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The Ultimate Internet Marketing Service Based Business

This is the second part of “Starting An Internet Marketing Service Based Business”. If you haven’t read the first part, click here.

3. Hiring VA’s

In the beginning you can do the services yourself if you know how or even outsource them. But once you’ve got your first or second client; you’re going to want to hire a VA. A VA is essentially a virtual assistant that works for you generally from home anywhere around the globe. Most online marketers and companies hire VA’s from the Philippines and India.

They’re cheap staff really. If you’re based in the US, think how much a full time 9-5 employee would cost you? Maybe $2000/month or more. You can find great VA’s, even college graduates with skills for $250-$500/month. And… You can train them to do just about anything.

I personally used Odesk or Freelancer to find my VA’s. You can post jobs specifying exactly what you want and you’ll always get several dozen replies. After sorting through them, contacting the candidates and physically interviewing them; hire one or the minimum number of people you’ll need.

Once you’ve hired your VA/s you need to train them. You need to show them exactly how to perform the services you want to offer. Most of the time you can find VA’s with experience in the service/s you want to offer. If you’re too broke to hire something straight away then you can find another provider in the industry. As I explained earlier, if you’re charging $500/month for a link building service you can pay another service provider $300/month and pocket the change.

4. Finding Clients

You’ve got everything setup, chosen the service you want to offer, hired VA’s/found a provider to outsource to, have a competitiveness service in place and are actually ready to take on clients.

Now all you have to do is find clients. Finding clients is actually really simple. Just use Google. The easiest place to find clients is locally. Why? Only because you can physically meet potential local clients to seal the deal. Approaching people thousands of miles away makes it easier for them to reject your offer.

After giving a convincing pitch in person to an offline business that’s shown “interest” in your services; it’s hard for them to say no. So to find clients, approach local businesses. Dentists, vets, chiropractors and other professionals all want, need and will be willing to hand you money for your online marketing services. You can find them by searching: “profession in city”

If you’re in California then one search string would be: dentists in California

Searching that will yield dozens if not hundreds of dentists in the area. You just need their email addresses or phone numbers. Once you get a local business’s contact info, politely contact them asking if they’d be interested in getting more website traffic and customers. They all get back to you, trust me.

Once they do, email them back telling them more about your service and schedule a meeting in a local coffee place/restaurant. At the meeting you can go over your service and seal the deal. You do need to know your stuff when it comes to this point. If you’re providing an SEO service and you’re not outsourcing; make sure your service actually produces results before you start approaching potential clients.

5. Growing Your Company

Once you’ve got a few clients, getting solid results and starting to bank checks; it’s time to scale up. Some people won’t want to do this as it involves more work. Really, you can live comfortably from 15 clients. Just 15 people paying you $500/month is $7500. Even if you have to pay out $2500 of that, that’s still a cool $5000.

Not bad at all, but wouldn’t $50,000/month be more interesting?

I think so.

If you do the math, that’s just 150 people paying you $500/month for a service with $25,000 in monthly expenses. If you can find 15 people to pay you $500/month for a simple link building service, don’t you think you could find 150 with the help of a few people?

I think so, I really do. All you need is a team in place to complete the orders and some good marketing. By good marketing I mean advertising. You need to seriously promote your service/s if you want to take on anywhere near 150 clients. You also need a system/team in place to process them hassle free. Obviously I can’t go into much more detail, as this isn’t a blueprint – it’s a rough guide.

If you want to really grow the business, you need to head over to Odesk or Freelancer to look for employees. For most Internet Marketing related services, you can hire cheap $300/month virtual assistants. You can actually train them to do anything Internet Marketing related. Whether it’s link building, social media or website design.

Hiring virtual assistants is way beyond the scope of this article, so we’ll leave it at that. Marketing wise… there are 101 ways to promote your services. I would stick to the same old contacting businesses via Google or even using your local directory. This business isn’t difficult whatsoever. As I said – it’s by far the fastest way for anyone to make a living with Internet Marketing.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cool Internet Marketing tips, tricks, ideas and secrets!

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