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The SEO Pyramid Strategy Explained

The SEO Pyramid has been floating around online for quite some time now. It’s just a little pyramid that’s essentially a website/SEO promotion strategy:

The SEO Pyramid

For best results, you should start at the bottom of the pyramid and work your way up to the top. First you should start with your website content. If you want your website to succeed in the long run, good SEO isn’t enough. You need high quality content that keeps visitors engaged.

The very fundamental of search engine optimization is site structure which brings me to the next part of the pyramid. Site content and structure actually go hand in hand. Your site needs to be structured to accommodate your content. The basic structure most SEO’s use is called an SEO Silo.

“Siloing” your site’s content can be explained in one word: categorization. You just need to create a minimum of 4 categories for your site’s content and have at least 4 posts under each category. On the homepage of your site you should display the categories in the navigation bar.

So the link juice going to your homepage will be evenly distributed throughout your site. Very simple structure, use it wisely and make sure all of your content is up to scratch. Next you need to make sure your site has no crawl errors. You know, 404 errors and others alike.

To find out if your site has any crawl errors, use Google Webmaster Tools. After you’ve sorted your site structure and content quality, you need to focus on your on page optimization. This means keyword optimization. Making sure you properly use header tags, meta titles, descriptions and LSI.

On top of that stuff, internal linking is very important. You need to go through your site’s content and strategically link certain phrases to your other posts and pages. Internal linking helps evenly distribute your site’s Page Rank and it also keeps visitors on your site.

Once you’ve fully optimized your content to rank for your chosen keywords, it’s time to start link building. Some SEO’s recommend social media before link building, I say a bit of both.

I won’t go into too much detail, but content based link building is the best way to start a campaign. Content based means writing, spinning and distributing unique versions of content onto hundreds or thousands of relevant websites linking back to your own.

You can build content based links with article marketing, web2.0’s, guest blogging, press release submissions and of course blog networks. They all work well, but press releases have been proven to be highly effective for new link building campains. Press releases sort of justify any sudden influx of backlinks you may receive.

When you submit a PR, the search engines believe your site is about to be very popular. So the sudden influx of links you start receiving from other strategies seem normal. If you don’t start off with a few press release submissions, Google gets a little suspicious. You have to justify your backlinks.

The search engines always ask why you’re suddenly getting thousands of links. A new website that’s never been mentioned anywhere on the web wouldn’t naturally attract 3000 backlinks would it? But, if you submit PR’s and also get a few people talking about your site on social platforms – your links will look natural.

Lastly is the social aspect. If you want your website to succeed beyond expectations, you need to build a community. A community of people who share your site’s content on a regular basis. In order to build a real community, you need to start a blog on the end of your domain.

If that’s just not feasible for your kind of website, there are other options. First and foremost, encourage social sharing. Display social buttons on your website. At the bare minimum; display a Facebook Like, Tweet and a Google Plus One button.

Displaying those buttons and physically asking visitors to use them will increase your social traffic, presence and search engine rankings. Besides the buttons, use social media! Build a Facebook fan page, have a dedicated Twitter and Google Plus account.

Encourage your website visitors to follow you on Twitter, add you on Google Plus or simply like your fan page. Doing so is another way of capturing your subscribers, much like list building.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, questions and comments below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right of this page for more cool SEO tips, tricks and strategies.

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