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The SEO Secrets To Long Term Google Rankings

seo secrets

Recently I’ve talked about blog networks and how you can create high PR domain networks to dominate Google in the post panda/penguin era of SEO.

I’ve also explained that I’m not the best SEO in the world, but the reality is right now its extremely easy to rank highly in Google and you’d be stupid not to incorporate SEO into your marketing/traffic strategies.

Today I want to talk about something else. Something that has ALWAYS worked and ALWAYS will. Something that is so powerful; it sends shivers down the spine of Matt Cutts.

Well not really… …since this strategy is totally white-hat.

This strategy is purchasing or renting links on  your competitors websites!

That’s right, you can literally just buy links on your competition’s websites. Genius right? LOL, what’s hilarious is that nobody really talks about this strategy or creates tools or courses about doing it.

This is the ultimate way to do SEO, the only problem is the cost. When you buy links on your competitor sites, Google will boost your rankings like nothing else. There’s a problem, though.

I’ve recently explained that a high quality backlink is high Page Rank + relevant. Using expired domains you can create these kinds of links very quickly and easily.

When you use expired domains, you buy domains solely for their Page Rank value as explained in this article (advised that you read that first for this to make sense).

When you purchase links on competitor sites, you’re also paying to get a link from a ‘popular’ website that gets traffic. Which makes the links more expensive. Most competitors won’t base their ‘link value’ on the PR of their domain, but the traffic their site gets and its popularity.

In fact, lots of your competitors won’t even know what Page Rank is and will make up a price for a link from their site that seems reasonable to them. You want to get high PR relevant links on competitor sites.

Google cannot and will not penalize you for getting links on your competitor’s sites; unless you mess up the anchor text distribution (never go over 5-15% exact match anchor text in your link profile unless its your brand name).

For example, a relevant PR5 backlink will drastically boost your rankings. If you were to purchase a PR5 expired domain, it might cost you a one time purchase of $300 and you’d own the domain.

Which means you can use it to link to as many sites as you want. But, the domain wouldn’t be a popular site in your niche, which is the key to this strategy. Now a PR5 link on a competitor site might cost you $50/month (that’s the average people want from my experience).

$50/month is WORTH paying to get a link from a PR5 site in your niche. In many niches, there will be very few PR5 competitor sites. Perhaps only 5 or 10, so by getting a link on all of them it’d cost you $250-$500/month.

Costly, but it will result in huge rank increases and very safe SEO. Here’s where it gets interesting… When all of your major competitors link to you; you outrank them every time, like clockwork.

Many SEO look at this strategy thinking ‘I can buy my own PR5 domain for $300 and be the only link on the site with complete control – screw $50/month’.

While that’s a completely valid point, PR5 expired domain links are nowhere near as valuable as a PR5 link on a competitor site that is actually getting a lot of traffic.

Google doesn’t just look at Page Rank and relevance. They also look at the authority and identify of each site that links to you. For example… If you’re in the health niche, an expired PR8 domain backlink would give you a HUGE rank boost for all of your keywords.

However, if MensHealth.com (the biggest health/mens health site in the world) that is also PR8 links to your site from its homepage; you will instantly DOMINATE.

It’s not just because MensHealth.com has a stronger link profile i.e more backlinks than the expired PR8 domain (although probably does), it’s because Google knows MensHealth, they know who they are and they know they are one of the leading health sites in the world.

So it becomes about more than just PR + Relevance, but NICHE AUTHORITY + IDENTITY.

When you buy links from your competition, you get the same effect. Another important point; when you buy links from competitors, you generally get added to their sidebar blogroll; so you get site-wide links.

Links from your competitors will ensure long term rankings more than anything else. So it perfectly justifies the cost of renting them each month. When you use this strategy, its important to use your brand anchor text ‘domain name’ as the anchor text placed on your competitors sites.

Since they are site-wide blogroll links, and the average competitor might have 1000 pages; 1000 backlinks with the same keyword anchor text can kill a site. This strategy isn’t so much about boosting your rankings for individual keywords, but boosting the authority, popularity and rankings of EVERY page on your site. This works every time, without fail and is the easiest way to dominate a niche.

Read part two: How To Buy Links On Competitor Websites

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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You know I like reading your posts because you explain things is such a way anyone can understand it.  I never knew about this strategy of purchasing links on your competitors websites.  Great post and I look forward to which one I will run across next...

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