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Three Decades of Looking and I Found IT

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs, Bob Anderson
….It’s been a very long journey to get here, three decades of
looking and living and I’m here to tell you that I have found
Let me start from the beginning, but I will
give you the shortened version. I spent the first twenty (20) years of my
working life doing what I knew I was not meant to do. Can you
relate to that statement? So many of us get stuck doing a job that we were
never meant to do but you have to pay the bills so you
keep doing it
I had a good job, working as an
and everyday for twenty years I would dream of
doing something else
. Then my real wake up call came
in 1982 when I made a “very big mistake.” It was Friday and I was going water
skiing with friends, last stop of the day. Then it happened!!
My screw driver went to ground on 480 volts and 1600 amps. I
had a 40,000 degree flame engulf my body and burn most of the
skin off my face arms and hands. 
Don’t wait three decades like I did!! I found it here!!
As I lay in the burn ward looking at six (6)
plus months to heal, I knew that I had to find a better way to
make a living.
It would take me ten (10) years to find out what I was good
at, as I knew I was just an average electrician.
Then one day I answered an ad, out of
, and I found the industry that would transform my life. The
freedom” and the “unlimited income potential.” I had
found “it”…..
I started in February of 1992 with no experience at all
and by December of 1994 I had made my first Million Dollars. 
It’s funny I will never forget when I was 19 years old and was
starting up with the electrician union. The business agent told
all of us “Kids” to respect that union ticket it will make you a
“Million Dollars” over your life time. I went on the make
over Seven (7) Million dollars
with that first company I was
After a short retirement at age Fifty (50) I
got very restless and needed of a new challenge. Once again it
took me several years to find “it” and boy did I! This is the most fun I have
had in years. After just Six (6) short months, I have again exceeded
a Six (6) figure income
for the month and we are just getting this
There has never been a better time to take a
close look at this business. One reason, we have the most
“honest product” on the market, heck it’s made by the “US and Canadian
Government.” No more lotions and potions for me, this is a real tangible
that goes up in value. What a novel idea to grow, gold &
silver assets while, you are building residual
I’m looking for a Five (5) serious people
that would like to be personally mentored and coached by me. My goal will
be to help you achieve the level of freedom and independence that you deserve in
your life. I am a multi Seven (7) figure earner and personally helped many
people “Fire their Boss.” 
Three Decades of looking and I found it…
Don’t waist anymore time, this is what I need you to
do right NOW..
1) Click on the link below.
2) You will have to approve the App
on your Face Book
to watch the video. Don’t worry there is no virus and
no one will be sending anything to your friends list.
3) After watching this life changing
be sure you fill in your name and phone number when
4) I will call you with in 24 Hrs to
get you started. Now click on the link below and get
To your Success, Bob Anderson
PS: This is Baby Boomer Friendly!!
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