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The Importance Of Google Authorship SEO

Google has kept things the way they are for a long time now. Sure, there have been a bunch of updates, pandas, penguins, refreshes and all that good stuff… but nothing revolutionary has really happened… until now.

The problem is, Google and other search engines have relied on counting backlinks and using an algorithm to calculate their authority + relevance for years.

The algorithm makes a lot of sense, and it definitely provides a lot of concrete accurate results. However, there is still a lot of bullshit floating around the top spots of Google for all the high traffic keywords.

While looking at backlinks has been highly effective at sorting the TRILLIONS of search engine results; it has many pit falls. First and foremost, it can easily be manipulated.

Any idiot can build backlinks. Manufacturing low quality links has always been dead simple. Software allows you to build thousands of wiki, edu, web2.0, directory and profile links in seconds. Nothing new there.

Over time Google has put a stop to the ranking power of these low quality links, mass low quality links no longer ranks pages very easily. While Google have lowered the authority of ‘conventional backlinks’, they can’t tarnish the authority of high page rank backlinks. So then the SEOs created high PR blog networks.

And of course, as demonstrated over the past 2 years Google have been trying their best to rip apart those networks. It’s an endless battle. The last link building solution is to build your own network of high PR authority backlinks.

That works…

But what if Google could rank web pages by WHO published them?

What if they could identify the authorities of niches? Wouldn’t they just rank the credible people’s content? Yes, and it’s exactly what they’re starting to do. The problem is, Google don’t want SEO’s ranking for ‘weight loss’, ‘cure acne’ and whatever other massive term just because they know how to build backlinks.

They want real people, physically in the field i.e. a world-class personal trainer ranking for ‘weight loss’. So Google is starting to rank sites based on their authority in a niche, their reputation. It makes a lot more sense than links do. It will take a long time, but eventually Google will be able to ignore backlinks, and only rank content by trusted sources.

Not fly by the night exact match domains with a bunch of high PR backlinks. This is why Google authorship is important, and its importance is insurmountable right now. Nobody knows if Google authorship is going to be the future of SEO. However, it makes a lot of sense, and we’re already seeing the results change towards this model of organizing search.


This is a typical example. If you Google “Google Penguin” you’ll find this result somewhere near the top. You can see the Google Authorship setup by Matt McGee and that he’s in over 20,000 circles. That’s a lot of circles.

His site INSTANTLY ranks for the most competitive keywords in SEO because he is a trusted source. His content gets a lot of social attention, backlinks and he has a huge Google Plus presence in the niche. I’m not saying sites are instantly ranking for high competition keywords because they’re in a lot of circles, but there is definitely a correlation there.

Google wants to see real people ranking, they don’t want unidentified mystery men ranking for major keywords because they have know the SEO formula. It doesn’t make sense.

Google authorship is about putting a face to every website, an identity. Here is all you have to do to setup your authority Google Authorship profile:

  1. Join Google Plus
  2. Fill Out All Details
  3. Upload A Picture Of Yourself
  4. Fill Out All Details on About Page
  5. Add your website to “contributor to” links and “links” links.
  6. Connect all of your other social profiles to Google Plus under “other profiles”.
  7. Connect your website to your Google Plus page.

That is essentially all you have to do, it should look something like this:


Once done, your face will show up in the search results and your site will be connected to your profile. All there is left to do is constantly update your profile and get others to circle you. The bigger your network, the better.

Does this mean backlinking is over? Of course not, link building and black hat SEO are going nowhere. This is actually a good thing. It means the legitimate people providing quality content will eventually dominate their SEO competitors.

It means if you have an authority site that puts out quality content, you should consider surrendering your site to Google, installing Analytics, Webmaster Tools & telling them everything about your site and letting them know you’re an authority. When you do that, they will rank your content every time – links or no links – eventually.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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Hey Dave great article that you wrote! I tried doing the authorship on the blog that I have through Empower Network but the webmaster keeps coming back as-couldn't find the ?rel=author which is me. any advice on what to do. See you in Chicago.

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