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The Ultimate Link Building Strategy

link building strategyGenerating traffic can be a real pain in the ass. As an online marketer you should know that without traffic, your business is dead… And traffic generation is a huge subject. There are literally hundreds of traffic generation strategies out there, free and paid. I personally rarely touch paid marketing and the majority of my business is built through free strategies.

Most of which evolve around building and promoting websites or blogs. As a webmaster, you only have a couple of options when it comes to generating traffic. Out of them all search engine optimization is by far the best. SEO can be broken down into 3 steps; writing great content, optimizing your website on-page and building backlinks. When you do all three in conjunction with each other you generally rank well in the search engines and generate free traffic. What’s not to like?

Anyway, what 90%+ of webmasters struggle with is link building. The entire link building process can be a little overwhelming if you don’t understand every little thing. So I’m going to break down an exact link building process you can follow for almost guaranteed top search engine rankings. I’ve used this strategy in the past and recently, it works like crazy and best of all you can do most of it manually. (You don’t need a hundred paid tools to do this – but they can be used to greatly speed up the process) Let’s begin:

1. Select Your Keyword

Just select a keyword you’d like to rank for. I would aim for medium-high competition keywords, any low competition stuff would be a waste of time since this strategy is so powerful.

2. Sort Out On-Page

If you’d like to rank for a keyword that you’re not already targeting, write an article targeting it and post it on your site. Make sure you have your on-page SEO sorted.

3. Write New Article

Next is writing another article. This article is for promotional purposes, to be submitted to other websites for the sake of building backlinks. Some people advise you to just spin and submit the article on your site linking back to it, but I now like to leave my site’s content 100% on my site. Your new article should be at least 500 words, make sure the article is similar to the one on your site. Meaning it has to include the keyword you’re targeting.

4. Spin Article

Spin the new article by hand or with the help of a tool like The Best Spinner. You have to spin manually as the key is to make your spun versions as good as the content on your site. No one click spins that make your articles read like crap. As a guideline spin your article to 50-70% uniqueness.

5. Create Titles

Create a bunch of titles for your promotional article. When you submit the article to websites, you need to use a unique variation of the article and also a unique title you can create by spinning a load of titles together. I normally write around 5-10 titles, spin them all and then spin them together to create a super unique spintax that can spin out unique title after unique title. Save the spun article and spun title in a document.

6. Convert Article Into PDF + PowerPoint

Next create a unique variation of your article using whatever spinning tool you’re using and copy it. Then just paste it into a new Word Document. If you’re using Microsoft Word then you can click “save as” and save as PDF. Before you save anything insert a link in your document that links to your money site.

If you’re trying to rank for “online marketing” then at the end of the article write online marketing, highlight it and insert a link to your money site. It’s also a good idea to include a URL in the document. A PDF will then be created from your Word Document. Next just start a new PowerPoint and paste the article in. You can add a few images and whatever else to make it more unique. Then insert a link to your money site at the end. Save it in the same place you saved your PDF and Word document.

 5. Make Video

Creating a video of your article is always a good idea. Video backlinks can be powerful! So create a video out of your article, you can use a free service like Animoto to quickly create a video or even Windows movie maker. If you’re on a Mac then use the equivalent. Create and save the video in the same place as everything else.

6. Upload Video To Youtube

You can upload your video to numerous sites with the help of TubeMogul or just Youtube. I personally use Youtube only and it seems to work very well. Make sure you start your Youtube description with the URL of your money site and a little bit of descriptive text after it.

7. Upload PDF & PowerPoint

Upload both files to:

  1. Scribd.com
  2. SlideShare.com
  3. Docstoc

8. Submit Spun Article To Blog Networks

This isn’t a mandatory step but I know a lot of the people who read this blog are members of blog networks. Blog networks such as Unique Article Wizard, My Article Network, AAS, Article Ranks or any others. This will get you a load of backlinks for virtually no effort, but of course you’ll have to be paying the monthly membership fee of the blog networks.

9. Create First Tier Web2.0′s

This strategy greatly involves web2.0 sites. Web2.0 sites like Blogger, Hubpages and Squidoo. So many marketers are now utilizing web2.0 sites to build backlinks and rank in the search engines. However most people are just spamming the web2.0′s with badly spun content via automated software. Sure software like Senuke X kicks ass and can automate submissions to hundreds of web2.0′s, bookmarking sites, RSS directories and more. BUT – nothing beats manual because if you do it correctly it can’t be duplicated by a robot.

What you need to do is create a first tier of web2.0′s that link to your money site. With the sites I’m about to list, create accounts and verify them:

  1. Squidoo
  2. Hubpages
  3. Wetpaint
  4. Wikispaces
  5. Posterous
  6. Weebly
  7. Wikia
  8. Tumblr
  9. WordPress
  10. Blogspot

Once you’ve created the accounts and verified them, login. You need to now create a unique variation of your article and post each one on the web2.0 sites you create. Software can mimick this process, so what we’re going to do is embed your Youtube video in each web2.0 you create on the 10 sites. Remember at the end of your spun article in each web2.0, link to your money site using your desired keyword as anchor text. Automated software can’t yet embed videos in web2.0′s so it gives you an advantage. Don’t ask…

10. Extras

Again this isn’t mandatory but I always advise people to write another article and post it to Ezine Articles. They give you super authoritative do follow links. You can also write and submit new articles to any other authority sites you think are worth submitting to for tier 1 backlinks.

11. Create Tier 1 Web2.0′s

Next is creating a second level of web2.0 sites that link to the first. As a minimum I would create 20 so you can have 2 tier 2 web2.0′s linking to each tier 1. You can use more web2.0 sites than the ones I recommended for tier 1; I like to use completely different ones for tier 2. If you’ve got a tool like Senuke then you automatically submit to 80+ web2.0′s in one go.

I don’t always embed the video in the tier 2 web2.0′s. Tier 1 web2.0′s must be built manually, that’s the key. But tier 2 can be created automatically with software if you have it. Otherwise build them manually and embed the video in each one. Make sure you link to 1 web2.0 of tier 1 in each tier 2 web2.0 and not your money site.

12. Make A List

Get your Youtube video, 4 URL’s from your PP and PDF submissions to the document sharing sites, your tier 1 and tier 2 web2.0 URL’s and put them all in one big list.

13. Bookmark All URL’s

Social bookmarking is a key part of link building and search engine optimization. You can use them to build backlinks and in this case, help get our URL’s indexed in Google. They will also “juice” the links a little. Bookmarking can be automated with a tool like Bookmarking Demon, Senuke or any other. However if you’re dead broke then you can use a free tool like Social Marker. You need to bookmark all the URL’s, video, documents and web2.0′s.

14. Ping And Submit Bookmark’s RSS Feeds

In order for your bookmarks to count, they must be indexed in the search engines. To help get them indexed you can ping them using Pingler and submit their RSS feeds. If you can’t find all their RSS feeds, just copy and paste all of the bookmark URL’s intoLinks2RSS. Links2RSS can convert URL’s into feeds, take the RSS feed/s and submit them via:

  1. Feedagg.com
  2. Icerocket.com
  3. MillionRSS.com

15. Take/Create RSS Feeds Of URL’s And Submit/Ping

Now take the RSS feeds of all of the Web2.0′s and other backlinks you built. To speed up the process, use Links2RSS to create several feeds out of all of your backlinks. I create 1 feed per 20 URL’s. Now take the feed/s and submit them to the 3 directories I listed above. If you have a tool then use it! RSS bot or Senuke can mass submit RSS feeds and are much more effective.

16. Mass Submit Article To Tier 1 Properties

This step won’t be doable for everyone but it will greatly enhance the results you get from this strategy. I use Article Marketing robot because it’s a kick ass tool that works like crazy. You can find it by looking at my recommended tools page. AMR can take your spun article and submit unique variations of it to thousands of article directories. You can use whatever article directory submission tool you like, my preferred tool is AMR.

Most of the directories in the default list are no longer in existence or aren’t accepting new articles. So I suggest you buy a list of directories with lots of auto approve ones. That’s what we want, auto approve article directories. Once you have your article submission software open, load your spun article into it along with your spun title. Create your author resource box with 1 link to your money site and 1 link to any of your tier 1 backlinks.

So you can have 1 link to your money site and the other to a document, web2.0 or video. You’ll need to use spintax in your author resource box to include links to all of your tier 1 backlinks so your software can rotate between them. Once loaded blast the article out to all directories. Some directories will reject your articles, some won’t.

17. Promote Live Articles

If you’re using Article Marketing Robot you can highlight all directories and fetch all live articles. Otherwise you’ll have to do this manually or not at all, you decide. If you have a good list of directories then you should be able to fetch 100-300 auto approved articles. With your article directory backlinks, put them into Links2RSS and create a few feeds out of them. Then take the feeds and submit them to the 3 RSS directories above. If you have the tools, you can bookmark all auto approved articles on bookmarking sites. Finish up by adding all article URL’s to your main list.

18. Blast URL’s

This is one of the last steps, blast all of your URL’s with forum profiles and comment links. Forum profiles can be created in mass quantities for pennies. The same goes for comment links, they are cheap to build and sort of turbo charge your backlinks. You have multiple options here. You can blast all of your backlinks, all of your backlinks including your money site, just your documents, web2.0′s and YouTube video or just your article directory links. By blasting solely article directory links you’re creating a total link pyramid.

Saying that I usually blast all URL’s excluding my money site. As a minimum I build 10,000 forum profile links, you can order them here and here. Next is blog comment blasts. Again I build a minimum of 10,000 blog comments to my backlinks, you can order them here or here.

19. Index All Links

I always take it a step further when it comes to indexing. I use a service called Lindexed which allows you to submit 50,000 backlinks per day.

10. Add More

On top of those backlinks, you can add web2.0 profile, high PR forum profiles and .edu/gov links to the mix. Or just repeat the process.

The entire process takes a long time but is seriously worth it! Repeating that process once a week for a few months has allowed me to rank for some crazy high competition keywords. Remember if you’d like to speed up the process, automate submission with article marketing robot, RSS bot/Bookmarking Demon or Senuke.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Put your name and email in the form below to get more cool SEO tips, tricks and strategies. Also leave me your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below.

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This evolution (IPAS2) was fantastic, congratulations. Now we need something even better. It is easy to succeed, but keep it is that it is difficult. 

  Do not spend too long in contests between leaders and focus on putting leaders under members to motivated people to keep making money and  new members. Only for being successful today does not mean that we'll have success here in the next three years ....  We have to find a solution to put leaders under members that deserve it or similar a binary system... if you guys do not do this, we all are in a trajectory  risk of losing everything .... 
 It's not by launching a new tool to sell to a few that it works...
 We saw  too many launchs recently on Empower such us: TOP PRODUCER FORMULA,  Team Building Formula, Viral Blogging Academy, Fight Evil Forces CDs and so on  that we all apreceat it, but that alone don't simplify the work.
 The leaders must put leaders under members. That's the best sugestion.
 Thanks a lot to all,

Anita M Vroonland
Anita M Vroonland

I'm always wondering why the heck the leadership isn't using the EN blog personally?!

Anita M Vroonland
Anita M Vroonland

Well, better shoot me, as I don't get most of it... hope someone will show us this very   s l o w l y   on a 15K module or somehting!!


Wow Dave, Thanks I already use Web 2.0 sites , I am not utilizing them as you described above,  Thank You for Sharing the entire Empower Network System with me I feel honored to be able to use it.  Appreciate all the hard work you and David Sharpe have done, then shared with the world.  Awesome.
I made the statement to one of your video crew in Miami that Empower Network meant Life to me, Today I can literally say that Empower Is my Life.  My Ultimate Breakthrough was when you were on stage in Miami, I have to ask did you ever think you would inspire someone to the point of the having a heart attack?  I have to say I had 2 on 1/24/2014 when you were on stage I was quietly taken out and loaded into an ambulance (fire truck)  It was definitely a life altering event. :-) Thank You

Gillian L
Gillian L

Hi Dave now we have the Viral Blogging Platform is it still relevant to add extra SEO and backlinking?  It's inbuilt now isnt it? 


Wow!!! THIS is a LOT of information but some of the BEST information I've read online on this subject. I am going to have to take this and attempt to implement sometime this weekend. I actually would like to hire an SEO guy to assist with this but perhaps I can give this a shot and see how much time and effort it would take.


Hi David, I really enjoyed the article. Would you consider each of the steps still relevant today when using the EN blogging platform? 

~Natalie (We hung out in Miami last week. :)


Hey David,

The article was really really good, but still didn't follow a lot of the points, such as

on-page SEO sorted

Why write new article

what's spin article

Really actually the whole article - I understand but not fully. help



Wondering (as of 4/24/13) what parts of the strategy we deserve to omit?

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