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The Ultimate Local SEO Strategy


To go back to part 5 on launching sites: click here.

The Ultimate Local SEO Strategy

1. Setup Site’s Social Profiles

Social media is an essential part of SEO. I touched on creating social profiles for each site earlier, but this is taking it a step further by creating social profiles and linking them all to your Google + page. By doing so you can show Google what you’re up to, build a social presence and boost rankings.

  • Create Google Plus (First make sure you have a Google Plus page setup for your site and a picture uploaded. Upload a company picture, something niche specific. Once done you need to connect your Google Plus profile with your site. You do this by adding your site to your “links” in your G+ profile. To finish the connection you need to add a Google Plus badge to your site via the widgets or elsewhere.
When complete, your Google Plus profile will be connected to your site and your profile picture will show up in search results like this:
Google Plus In Search Results
Next you need to connect all of your other social profiles to your Google Plus profile. Again, go into your profile about page, click edit and “manage other networks” to connect them. Otherwise you can manually add each profile via the “links”.
  • Add Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Page, Gravatar
  • Setup All Profiles On Social Media Dashboard – Hootsuite/LinksAlpha/Onlywire

To make full use of your social profiles, you can connect them all to a social dashboard like Hootsuite, Onlywire or Linksalpha. They allow you to post to all your networks from one place. The point of this is when you publish new pages/posts on the site; you can distribute/syndicate them to all your social profiles from one place.

2. Press Release + Bookmarking

Create and send out press release via a press release distribution service.

Also bookmark site via Fiverr or bookmarking tool. You’ll find plenty of bookmarking gigs on Fiverr, there are free submission tools, but for fast results use Bookmarking Demon.

Press releases are always effective at launching local sites to the top spots of Google. They’re also the first logical part of a local SEO campaign. You can write one yourself, use an expensive service ($40+) or outsource to someone on Fiverr:

Fiverr Press Release: http://fiverr.com/icematikx/write-a-high-quality-press-release-and-submit-it-for-syndication-across-the-internet-gaining-you-valuable-backlinks-and-publicity

To distribute your press release, you can use free distribution sites like these:

Submitting each press release manually to all of the above services/sites would definitely yield results and be effective; it wouldn’t be that effective. For best results you need to use a paid press release distribution service like PRWEB.
If using an expensive paid service like PRWEB, make sure you include your company address and phone number at least twice in your press release. As the PR will soon rank on Google and drive some phone calls to clients/traffic to the site.

3. Use citations module

Citations can provide some powerful backlinks, and are the key to ranking your site in Google Places. Since we’re using virtual addresses for these sites we cannot use Google Places, but the citations still help in ranking the sites/driving calls.

Again there are plenty of Fiverr gigs that will submit citations for you or you can use a software tool like Senuke.

4. Social Signals

Social signals are an important part of an SEO campaign. Until your sites are on firmly on page one in their desired positions, drip feed social signals to all site pages. Each site should have 100+ social signals at a minimum.

Two resources for buying them are:

5. PR Network

 High Page Rank contextual backlinks are the key to ranking for any keyword, no matter what niche. You can of course use a private blog network to build these links, but of course we know what happened in the past and it is a risk.

Instead the safest option is to build your own high PR network of sites. All you need is about 16 high PR domains to rank your sites.

4 PR5s, 4 PR4s, 4 PR3s, 4 PR2s

The best way to build out your own high PR network is to set the sites up as different types i.e. 4 bookmarking sites, 4 directories, 4 review websites and 4 info/how to websites. It’s very straight forward, but building your own network is way out of the scope of this article.

If you have a 16 PR network setup, you could distribute the links to each site over the period of a month or two to ensure stable rank movements. The cost of setting up such a network is around $2000, so you can always use a blog network or skip this step.

Instead you can build a network of web2.0 sites like Blogger.com and Hubpages.

6. Senuke

If you really want to kill it and dominate your competition, use a tool called Senuke. Senuke allows you to build a diverse range of backlinks, from wikis to 2.0′s to PDF links to social networks.

A minimal strategy is needed, such as:

Create set of profiles; build diverse links using spun content to all PR1+ sites using massive anchor text variation. Build a steady 10 links/day to desaturate anchor text profile over 2 weeks.

  • Social Network
  • Web2.0 Profile
  • Wiki
  • PDF

If that doesn’t make sense to you, you probably need to do some reading on SEO.

7. Video

The final step in our master local SEO strategy is to create and distribute a video. Videos are not the best means of creating rank-boosting backlinks, but they rank easily and drive traffic + calls.

Your video should be about the service you’re providing and the company/website. If the video is to promote a roofing company website. You literally need 5 slides:

  1. Looking for a roofer in X?
  2. Visit the City X roofing company at website.com or call number.
  3. We offer …
  4. Feature one, feature two (we can be at your door in 90 minutes etc etc)
  5. Visit the City X roofing company at website.com or call number.

The video only needs to last a minute, and can be created for free with Animoto.com or manually via Powerpoint & Camtasia or you could simply go to Fiverr.com and pay $5. Video created, just upload it to Youtube.

In the video title, enter “Keyword + Company” or “Keyword + Company + Number”. The same for the description, but make sure to include a link to the site in the description as well as the phone number with a call to action.

That’s it. Your video will go up, it may well rank for its keyword/s automatically and if it doesn’t; you can use some of the above steps to get it on page one next to the website.

If you properly create and optimize your video and press release, you can have 3 properties on page one of Google for every city you target. A press release, video and main website all driving calls to the rented number.

Click here to continue to part 7: Finding Offline Clients.

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