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The Trusted Advisor

As I sit here, watching others in fascination; I’m amazed at how marketers treat their people.

By their people I’m talking about their subscribers.

Over the next 5 minutes, I want to re-frame how you think about building your business online.

Around about 4 years ago, selling stuff via email was simple.

I know a bunch of guys who back in the late 2000s, made fortunes. Now, their incomes are slowly declining because they’ve failed to implement the ‘trusted advisor model’.

So back 4 years ago, in 2009, marketers would pick a Clickbank offer, create an autoresponder sequence with a few emails all linking directly to the Clickbank sales page and send traffic to a squeeze page.

A series of emails sending people to a sales page again and again – and people would decide to buy, happily.

Over the last couple of years, marketing has evolved greatly, and it’s continuing to move down this pattern.

There’s been a loss of trust.

People don’t believe marketers have their best intention in mind; as a result most subscribers barely open their emails.


…because they haven’t evolved their marketing.

Most marketers are still building lists and hammering them with affiliate offers every week. Amongst the ‘Internet Marketing launch’ crowd there’s a popular strategy called “burn and churn”.

So a couple of years ago I was talking to an ‘Internet Marketing guru’ friend of mine, who told me something interesting.

He told me he segmented his list into 2 groups. With one half, he mailed them a different affiliate offer every day. With the other, he gave away content, value and only promoted his own products.

The result?

The list he sent offers to daily made almost 2x more revenue. After a few years the model stopped working so well, and he’s evolved to a value based marketing strategy.

Looking at the state of this ‘industry’, it’s easy to see why. Subscribers are getting hit with multiple shiny objects every day. They’re tired of the same BS, and they’re looking for something better.

A home, some place they feel safe. They’re looking for trusted advisors…

…because here’s the reality.

If you’re sending subscribers more sales pitches than content, something mystical happens.

A kind of shift occurs.

People start to subconsciously avoid your emails, without realizing it.

It becomes more painful for them to open your emails than pleasurable. At the core of every person, they will always move towards pleasure and away from pain.

Now we’re in marketing, which means there’s we have to be careful in creating balance. Selling stuff doesn’t have to cause any kind of pain whatsoever, but the way most people are doing it; it does.

If you’re in the make money online space, and you’re sending your subscribers a different offer every week – you’re screwing them up and you need to stop it.

Every day they’ll get more and more stressed out, more and more confused, anxiety will manifest.

The result?

They’ll reach a threshold of not being able to take any more ‘pain’. They start to avoid your emails, your open rates go down and barely anyone buys your stuff.

You lose all levels of influence.

When you’re selling 1 thing, every time – it’s a little bit different, people don’t mind it as much. Especially when you’re sending them content, balancing the scales of pain and pleasure.

Adding to your ‘bank of good will’.

When promoting a single product, a single vision, people know exactly what they’re going to be sold when they open your emails. So one of two things happens when doing this.

  1. You provide no value and your open rates continue to decrease until your subscribers are ‘dead in the water’ and need to be replaced. Each time they open your emails they’ll see the sales pitch of the same thing and just become unresponsive.
  2. You provide a ton of value, act as their fiduciary (trusted advisor) and focus on helping your people before the exchange of money. Your subscribers keep opening your emails, they enjoy reading them, and they’ll keep going back to the sales process again & again for what you’re selling.

With the second outcome, you’ll sell more stuff initially and people will continue to buy months or years after they join your list. After getting so much value and seeing the same consistent message from you – they eventually buy, every time.

Becoming A Trusted Advisor

Becoming a trusted advisor is fundamentally simple.

Guide, help and advise your subscribers before the exchange of money.

Look around the Internet/Network Marketing space, what is everyone doing?

They’re sending people to sales videos before they exchange any value. Next, they have a series of emails going out sending them to the same sales videos…

…and they sit there, wondering why they’re not getting results. Wondering why people aren’t deciding to buy.

You only have to focus on one thing:

Putting your audience and their best interests first.

Give them value; moving them towards their desired outcome, one step at a time.

Sales should be a by-product of helping your people.


Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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dave as usual is great value content thank you.


Wow David that was a great read. That was powerful I have to agree that a person does lose all levels of influence when pitching a new program every week..  


Great post Dave. Email marketing is a powerful way to nurture relationships with your target market,and the only way to do that is by providing value on a consistent basis. Consistency creates trust, and providing value let's your subscribers know you have their best interests in mind. Have a good one and congratulations on your new family! 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights!!! I will remember this and do the right thing. :)

"Putting your audience and their best interests first.

Give them value; moving them towards their desired outcome, one step at a time.

Sales should be a by-product of helping your people."


This is awesome David.. I love this blog..Thank you so much..there are tons of valuable content here... 

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