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The Ultimate High Ticket Marketing System

high ticket marketing system

I’m not going to lie.

If I was asked “what’s the fastest & easiest way to make $100,000 online from as little as $500”, I couldn’t tell you it would be to join Empower Network.

That would be the second answer (and the first option for newcomers).

The first answer would be to create a high ticket marketing system.

This means creating a high ticket COACHING and product funnel.

Creating A High Ticket Item Marketing System

Most marketers struggle.

They struggle, and they struggle some more.

Eventually they start selling some $10 product and make their first $3000.

After experiencing this success, they get excited and do it again. Until eventually they’re earning $3000-$5000 a month and they’re stuck.

They’re stuck because they’re selling no good $10 products.

Think about this scenario quickly…

It’s a Monday morning, you stroll into Walmart looking for a suitcase, and you see 3 black suitcases that look identical.

Suitcase A costs $50, Suitcase B costs $100, and Suitcase C costs $295.

After some thinking, you leave Walmart having spent $100 on Suitcase B. You really wanted Suitcase C, your mind was trying to justify the price because it had a shiny silver strap on it.

In the end you couldn’t justify the near $300 price, but you went for the more reasonable suitcase B, even though it was exactly the same as suitcase A.

This happens all the time, usually there are just 2 options and you choose the higher priced product because it seems better.

We associate a higher price with a higher quality product or service.

While this neuro-association has no logic whatsoever, we do it all the time.

This same illogical neuro-association allows you to sell digital products for 10x what other people are charging.

If you’ve been stuck at $4000/month selling $10 to $30 products, you could most likely in 99% of cases start making $10,000/month with the same traffic/resources simply by charging $500-$995 for the same products.

The System

So the easiest way to make a fortune online as an expert is to sell high ticket products and coaching.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A high level of expertise in your niche.
  • A webinar presentation (giving an overview of your coaching program).
  • A basic product.
  • A strategy session page.
  • A strategy session call application page.

The first step is to be an expert in your niche. You can’t package up your expertise and sell it for a lot of money unless you’re an expert.

Plain and simple.

Next you need to create a webinar. The webinar should give a basic overview of your coaching program, and sell a product.

Your coaching program should teach people everything you know, an entire system for becoming an expert in your niche. The webinar should give an overview of the program or system, and the product should be an extension of the webinar information.

So the product gives a very basic version of the coaching program. Now the product should be priced at anywhere from $50-$197.

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