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The Magic Of Influence – The Speakers Of Dallas [1 of 4]

A little over a week ago, at the Dallas Empower Network event, I had an idea.

An idea to share some of the contents of the events & speeches, over a series of blog posts – starting with this

As you pay attention and carefully read the words on this page, you’re going to realize something interesting. You’re going to discover the power of influence and its profound effects it has on your life & the lives around you.

How influence affects you, and why it’s the highest paid skill in the world.

I’m going to reveal this little known information by sharing the story of Chris Jones, one of our speakers from the last Empower Network event we just had in Dallas, Texas.

Chris Jones Empower Network

Everyone is constantly being influenced by something or someone. Whether it’s their television, radio, their spouse or their friends and family.

Perhaps a book you read or an interesting blog post that may or may not influence you to make a decision. Fundamentally we ‘receive’ influence in two ways: consciously and unconsciously.

Consciously your family might tell you to stop doing something, to cut something out or maybe you read a self-help book that compels you to make a conscious decision.

Unconsciously you’re influenced by millions of tiny things. Particular words, phrases and embedded commands within sentences. Whether they’re put there on purpose or not, it doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to pay close attention to the words on this page, you don’t even have to believe everything I say, as influence happens whether you realize it or not.

You may or may not notice when you start to relax and focus on the words on this page. As by now you probably realize the amazing power of unconscious influence. It comes in many forms.

Influence is the most powerful skill in the world, it also pays the most. One man with influence can change an entire nation or cause a revolution. One of the most effective ways of influencing people is through stories.

Human beings are by nature; fascinated by stories. It’s hard wired into our biology. Stories change the world, they influence people like nothing else.

Just over a week ago…

On the stage, in Dallas Texas, at an Empower Network event Chris Jones told an intriguing story (along with a few insightful marketing & business lessons).

Chris said a story lead him to his ‘greater calling’.

Chris was an aspiring FBI agent, but he quickly realized he wanted to accomplish more. Chris desperately wanted to positively influence the lives of DRASTICALLY more people.

Far more than he could ever have influenced as an FBI agent.

That single idea, the notion of influencing people & changing lives lead him to the Internet.

Chris made a decision then and there to start an Internet business. He saw how he could use the Internet as a platform to influence the lives of millions.

Chris eventually achieved his dream. Since starting his first business in 2003, he’s gone on to build several large Network Marketing organizations and has become an established Internet Entrepreneur.

As with most success stories; Chris struggled for a while. Among many things; Chris realized that “sometimes you have to disconnect from the people around you in order to be productive”.

There were 3 fundamental principles Chris talked about in his speech. “Three principles that should be taught to everyone when they first get online”.

1. Business

“This Internet/Network Marketing thing, it’s actually a real business. They’ll actually make you pay taxes on the ‘digital’ commissions you earn online. Most marketers don’t treat what they do like a real business. Not for a long time. Although you may just be making $25 commissions, those commissions add up and they compound.

Treat what you’re doing online seriously, it’s as real as an offline business. Read books and study people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Learn how they think. People tend to do a little work, and expect great results right away.

When they don’t see instant results, they quit, come back later and repeat the cycle until they realize that it takes a lot of work. You have to do whatever it takes, always; especially in the beginning which is the hardest phase.

A huge part of your success comes down to you making a decision; and a commitment to do exactly that. Think about why certain people are successful. Learn from those people & study how they think.”

2. Systems

“The next thing you need to learn is the systems. Systems run the universe. Everything is run through systems. Understand that big fortune 500 companies don’t work differently from your business.

Understand how systems run your business. Somebody might not get in right away, but with a system you can follow up with them and just allow the system to work for you.

Always allow your systems to work for you. With getting traffic, advertising, converting traffic into leads and leads into sales. You use systems not only to make money, but to free up your time and give you freedom. You only have so many hours in the day, so you gotta have systems in place to do the work.”

3. People

“The most important thing is understanding people. Knowing what they want and helping them. When you understand what your audience wants, you can more easily help them and create solutions to their problems which make you money. Understanding people is the most crucial key to selling to them. The great Frank Kern is a prime example of this, and he went out there and created a product that perfectly resonated with his target audience.

People just wanted what he had, because he understood people and the psychology; you need to start studying that to become a master at sales & business.

Whether you think what you’re doing is a hobby or not; you have to take it seriously and become an expert. Leaders study daily. Surround yourself with successful people, it’s the fastest way to shortcut your success.”

About Chris

Chris Jones started his first business from his condo in South Florida in 2003.  Prior to being an entrepreneur, Chris studied and competed in professional martial arts in South East Asia and later on studied at the University of Minnesota for business and Criminal Justice. Chris Jones has built several large organizations in the Network Marketing Industry and assisted in the launch of several others. Click here to read the full bio on Chris’s website.

Chris shared a bunch of other badass concepts and ideas over the course of the event, but that’s about everything from his core speech.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below (there’s a handful more of these posts to come).

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Great article. The science of influence (not manipulating) is something that will help everybody in their business. Just started with $15K Empower Video Training... Thanks for sharing

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