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Value Based Marketing

Today I want to post something a little different.

Something more specific, but broad at the same time.

Something that can massively change the way you do marketing.

2 years ago, I discovered a secret.

A secret so few people know, it hasn’t become ‘mainstream’ knowledge since its inception over a decade ago.

The secret?

List responsiveness fluctuates…

…and you should never delete “unresponsive” subscribers.

Seems like common sense, doesn’t it?

Now I want you to pay attention as you read this post, because as you do you may realize something powerful. Something that causes a fundamental shift inside.

The other day I was on Facebook, and saw a message that went something like this:

“Time for some internal housekeeping – Just deleted two 3rds of my email list (20,000) subscribers who never open my emails”

There are two things very wrong with this.

Firstly, open rates fluctuate.

Your unresponsive subscribers don’t suddenly stopped using their email accounts. They’re using the same email accounts, and they’re still seeing your emails.

The only difference is, they’ve chosen not to open them and it’s become an unconscious action. They automatically without thinking about it ignore your emails.


Just because they associate your emails with pain, most likely because you’ve tried to sell too much without giving away anything in return.

The second thing that’s wrong with deleting emails is that those subscribers will eventually start opening your emails again.

I find it hilarious when I see people deleting ‘unresponsive’ subscribers. I watch them, fascinated by their actions, wondering why.

It’s as if their subscribed have ‘died’.

Now I can’t show you an exact example, but I’ve seen people who’s lists have gone from 35% open rate down to 2%, stayed there for a while (this is where people delete the unresponsiveness subs) and then shot back up to 20%.


They changed their strategy to a VALUE based marketing strategy. They went from focusing on selling first to giving value before the exchange of currency.

The reality is your open rates will go down to 2-7% if you just mail out promotions all the time. The typical ‘responsiveness’ cycle of an email list goes something like this:

  • Starts at around 30-70% from the first email.
  • Goes to around 20% within a month.
  • By six weeks, you’re at 15%.
  • Post 8 weeks, you’re getting 5-15% open rates on a list that was opening 50%+ of the time just shy of 2 months ago.

What’s wrong with this?

It’s a colossal waste of time, energy and money.

What am I getting at here?

Switch to a value based marketing strategy.

Give value, focus on helping your people, become their trusted advisor; BEFORE the exchange of money.

When you do this a few things happen. One, you start making far more sales. People start to like you, you become like a celebrity in their eyes. Giving away content before they buy you stuff, makes people think your ‘paid stuff’ is even better. The reality?

It doesn’t even have to be, because they’ll still thank you after they buy it, because they enjoy giving you money.

Recovering from an unresponsiveness email list with the…

‘The 12 Week Detox’

Within around 12 weeks, you can recover an open rate from 4-7% to 20-35%+ depending on how badly you screwed it up. Here’s how:

Create a DAILY value based email.

Even more effective, create a daily value based piece of content that doesn’t sell anything. A blog post, article or video – and send it out to your list giving them value.

Every day.

Talking to guys who send out 10s of millions of emails per month, the most effective email marketing strategy for content based emails is to send them DAILY.

Sending them daily will make sure the subscribers who never open your emails – do. When they do, they’ll see that you’re doing something different and they’ll slowly become more responsive.

It’s as simple as that.

Eric Worre, Sovereign Man, they have some of the most responsive lists in the world – because they send out DAILY value based emails. People look forward to their emails, because they know something useful is inside.

The powerful part…

When you’re sending people to a blog, you can have banners/links around the content that lead people to your sales funnel. After enough exposures (and people WILL continue to come back for the content) they’ll click through to your sales process.

They’ll start watching your sales video. People normally send their list to a sales page, and every other email they send out goes straight back to the same sales page.

People don’t want to go back to the same sales message, unless they choose to. When you send subscribers to blog content however, they’ll keep coming back, reading it, clicking through to your sales funnel (again & again) and eventually buy.

Sometimes, people will buy after they read 30 of your blog posts and click through to the sales video for the fifth time. They keep coming back, getting value and just decide to buy because of it.

It’s the best way to sell a single product, ever. I have guys on my list who’ve bought something for the first time after 2 years of reading my emails. Why?

Value based marketing.

It can cure an unresponsive email list, save you thousands of dollars, countless time and ultimately; it’s just a better marketing strategy.

ESPECIALLY, if you’re selling 1 core product. No other strategy will get so many subscribers to continue to go back to the same sales process and buy on the 5th or 10th+ exposure.

Use it wisely.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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I agree David, I get sale pitches everyday into my email, when ever I see it i just skip over it till I find something with value that will help me more forward to my goals.. I been leading with value and its like magic everything takes a 180 degree turn and more people opening my emails and clicking through to my website.. AMAZING..  


That definitely makes sense Dave , I totally agree that giving value to your list is what will help you grow your Business quicker! Thanks, Lisa :)

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