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The Most Important Marketing Strategy Ever Told

Today I want to talk about something different.

Something most Internet Marketing blogs and marketers rarely ever talk about.

Internet Marketing strategies and practical examples of business models. Most marketers are too busy selling you traffic generation tricks & ppc guides or conversion optimization plugins and SEO tools to ever talk about what you’ll actually do with them.

Here’s the thing, there’s only one diagram you need to look at when starting an Internet Marketing business, here it is:

It’s very simple.

Internet Marketers sell products or services to people who need and or want them. Or they convince people who don’t need or want them to buy them. Now hopefully you want to create a moral legally sound business model with the former option.

You do this by finding a problem to solve. This could be helping women lose weight, helping marketers make money online or guys pick up women. There are 1000s of different niches out there that are built around these common problems people have in the real world.

The way to Internet riches is to identify a common problem of a group of people that is growing by at least 500 per year and create products and or services to help them. Easy concept.

You need to pick a niche where the group of people have several obstacles to overcome in order to achieve their desired result or outcome.

At least 3 obstacles, and create a product that helps them overcome each one.


Mens Dating

  • Obstacle 1: Approaching Women
  • Obstacle 2: Going On A First Date/Dating
  • Obstacle 3: Escalating To Sex

Those are three extremely common obstacles men face in meeting, dating and seducing women. Now because of these common obstacles, there is a gigantic pick up industry & products that teach men how to overcome these obstacles and millions of dollars are exchanged every year for them.

Weight Loss

  • Obstacle 1: Changing Your Diet
  • Obstacle 2: Exercising
  • Obstacle 3: Staying Healthy

Internet Marketing

  • Obstacle 1: Getting Traffic
  • Obstacle 2: Generating Leads
  • Obstacle 3: Generating Sales

In some niches there are only one or two obstacles, while in others there are literally dozens. Dozens of problems they have to overcome in order to achieve their desired outcome.

You can create a product or service around each obstacle. You can also create a flagship high ticket (expensive) product that teaches everything for a lot more money.

When deciding to create a new online business, draw that diagram.

Write the start on the far left and the desired outcome on the far right (like picking up women or having a great body or making money online), next write down the obstacles that your potential new audience has to overcome in order to go from start to desired outcome.

That diagram should be the basis of your entire sales funnel and marketing system. When you really understand your audience, their desired outcome and obstacles; you can better serve them, increase conversions and make more money.

To make a lot of money online, you need a sales funnel that sells multiple products. You need to increase your average customer lifetime value. By creating products around each obstacle for your audience; you can increase your ACV from $50 to $500, literally 10 times increase.

Once you’ve mapped out at least 3 major obstacles your audience has to overcome in order to achieve their desired result; create a product that solves each obstacle.

Now create your sales funnel. Your sales funnel should start with a main website or blog and several landing pages. Your main website/blog should direct all traffic to your landing pages or squeeze pages.

Your squeeze pages should be designed to get visitors to join your email list. You can either seriously leverage your squeeze pages and opt-in process or not. You can leverage a squeeze page by pre-selling your subscribers on your products.

You do this by creating a report that gives them a basic overview or blueprint they can follow to reach their desired result. The free report or video should explain the obstacles they need to overcome and give some very basic practical information on how to do it.

Now people are in your funnel, on your email list; you can pitch them the first product in an automated email sequence. This will always generate sales and revenue if you do it correctly – always. You can next setup a second email sequence to go out to subscribers who’ve bought the first product pitching the solution to obstacle 2.

….and again for the next product which solves obstacle 3. Obviously a lot of people won’t purchase every product, for whatever reason. So it’s also a good idea to create a flagship product which combines all 3 products into 1 solving your audience’s entire problem in one course. Sell this to all subscribers who don’t purchase all of the single products and increase the price according to value (3 x single product price).

You now have a sales funnel that WILL convert and generate thousands of dollars in revenue automatically when you send new targeted leads into the system. You can get the traffic and leads through blogging, paid advertising or however else. Remember how I said you only really need to target a group of people that grows by 500 per year?

Simple reason why. We all want to make at least $100,000 a year. Anything less and being an entrepreneur just isn’t very cool. Most people think making 6 figures online means selling thousands of products. The reality couldn’t be less true.

You only need 500 customers who each spend $200; which equals $100,000. Create 3 products that solve 3 obstacles ultimately solving your audience’s problem and sell them for $67 each.

500 customers who each buy the 3 products is $100,000. Not bad at all, from a customer base growing at merely 500 buyers per year. This can be done in any niche, and it works very well; like clockwork.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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So, in simplicity...Online bizness; Blogs: Traffics; Leads; Conversion and Sales!  Master the Skill Set in these area... Millions Earning is Easy!  

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