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The SEO Chronicles – An Interesting Look At The New World Of SEO

The SEO Chronicles

To be honest I haven’t been paying all that much attention to SEO lately. A little over a year ago I figured out a couple of principles that changed the way I market online.

The same principles I’m going to reveal over the course of the “The SEO Chronicles”. Understanding and implementing these principles has meant none of my sites have incurred any Google penalties and SEO has remained one of my consistent sources of high quality traffic.

To be very honest with you, the only reason I still do SEO is because the leads rock. It generates all this traffic to my high quality content. The visitors read the stuff I have people write or write myself and it warms them up to me.

Which means if they do opt-in, I’ve already built some rapport with them which makes them more likely to buy my stuff. Let’s begin…

No matter where you are in your online business, you need to know a little about SEO. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years; I’m sure you’ve heard SEO has been a little shaky.

For some; it’s been heart breaking.

Countless SEO’s have lost their clients, had their incomes demolished and many have been left with nothing. All because of “silly little” Google updates. Updates in the algorithm and the way it ranks websites. Through all of these changes, I’ve lost some sites and rankings.

I’ve even thought about quitting several times and concentrating 100% on paid marketing. But I’m here to tell you SEO is not failing, it’s not going away; it’s not even becoming less effective. It’s just not that “easy” anymore. If you want to be in this business; you need to be smart and stay up to date with what’s going on.

You need to anticipate changes and do everything you can to protect your sites against updates. There are always going to be little monsters like pandas and penguins that attack us from time to time. I doubt the updates will ever stop.

As ultimately Google wants two things:

  1. To make as much money as possible.
  2. To provide the most relevant and highest quality results to its searchers.

First as with any for-profit company; Google wants to make money. Google are VERY greedy. They will do whatever it takes to boost revenue, themselves and their shareholders are first priority. Even if it’s at the expense of small businesses and online marketers; they will screw us over to make more money for their billion dollar selves.

Don’t for one minute think Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam) is going to help us. His job is to improve the quality of Google search; but a lot of the time he/they just make it worse. I don’t subscribe to many blogs, especially in the online marketing world; but one must-follow blog is Matt Cutts. (If you’re doing SEO)

He doesn’t always, but he often warns webmasters about updates and gives away little hints as to what we should do to prepare. (Here’s the link to his blog)

Now this brings me to my second point; Internet Marketers ruined SEO. I mentioned that SEO isn’t dying and that it’s just become harder. Internet Marketers are the primary reason why SEO is becoming harder.

This is the most important piece of SEO advice I can give you. If you take away one thing from this guide, take this: Build Sites For The People, Not The Search Engines!

This is where 95% of SEO’s go wrong. The majority of webmasters i.e. small business owners are the 5%. They build their harmless sites, write honest, precise and informational content; but that’s it. They know nothing about SEO; so they don’t update their sites or do any form of optimization.

They are one of the rare breeds of webmasters who build sites for people along with web2.0′s and startups. Internet Marketers on the other hand are at the other side of the spectrum. They build sites with one goal in mind; to make money.

The only reason they write any content at all is to check the box off. Internet Marketers only do what they “need” to do in order to rank and make money. The minimum effective dose.

While that philosophy is perfect for other areas of life and business; it’s not for SEO. By building sites for the search engines; marketers buy a keyword rich domain. They scope out 10-25 keywords getting a lot of traffic and hire whoever is cheapest to write 300-500 word articles targeting each keyword.

They HIGHLY optimize their content, launch their sites and start hammering the crap out of all the pages with backlinks. This strategy used to work, and very well. I tried it.

My strategy was: build as many sites as possible and get them ranked in the shortest amount of time. I had money to spend on new lead generation strategies, and made money in the process. Internet Marketers have a habit of finding literally ANYTHING that makes money; and exploiting the crap out of it.

It’s a poor man’s mind set. You need to think about the future. With all the easy money to be made with micro niche sites and black hat SEO; everyone jumped on the band wagon. People thought it’d be a good idea to create products teaching the strategy and sell it to other Internet Marketers.

A strike of genius it may have seemed, but it resulted in a micro niche/black hat epidemic. Google isn’t stupid, but their algorithm isn’t “as clever” as they make it out to be. Nonetheless, the webspam team immediately started working on a series of updates to wipe these low value profit seeking sites of the web.

Very few sites survived the series of panda updates. The penguin updates finished off most people. In a lot of ways I’m very glad, it means less competition in all niches. People give up quite easily. The lesson is build sites for people and you won’t be affected as badly.

As you should already know, Google dish out penalties if they think you’ve been manipulating their algorithm by building lots of low value artificial links. By building high quality authority sites you shouldn’t receive penalties when Google unleashes havoc upon the SEO world via updates. Instead you should only incur a small loss of rankings or hopefully; an improvement.

Here is the big news:

  • Google is in favor of AUTHORITY sites

The bigger your site, the less likely it is to be affected by updates and penalties. But that doesn’t mean you can build BIG low quality sites. In fact that’s even worse. Why?

Well, as I learnt the hard way; Google runs MANUAL reviews on authority sites or sites getting a substantial amount of traffic. I’m not sure what the criteria is for a manual review, I don’t think anyone really knows but the guys doing them.

===>> Click Here For Part Two Of “The SEO Chronicles”

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It's funny how things change when you become a publicly traded company and you have to answer to your shareholders, it seems like people either love google or they hate them. Thanks for the informative post Dave!

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