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The Ultimate High Ticket Marketing System (Part Two)

high ticket marketing system

For example let’s say we’re in the gold investment niche and we know how to invest in gold for huge returns. Here’s what we’d create:

  • A 8 week+ coaching program for learning the entire gold investment system, this would be priced at around $3000/month, so you’d make at least $6000 from each client. After month 2, you can always continue to coach and guide your students for more monthly payments, or simply brand it as a $6000 coaching program.

You’d need to actually create the content you’d teach over the 8 weeks and put it online somewhere your clients can view it in their own time.

On top of this, you could offer a 1 hour call per week to clarify the training with each client and answer their questions.

This is all you have to do to create a high ticket coaching program. Now you have to sell it.

  • A Basic Product

The basic product should simply give the overview of the entire program or system. If your 8 week coaching program is delivered over 8 steps, one each week. You could create a basic version teaching about 20% of what’s in the high ticket program in about 20-30 pages.

  • Webinar

Next you’d create a webinar presentation that gives the most simplified version of the model. Super simple, try not to teach the how or why, just teach the ‘what’ of the program.

Now near the end of the webinar, you’d pitch your low ticket $50-$197 product. A buy button should appear and a payment system/download area should be setup to work automatically.

Not at all hard to do with Go To Webinar and powerpoint. Now there’s one last element:

  • Strategy Session

The best way to get people to join a high ticket program for $1000-$3000+ is to get them on the phone. You do this by offering them a 30 minute strategy session call or consultation to help them in the niche.

Simply setup a page offering this free session and talk about all the value you’re giving away for free and how it’s going to change their life. Have them fill out an application (wufoo) and answer several questions to get this call with you.

You can use the application questions to filter out a lot of bad applicants. So the strategy session funnel consists of a pre-sell ‘get this call’ page with a button below leading to the application page where they can sign up for the call.

At the end of the webinar, after pitching the product, you can add a call to action for all viewers to go to the strategy session page for a free call. Lastly, connect the dots.

Create a webinar registration page (LeadPages), use Go To Webinar. Now after someone registers for the webinar, redirect them straight to the strategy session page.

That’s literally all there is to setting up a high ticket product and coaching funnel.

Why coaching?

It’s generally easier to sell at such a high price. If you’re good on the phone and you can really sell, you’ll have no problem just packaging the coaching program into a high quality info product (in a members area) and selling it for the same price.

With all this done. You’ll have a webinar registration page that registers people to your webinar. After they register they’ll be redirected to the free call page where they might sign up to get a free call.

After you give them some value on the call and help them in their business or whatever else it is you’re doing this with (can work in any niche), you pitch them the coaching program.

“Well, that just about wraps up this call. However it sounds like you could do with some more personal help to show you how to start getting more results in XYZ, I’ll have to check if it’s still open but, I have a very limited coaching program where I’d show you personally how to do XYZ, go to this link $$”

I’m sure you can work out the other details.

Next thing the registrants/subscribers will attend the webinar, where you’ll teach them the overview of the model and sell them the low ticket product. Which is basically just to pre-sell them on the high ticket product – but it has to give a ton of value as always.

Thanks to low ticket product, you’ll be able to generate instant ROI when you hold the webinar. This allows you to recoup of even profit from the money you spent on advertising.

Smart right?

Disclaimer: This model can only work if you are an expert in your niche. If you attempt to setup such a funnel and charge people very high prices; the pressure will be on to get your client’s results. Failure to do so may result in a bad name, refunds & angry clients.

Ok, Ok – So you’ve setup this funnel or something similar. Now how the hell do you start getting traffic?

Here’s the magical thing about a sales funnel like this: 1. You make instant ROI because of your low ticket product and 2. You later make fortunes selling the high ticket stuff.

This means you should have no problem whatsoever spending money on advertising. The best part is you can get started with as little as $5/day.

Facebook Ads work very well for this. So does Adwords, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, just about any targeted traffic source.

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This is a great strategy because you can START OUT spending very little on advertising (Facebook PPC,Google Adwords,etc). As long as your front end product is generating you income your fine. Then you simply scale up your advertising and you're good to go. 

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