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The Ultimate Website Credibility Checklist (part 2)


11. No Cheesy Photos

How many companies do you see using cheesy stock photos of men in suits shaking hands or customer service employees with headsets. Only display real photos of your business.

12. Prominent Guarantees/Refund Policies

Before people buy anything from you, they want to know that they are safe. They want to be told that ‘it’s ok, you’re safe because if you don’t like this you can get your money back’ within X amount of time.

If you have a no refund policy, be clear and upfront about it; it might even generate more sales instead of masking the fact with fancy sales letters and videos.

13. Clear Email List Policy

Before anyone joins your email list, they want to know that they are safe handing their information over to you. They want to know they will not be spammed or their emails won’t be sold.

14. Provide Lots Of Details

It frustrates me when I can’t make a purchase online because a vendor hasn’t provided me with enough information. A lot of the time online purchases are not completed due to a lack of details.

Offer exact details, how it works, results and social proof along with detailed pricing.

15. Statements Should Be Backed Up By Detailed 3rd Party Facts/Studies

If you were selling a meditation CD; instead of writing Scientists say meditation improves long term memory. You would write ‘Improve Long Term Memory – Scientists from the XYZ company of technology say 9 out of 10 users of the CD in a 500 person study reported a dramatic increase in long term memory.

Back all statements and claims up by facts or 3rd party opinions – preferably 3rd parties who are considered trustworthy. Why do you think they use dentists to sell you toothpaste? The toothpaste is probably horrible for your teeth, but if 9 out of 10 dentists they paid say it’s good for your teeth; you better believe it.

16. Offer Social Proof

The ‘best’ way to build credibility is to get social proof. Testimonials. When you go to Amazon to purchase a product, what’s the first thing you look at? The reviews. We want to know the exact experiences of previous and current users.

By collating a list of positive testimonials and displaying them on your sales pages/company sites; you will get an instant surge in conversions and credibility. People trust what other people trust.

17. Pricing Pages

Not showing prices is retarded. Lots of online companies tell visitors to ‘get in touch’ or ‘inquire now’ or ‘request a call’. The fact is everyone wants to know how much your product/services cost and they probably know exactly how much they can spend.

They do not want to call you up to find out. Most people will simply dismiss your site and move off to the nearest website that offers pricing information.

18. Case Studies Sell

On top of testimonials, case studies can sell anything as long as the are real. Case studies mean testing your product or service on a normal test subject and showing real results. If you can’t do that with whatever it is you’re selling then you better sell something out.

If selling a SEO plugin for WordPress, you could show the before and after traffic stats as well as rank increases. If people see that your $97 WordPress plugin has doubled or tripled traffic for a couple of other websites, they will be ready to whip out their credit card information.

19. Customer Reviews

Similar to testimonials, you can display a customer reviews widget next to your products. Simply allow past customers and encourage them to visit your site post-purchase and leave a review.

If your products are good and they work, your reviews will be positive and they will increase your credibility while boosting conversions. Again, it’s why Amazon beats the crap out of Ebay.

20. Start A Blog

By creating a blog and posting weekly content; it will tell visitors you are constantly updated and show them your expertise. Blogs are also very useful for driving traffic, generating leads, building a community and website authority.

21. Create A Jobs Page

Lastly, if you’re a reputable company you should probably be hiring right? This is a massive credibility/trust builder. If your company is hiring, it must be legit – everyone will assume so anyway.

Everyone makes these common assumptions due to their social conditioning and hard wiring. Learn these assumptions and use them to your advantage.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more conversion tips, tricks and secrets.

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Good post, David. I hate it, too, when I cannot figure out the price from a website.


Makes me ornery.



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