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The Ultimate Website Marketing Checklist (Part Three)

Website Marketing Checklist

This is part three of The Ultimate Website Marketing Checklist, for part two click here.

5. Write Epic Content

Content generation shouldn’t be looked at as a chore as it is by most webmasters. If you do it right, you can leverage your content to attract thousands of in-bound links, traffic and even media attention.

  • Setup WordPress on your blog.
  • Find the 10 biggest problems your market has and craft epic blog posts that solve those problems, one for each problem.
  • Using the 100 long tail keywords you found earlier, write 100 epic attention grabbing titles.
  • Write clearly and¬†concisely.
  • Format your text properly.
  • Optimize all images and videos.
  • Always add a call to action towards the end of your blog posts for readers to join the email list.
  • Find someone to write your content if its not feasible to do yourself or you suck at writing.

Your content should be epic, 800+ words, full of images, elaborate jokes and controversial subjects and facts. That’s the kind of content that attracts attention and shares. You should slowly publish content starting with the ‘problem posts’, 1-4 posts per week is has always been an effective dose.

6. Promote Content Via Social Media

The fastest way to attract traffic, links and attention is to promote your content via social media. Social media is a completely free and fast way to share your content with the world. You can use it to share content with a specific audience and virally grow your following. It’s also a simple way to stay in touch with your audience and tap into their networks.

Here’s the social media checklist:

  • Setup Google Alerts for your company/brand and products. (This allows you to see whenever you’re mentioned online)
  • Setup Twitter, Facebook, Google +1 and LinkedIn profiles
  • Create Facebook fan page (You can promote your fan page to website visitors and customers. Via a fan page, you can communicate with fans via status updates, comments and more. Fan pages are quickly becoming the ultimate way of interacting with your audience – they’re essential)
  • Follow relevant Twitter users (when you follow someone on Twitter, 50% of the time they visit your profile and often visit your site).
  • Use HootSuite.com to monitor mentions of your company/site on Twitter (this allows you to quickly interact with prospects, answer questions and build ‘buzz’.
  • Setup Google Plus profile for yourself.
  • Setup Google Plus profile for your website/business.
  • Setup LinkedIn profile for yourself.
  • Setup LinkedIn profile for your website/business.

Social media is an easy aspect of website marketing. Sure, there are some more advanced tactics than what I’ve outlined, but the basics are effective. What you should be doing:

  • Always be sharing useful content on your profiles.
  • Always be posting site/company updates.
  • Always share your blog content.
  • Always interact with your audience via comments.
  • Encourage website visitors to like you on Facebook/follow you/circle you.

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Content Marketing Check List is basic home works must be set right before: SEO; Backlinking or even Advertising be promoted on social media platforms in anticipation for traffics; visitors; subscribers; prospects; clienteles and customed friends.

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