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The Entrepreneur Mindset- Do You Have What It Takes?

“What is the “entrepreneur’s mindset” and how important is it in building a business?”

The answer to this question is one that I learned from one of the most successful entrepreneurs that exists online today.

So sit back and enjoy today’s post :)

I think your mindset IS your business. It denotes where you will go and how quickly you will get there.

The entrepreneur’s mindset begins with their excitement about the success to come.

The entrepreneur sees the opportunity put before them and he spends countless hours daydreaming thinking about the success and how it will FEEL when it comes to him. It fuels the fire. Without this the gas in the tank of any entrepreneurial effort quickly empties.

They don’t think about failure.

You see, an entrepreneur by definition is a person who offers a solution to a problem at a cost.

At first, the problem that an entrepreneur faces in network marketing is how to solve their own immediate problems. How to get a lead? How to get a new team member? How to help that new team member duplicate their success quicker than he or she did it?

When they solve these issues he benefits monetarily for the growth in his team, but metaphysically he profits for knowing he has added overall value to the task and process
at hand for many many to follow.

The entrepreneur is not done at this point.

There’s more to be done. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity before him and sees that there is more value to be added. The people directly associated with him aren’t the
only people to have the problems they began with so he devises a way to help more than his immediate circle.

The entrepreneur sees no failure. The entrepreneur detaches his emotions from all outcomes, be they positive or negative. He sees the results of his actions as merely observable data to improve upon.

The entrepreneur always asks himself “How can I do better next time?” And then sets out to improve upon their most immediate results for their personal growth and the benefit of all those associated with him.

The entrepreneur realizes that there is no such thing as ”enough.” He knows that just like an apple tree he too must grow as large as he possibly can and then bare seeds.

An entrepreneur must ALWAYS grow.

If there is any one quality that the entrepreneur has that sets him apart from the average person it is their confidence.

Their confidence exceeds their competency. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity before him and he know he most grow into it regardless of whether or not he knows HOW to do it.

He just has confidence that he will.

The entrepreneur asks everyday what it is that he wants and then sets out to get it with excitement.

Step into this mindset, release your ‘inner badass’ and YOU shall have success.


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Keyanna Mayfield
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