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The Definitive Guide To Building An Offline IM Business

offline IM businessAffiliate marketing this, SEO that…

Who really gives a shit?

The whole Internet Marketing community is OBSESSED with creating these passive streams of online income, but OH… – it has to be virtual.

God forbid the need to ever speak to another human being. Internet Marketers would rather sit in a corner all day with a jug full of coffee in their boxer shorts; working through the early hours of the morning…

Let’s face it; most Internet Marketers are total introverts. They’d rather sit at home all day getting home deliveries in their 3 day old sweat pants wreaking of body odor than psychically leave their house; talk to ‘normal people’ and participate in what we call ‘society’.

Ok… Perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit; but I’m getting at an important point here. There are some bad ass Internet Marketers. In fact most of them are awesome, the one’s who are successful especially.

But; there are a lot of online marketers who are afraid of and almost despise the outside world. Or at least that’s the way it seems to be because of their sheer lack of acknowledgment of the 500 pound GORILLA in the room.

What am I talking about?

OFFLINE Internet Marketing

Internet Marketers know how to market online, just like a locksmith knows how to fix locks. It’s the same thing. We have the tools and knowledge required to build websites, drive traffic and convert visitors into buyers.

So why aren’t we selling that skill? Why are we only fixing our own locks, instead of other people’s?

From my perspective, it’s because of the obsession/fascination people have with creating passive income. The kind of income that enables the Internet lifestyle of making money while you sleep.

While I completely agree with that and its what I work towards, continually making money for doing something once never really works out. Here’s my point.

The ‘gurus’ who are like a black hole sucking people out of their jobs into the Internet Marketing world keep perpetuating this dream of “making money for doing nothing”. So this dream has become the goal of millions across the globe and has led to the development of hundreds of barely stable online business models….

  • Adsense
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Push Button Softwares

You know what I’m talking about. The models that are hyped up as ways to get rich for life by working once and getting paid for the rest of your life. Sure, you can build an empire of Adsense sites that earn you $300/day, sure you can build a blog that pays you 5 figures a year and yes you can earn 6 figures with affiliate marketing. (And yes: push button softwares are BULLSHIT)

However, the chances of one of those models sustaining themselves while you’re just collecting the checks each month for doing nothing is minimal. I’ve had Adsense networks taken down, I’ve had affiliate checks stripped away from me.

Yes these models can make you a lot of money, but for one they’re not the most sustainable/secure and they’re definitely not the easiest/smartest to base your business on.

The best way to diversify your Internet Marketing business or to build an IM based business full stop is to work on OFFLINE IM. Offline IM is anything to do with providing Internet Marketing services to the offline world. The offline world being local businesses to multi-national corporations.

They all need websites, traffic, a Facebook page and they all need more business. Luckily for you, they don’t have the tools or knowledge to fix their own locks. They have no idea how to build websites, run social media campaigns and they sure-as-shit don’t know how to do SEO.

What you can count on is that any profitable business is willing to hand-you a check month after month to handle their online marketing needs. So what do you do? What do you provide these offline businesses that’s so “EASY” to sell:

  • Wed Design
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • PPV
  • Media Buying
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Facebook Fan Page Design
  • Google Places
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Link Building
  • Leads, Leads, LEADS.

You get the picture? If you’re a savvy Internet Marketer you should know how to provide at least 3 of the above services. The good news is you only need to know more than the offline businesses.

While there are no-where near the same number of offline business models as their online counterparts; there are A LOT. A lot of ways you could go. I no longer provide Internet Marketing to offline businesses; but I tried a lot of them.

I provided SEO, web design, Facebook, you name it – I provided it. What I realized over time was that offline businesses don’t want to deal with online marketing. Even when you try to explain the service you’re going to provide them; they’re scratching their heads with utter confusion.

All they want is MORE LEADS. They don’t want to know about Facebook or Google or LinkedIn, they want more customers calling them. PERIOD.

So after a lot of searching, testing and talking to a friend of mine: I came across one model that does everything I ever wanted in an offline IM business.

The Pay Per Lead Model

The pay per lead model, otherwise known as the pay per call model; is effectively charging offline businesses for each call you send them. All the marketing tactics, as I’ve already explained; local businesses just don’t understand them. And if you try and explain them you’re just going to lose business.

With this model, you handle all the marketing, you only charge the offline business for the end result; what comes out of your marketing; leads. Click the link below to read the introduction:

- An Introduction To The Pay Per Call Business Model

In the introduction you’ll learn about the basic pay per call model and why it’s so superior to anything else Internet Marketers are doing right now. The first step of the model involved niche research:

The Pay Per Call Business Model – Niche Research

The first step towards building a PPL business is niche research. In the above post you’ll learn how to do keyword research for local markets. Click the link below to read part two on keyword research:

The Pay Per Call Business Model – Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of every SEO based business model. In the post you’ll learn how to find local keywords, what kind of keywords to look for and how to analyze their competition. Click the link below to read part 3 on building sites:

The Pay Per Call Business Model – Build Sites

Building sites is step 3 in the pay per call business model. In this part you’ll learn exactly how to build local sites for offline clients from A-Z. Click the link below to read part 4 on launching sites:

The Pay Per Call Business Model – Launch Sites

After building the sites, you’ll learn how to launch and release them to the search engines to ensure they hit page one as soon as possible. Click the link below to read part 5 on local SEO:

The Ultimate Local SEO Strategy

In order for the websites to rank, attract visitors and drive calls to the local businesses; you need to do SEO. In this post you’ll learn the exact local SEO strategy responsible for countless top local rankings. Click the link below to read part 6 on finding clients.

The Pay Per Call Business Model – Finding Clients

Finding clients is the last step in the process of building a pay per call business. By this post you would have learnt how to find profitable local niches, build sites and rank them. This post covers how to find clients for your sites and how to setup the technical aspect of the business model.

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