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The Pay Per Call Business Model – Keyword Research

To read part 2 on niche research: click here.

According to Wikipedia, there are over 88 cities in Los Angeles. The 15 most populous are:


The next step is to run the same keyword checks we ran on Los Angeles for the top 15 cities in the county. After running the check, here are the most searched keywords I found:


As a guideline you should only target keywords/cities that are getting over 100 searches a month. Anything less and it’s generally not worth it. So we have long beach, glendale, lancaster, burbank and torrance we can target. (Note: this screenshot shows results for locksmiths in LA, Google wouldn’t yield any results for roofing in these areas – so this is for demonstration purposes only, the roofing keywords have similar number of searches)

As I mentioned earlier there are various other keywords in each city that will have equal to or more searches than the generic “City + Profession” terms.

Also, Google is in no way accurate at estimating monthly searches, especially for local keywords. After finding at least 5 different cities to potentially target in your chosen county; you need to physically analyze the keywords with a tool like Market Samurai. I stopped using tools like that a while ago, and reverted back to what I think to be the best strategy; manual.

The 2 sites you can use to do keyword research for free are: MajesticSEO.com and BacklinksWatch.com. Majestic SEO gives you an overview of a site’s authority, link profile and backlinks. Backlinkswatch will give you a list of up to 1000 backlinks of a URL as well as the anchor text used for each link.

Between them you can get a VERY good idea of how competitive a keyword is. If you don’t know how to do keyword research, there are 100′s of articles and books out there that will teach you. I could write an entire book on the subject, so I won’t go into it right here.

As long as you follow this strategy, you shouldn’t have too much trouble ranking for the keywords. Just ensure each city you target has a keyword with 100+ searches/month. At a minimum, you should target 3-5 cities within your chosen county; preferably 5+.

3. Build Sites

By this point you should have picked a niche, identified a county and a group of cities within the county. There are two ways you can go about building your pay per lead/call empire. One, you can build sites in random cities across the US.

The benefits of this strategy are that you can just target the highest searched lowest competition keywords. The low hanging fruit, which quickly turns into cash. The downfalls is that the network of sites will be harder to manage and you can’t leverage the sites.

Strategy two; you can build a main county site, and a site for each city within the county. The downfall is that the cities within a county won’t always have a lot of traffic and you have no choice but to target them. That means even if the competition is ridiculous considering a keyword has a low number of searches; you have to go after the keywords anyway.

The benefit of the strategy greatly outweighs the cons. The benefit or rather advantage can be summed up in one word; LEVERAGE.

As I talked about earlier, any small company will at the very most cover an entire county and all of its cities. Therefore, if you own a main site for the county, as well as a site for each city; you can drive all of those leads to a single client. Which means a more hassle-free business.

The real leverage comes from linking the sites up. In almost every niche; the highest competition keywords will be for the counties. For example, “San Francisco”, “Dallas”, “Los Angeles”. Most residents of the cities within these counties won’t search locally i.e. “torrance roofers”, they’ll search “Los Angeles Roofers”.

So how do you compete with all the other sites ranking for the county keywords? You build sites for the cities within the counties and link each ‘city site’ to the main county website. In order to dominate local niches, you need relevant high page rank backlinks. These kind of links are near impossible to gain naturally, the only way to get them is to build them yourself.

In other words, the best kind of local niche backlinks are from other local websites. If you’re a Dallas roofer and 20 other Dallas roofing companies are linking to your site; that tells Google you are the king roofing company and deserve to outrank everyone else. This is why the ultimate strategy is to take over an entire county at a time.

Your main county website might not rank right away, and that’s fine. As by the time you’ve built out 3, 5 or even 15+ sites for the cities all linking to the main site; it’s game over for your competitors. In order to this properly, you have to be in stealth mode. If Google knows you own all the other sites, you’ll gain almost no benefit or advantage from this strategy.

You need to hide your sites, by giving them their own profiles. Addresses, emails, phone numbers, IP addresses and hosting accounts. If you do this the conventional way, it can get expensive quickly. After hours of scouring the web, I stumbled upon Host Nine.

The Host Nine Reseller account enables you to add 100 domains on unique IP’s and nameservers for $25/month, less than $0.25/month each.

==>> Click here to go to part 4: Build Sites.

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