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This Kid Retired Early at the Extremely Young Age of 19 y/o!

This is a great story about 19 year old Dakota who went from sleeping in his car at the San Diego event to retiring extremely early in Thailand! Believe it or not it only took this kid 60 days to reach his dream of retiring early! Dakotas story all started with this unique  system that offers 100% commissions and 100% mobility. Check out the video below to see Dakotas full story.

Dakota was so disenchanted with the regular 9-5 that he started a traditional network marketing business but when he left his local area it fell apart. Now with Empower Network he has made a ton of money in just 60 days. As you probably already know Dakotas story is not common but it is possible

How Did this Kid Retire In 60 Days!?

Ok so here’s what Dakota did. First he signed up with the Empower Network and went all in (click here to retire). Then He went to the Fight the Forces of Evil event in San Diego. I think he drove to the event in his car with some of his friends. When he got to the event Dakota slept in his car and in the morning he lined up with the bums to shower at the beach. He also lived out of a cooler for the next few days too. I’m sure he had a good time though.

Empower Network Events are Always Fun

I’ll tell you one thing, Empower Network events are total and complete fun. You make solid connections, and you get extremely good info too. And it’s not just the leaders you see and the conversations you have with them its Everybody you meet at the event.

Here’s a couple of the Rules I keep when I go to an Event. The first 2 rules can be swapped…

Event Rules

Rule 1 for events is to have something to film with, practically anything will do.

Rule 2 Set a Clear Intent on the Event. Something like ‘shoot 10 video interviews. 5 with leaders and 5 with other people you meet’.

Rule 3 Get Contact info from other Networkers.

Rule 4 Have Fun! These people are human too!

If you’re tired of looking for the ever illusive “push button” software and your sick of cheap programs that promise the world and don’t deliver then follow in Dakotas steps and join the prosperity movement.

Dakota had to do 3 things in order to achieve his success.

First he had to make a decision and go all in (even if he didn’t technically have all of the products yet).

Then he had to get to the next event.

And Last but certainly not least is that Dakota had to take Massive Action.

If you have a drive to succeed and desire to build a solid business on solid principals then click here and for 25 bucks you can get started down the same road to success that Dakota went down.

In Prosperity,

Eric Kalberer, and company


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