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The Story of My Son.

My Son Gabriel

I wanted to share the story of my Son Gabriel.

The photo above was taken just a few hours after he was born, just a little over 3 months ago.

What I wanted to share, is the story of how my Son came into the world.

A while ago, I met a girl in a time in my life that had a lot of hidden pain.  I started to date her, and fell in love.

Nobody knew about her.  But she was my reason for being full of enthusiasm, and life.

She WAS the joy in my life.

After being with her for a while, we started to become best friends, and she introduced me to her Son, Angel.  She trusted me, and let me in to the most sacred part of her life.


I started to fall in love not with her.  She became my family.

Every night when she would go to bed, she would wait till Angel fell to sleep, then change his clothes, and put his pajamas on.

I’d sit there and I’d watch her change his clothes, and it was like watching two Angels — there seemed to be a halo around them both that grew brighter and brighter each day.

One night, something magical happened to me.

She changed Angel’s clothes, and she drifted off into sleep.

I stayed there awake, looking at the silhouette of the full moon against both of their faces as they breathed in synchronicity.

It was like watching the face of God, shining.

I felt a kind of love and peace that I never felt before.  And I had a special kind of feeling.

I was home.  Home with my family.

That night, I had a dream about having a family with her.

I don’t know if it was put into my heart by biology, God, or something inside my inner mind.  I knew I wanted to be a family with her.  I had never felt so much love in my life.

One day, I asked her if she would have a baby with me.  I had been dreaming of it in the day, and in the night.

She said yes.

I was excited, in love, and a little scared.  But I knew it was what I wanted.

We started to try and get pregnant, and nothing happened for months.

In May of 2013, I flew out to Miami one weekend to do a training for my personal team, and while I was out – she texted me that she was late for her period.  I got a sort of sinking feeling inside of nervousness, and thought it might have happened.

But she did a test, and told me it was negative.  Truthfully, I was bummed.

After my team event, I flew back out to Costa Rica to spend a few days with her before another Mastermind we had in Miami.  She told me she was going to get another test, to be sure – because her period still hadn’t come.

My heart pounded all the way on the flight home, and when I landed – she sent me a text that the test was negative, again.

My heart sank a little bit, again.

When I got home, she gave me a hug, pulled me close, and kissed me.

She grabbed my hand, and walked with me up to our room, and pulled me into the closet.  She said she had a present for me, because it was my birthday.

She reached behind her back, and grabbed a cute little pair of baby shoes she had bought, that had a letter in it.

I said:

“What’s this?”

She motioned to open it with her chin, and I opened it.  I unfolded a letter slowly, my heart pounding.  When I opened it, it said:


I started to cry.  I had a feeling of peace like I had never had before.  It was the most joy I had ever felt in my life.  I pulled her close to me, and I whispered in her ears…

“Thank you…  Thank you… Thank you for loving me”

The next months were the most challenging months in my life.

Something happened, and she was gone.

But before our Son was born – she came back.

I remember driving to the hospital January 28th, 2014 – more nervous than I had ever been in my life.

I got to be in the room while she was having the baby – holding her hand.

A few minutes pass in anticipation… and I heard the crying of a new born baby.  The doctor brought him over – and what I saw, I’ve never seen anything like it.

I have never seen a human being look as happy, and full of joy as she looked in that first moment when she saw our Son for the first time.

When he was born – he had my hair.  My hands.  My feet.  I got to hold this new life in the world.

His name?

Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon

Gabriel and Priscilla.

He was born January 28th, 2014.

Gabriel, I wanted you to know something – because you are my Son.

You were not an accident.

You are a story of the most beautiful love that I’ve ever had in my life.

You are the story of a relationship that worked in impossible circumstances, that fought through pain and darkness.

You are a story of the power of inspiration.  God put you in my heart, and Priscilla and I brought you into the world.  That’s why your name is Gabriel – an Angel, and Kalel – the voice of God.

This is the story of how you came into my life.

Thank you Priscilla for dreaming with me, and giving me the greatest joy in my life.

I love you.

-David Wood

Priscilla and David.

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So nice to see you so happy!


AM your friend from kenya whom want a lot of people to understand this business more,


Powerful post David...
Congratulations to you.
 I too know the joy of fatherhood...the fear, the exhilaration, the uncertainty, and the utter bliss.
 It often begins from deep inside your stomach and your chest, and wells up to your throat and then makes your eyes all watery.
 While at the same time you smile from ear to ear with the sheer Joy and Happiness.
The heartfelt awe at this Life that you are responsible for....
Grats to you, Man.
 Welcome to the Club.

Lionel Fitness
Lionel Fitness

What a beautiful story, no wonder you are always so radiant and positive, beaming from ear to ear! God bless both and your precious son, you're a beautiful family, sincerely, Lionel Fitness.


What a beautiful love story! Life really only begins when you have a little soul to call your own! So happy for you David!


Dave Wood and family...I am working very hard at being all in! I have some unusual circumstances that are making me work at this one piece at a time, however; these don't compare to what you and Dave Sharp have endured. I am anxiously awaiting the first time that I will be able to attend a meeting and hopefully meet you and eventually your family. You are definitely my hope and inspiration. I am so glad you have found your soul mate and have the family of your dreams. I have found mine and can't even begin to explain the feeling I have every day knowing that there is someone that loves me no matter what. All my ugliness, past, present and future. I love reading about you and your stories inspire me beyond your wildest beliefs. Thank you Dave Wood for helping me back from the darkness of self-doubt and unsureness. It has been a long journey, and I am determined not to go back. So until we meet, may your life only continue to be just as you desire.

Forever in happines

Dianne Foley


Wow beautifully told Dave and Baby is for sure your little messenger of god (Archangel Gabriel). We are so happy for you Dave that you have met your soulmate Priscilla. You deserve happiness and peace which in turns allows you to be the most incredible leader to others around the globe, this love is the fuel that keeps you going stronger and stronger and it is felt everytime you speak your vision. It is for our children that we do what we do! We are right being you! Susanne, Aryan & Sophia Snowsill aka the awaken family.

Lenka Schmitt
Lenka Schmitt

amazing story you are blessed to have this little miracle given to you .... I love the name you gave him... Kalel (name of the superman as well hehehe) very cute. God bless you and your little family. L.


Beautifull story and beautyfull family full of love.


Awesome Story, Dave & Priscilla!!! Wow, Gabriel will appreciate reading this one day as well!!!

Georgia Watson
Georgia Watson

Beautiful story of true love...thank you for sharing David.


That's beautiful David! This is a great story of love, hope and inspiration and it took me back to when my own children were born.... Thank you for sharing!


How sweet! Thanks for sharing! It brings more heart to so many more! 

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