benefits, but it enables us to prove it.”

While studies on the Vemma Verve product line still have to go through several phases to understand the exact nature of these results, initial analysis of the 2007 studies are promising.  The cool thing about having studies like this to back your Vemma business is that this kind of information appeals to the analytical people who normally wouldn’t be attracted to hype and testimonials.

2.  The market for promoting the Vemma Verve product line is large, and continuously expanding.  This puts your business in a good position to not just sell a product, but to ride a tidal wave of business growth as it’s easier to market an expanding product line like Verve than it is to market something that is a contracting market.

Another cool aspect to Verve is that it’s not just attractive to young people who want to be revved up on energy drinks.  There are proven, scientific benefits for taking the product that attract people who are health nuts, as well.  (I’m a health nut myself, so don’t be ticked).  What this means is that Vemma Verve doesn’t just have the ability to market to one segment of people, it also is taking advantage of the exploding liquid nutrition industry.

3.  Vemma Verve has EXCELLENT branding.  Just saying the name ‘Verve’ makes you kind of revved up, doesn’t it?  In addition, the packaging is attractive, fun, and simple to promote.  If you’re selling energy drinks, it’s important to have an exciting image, because of the crowd that you’re marketing too.  The packaging is excellent, the commercials are even better, and the name just kills other brands like ‘Efusjon’… (Oops, I was trying not to do that)

4.  When people get hooked on Verve, they tend to drink A LOT of it, which means more sales, and more residual income across your whole Vemma business.  This is one of the things I like about energy drink businesses, is the potential for massive monthly volume from loyal customers.

So what are the downsides to marketing Vemma’s ‘VERVE’ product line?

I wanted to cover this from a third party perspective, so you understand what reasons people have for not being involved, and so you know that some objections to any business (including Vemma) are actually valid and based in facts.  This isn’t to discourage you from joining (as the Vemma business is certainly a good company, and Verve is certainly an excellent product).  It’s simply so you can make an objective, unbiased decision as to how you’re going to promote your business.  Here are the potential down sites to Verve:

1.  There is a massive amount of competition in the energy drink market from multi billion dollar corporations who would love to put you out of business.  Now, the positive thing about Vemma is that Verve isn’t their only product line, so this shouldn’t matter that much to your business.  Just keep in mind people are going to be able to get competing products online, in grocery stores, from other MLM businesses, and well… There’s just a lot of businesses that sell energy drinks and although Vemma is one of the earlier MLM’s to promote these kinds of products, Amway has been selling energy drinks since 2002 (the healthy variety).  Essentially, you just need to decide if you want to participate in such dramatic competition.

2.  There is a lot of hype around energy drinks, and the growth for this market for Vemma Verve IS a fad.  That’s ok, because if you sell lots of products like Vemma’s specialized nutritionals, when the sales for energy drinks goes into decline (and it will, eventually), you’ll have a loyal sales organization consuming all sorts of things, because Vemma is a great company, with visionary leadership and excellent branding.

3.  I’ve noticed a lot of people in Vemma who are trying to “sell” Verve using old school marketing methods that don’t work very well in the 21st century. In fact, I heard of the company originally by someone putting a spammy sales comment on my blog telling me how great Verve was and why everyone should buy it.  That kind of thing worked really well 30 years ago, but doesn’t work well today.  If you want to make a lot of money selling Verve, you need to learn how to ATTRACT people into your Vemma business using modern day recruiting methods that are ‘pitch’ free.

In fact, that’s one of two reasons why I put this site together. The first reason is that I wanted people to be able to find objective information about the Vemma opportunity (instead of just sales pitches) so they could decide whether to join or not based on facts.  The second reason is that I wanted to teach distributors in Vemma the sponsoring techniques that will allow them to sponsor 2, 3 or 4 people every day without cold calling leads lists, pestering relatives, and attending thousands of repetitive, boring meetings.  (Do you really want to join Vemma and fly all over the place going to meetings?)

The Fact Is, THERE IS a better way to market, and on the next page, I actually give you proof that I earned more than $12,354.50 in 2 hours marketing my business like this.  The cool thing is that I did that with people who ALREADY wanted to buy what I was selling and I had only been marketing my business online for 2 months.  That month I actually ended up making more than $24,308.50 off of ONE product.  I did all of this without spending a dime on marketing, and I want to show you how you can do it in Vemma selling Verve or any other company or product you choose.  Click on the link right now to see income proof and learn how you can dominate Vemma online in a way that is simple, attractive, and fun.  I’ll see you again on the next page:

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Watch This Video To See What Yo-Li, A Six Figure Online Producer Says About My Verve Marketing Training:

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