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The SEO Chronicles – An Look At The New World Of SEO Part 2

The SEO Chronicles

(This is part two of the SEO Chronicles, click here for part one)

However, when your site does get submitted for manual review, there will be no warnings. It’ll happen and if you don’t pass the inspection; you’ll get a penalty almost instantly. Manual reviewers are looking mainly at site quality. They actually read your content and decide if it’s worthy of the rankings it has obtained.

Another reason for getting reviewed is if you suddenly start getting thousands of links for no apparent reason. All this adds up to one obvious solution; write great content and lots of it. Even if it means writing the content yourself; do it. Most article writing/content creation services suck.

You know, the ones that offer content articles for $2-$5. What I want to do is change your way of thinking when it comes to content creation and promotion. How much value do you think a $3 or even $5 article could have?

The people offering such cheap content don’t go out of their way to make the content informative or even correct. They are lazy and do the least research possible. From now on you need to start looking at SEO as PAID marketing.

As news flash, no traffic is free. Free traffic is a total myth. All free traffic is time consuming, it’s a fact. This is exactly why you want to automate and outsource as much of the manual work as possible. While at the same time make sure your automation appears completely natural.

Content is not all equal. Nobody knows a lot about everything. Which is why you should pay someone to create your content. Don’t attempt to write articles about something you know nothing about.

As soon as I changed my perspective about SEO my results sky-rocketed. You need to do SEO the same way you do pay per click of Facebook marketing. Look at it as an investment. Don’t be afraid of spending $10-$30 per article. It might cost you $15 for an article and another $15 to promote it.

If that page makes just $0.25/day, you’ll have your money back within 120 days or 4 months. After that it’s all profit, better than any other conventional investment. As a rule of thumb, I try and pay $10 per article. Paying that kind of money per article means getting people who know their stuff and thoroughly do their research.

400-500 word articles no longer cut it, if you want to build amazing authority sites that are immune to Google’s monstrous updates; go for 800+ words. The only sites of mine that have never been hit by an update are the ones where the pages are all 800+ words, written in excellent English and are super informative. Oh, and have minimum optimization.

When you build your sites, you should be thinking “how can I make this even cooler, more interesting and fun to interact with?”

Have that exact thought with every page you publish and you’ll do well. I know it’s either a lot more money or time consuming; but you want to build a business that lasts right? Also – a word of advice…

Stop screwing around in niches with limited monetization options. Most SEO’s build sites in whatever niches seem profitable. I don’t care how many searches the keywords are getting or how weak the SEO competition is. If you can only monetize via advertising or one option; forget it.

Build sites of value where you can build a community, blog daily and actually sell stuff to customers who are happy to pay for it.

A few years ago I realized something pro-found, once I had this realization it changed my whole perspective on Internet Marketing.

A business is only a real business if it has 3 core components:

  1. Products
  2. Customers
  3. A way to get paid!

Marketers have been screwing around with “ways to get paid” by taking advantage of technology and loopholes for years now. If your business doesn’t involve products and customers; it’s probably not going to last.

The last thing I want to add to this chronicle is that you should never solely rely on SEO. SEO is a single traffic source. It’s a great way to generate traffic, promote your sites and build an online business; but it is volatile like anything else.

Always be doing SEO, but diversification is the number one rule when it comes to traffic generation.

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