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The Consistency Effect

Back in 2009 (timeline may be slightly off), I noticed something interesting about successful marketers.

At the time, I was working my ass off…

…and I was burnt out. Tired of getting on webinars and answering phone calls. I decided to find a different way to build my business.

consistencyI wanted a marketing strategy that would allow me to put down the phone and sponsor people on ‘autopilot’.

I started looking at what the most successful online marketers and networkers were doing day in, and day out in their business.

They all had several traits in common.

Massive drive, dedication, abnormal work ethic.

But something else more specific.

Consistency in posting content.

This applies to almost everyone. From Network Marketers to the kids on Youtube with millions of subscribers.

What’s interesting is if you look at the most followed people online, almost every single one of them started posting 3-5 videos a week, three to five years ago.

Isn’t that interesting?

They were online being consistent with their posting. The people who were doing this as Youtube was growing, are the people dominating that space right now.

Just like Tony Robbins, who was there as infomercials took off. The most followed people online were all there as their ‘network’ was maturing, consistently posting 3-5 pieces of content every week.

How many marketers do you know that consistently publish 3-5 pieces of content, every week?

Almost nobody.

The marketers who’ve been posting 3-5 pieces of content per week for 2-5 years are all dominating.

Ray Higdon, I don’t think he’s missed publishing a single blog post daily in years.

7 figure earner.

Eric Worre who created Network Marketing Pro; publishes daily videos and has done for years. He’s been so consistent that Network Marketers from all companies consistently send their teams to his site for the video training.

Another 7 figure earner.

There’s the occasional exception, like the kind of guys who create offers and run giant paid advertising campaigns.

But they don’t have the biggest communities or the most rapport with their subscribers.

They don’t have their own tribe.

The folks who are publishing content 3-5 times a week, they have the biggest communities.

And communities are what start MOVEMENTS.

Empower Network. Started from a small room of 30 odd people, later launching to a few small communities built up over years of content marketing.

People saw what we were doing it and they got in. Almost every person that had been following me for years got in, and they brought a ton of people with them.

They saw the vision, and they’d seen me be consistent for years. Publishing content, giving value, with the same message.

Consistency results in viral growth. It happens slowly, but content has a way of compounding.

As you post, the effect of the content grows piece by piece.

You start to become an authority figure.

You gain recognition as an expert.

People begin to pay attention, and listen to you. As they carefully read your content, they trust you.

Because there’s something powerful that happens when you’re consistent.

People become attracted to you.

In a world full of uncertainty, with people not knowing which direction to go in, they’re drawn like magnets towards anyone who speaks with conviction.

Towards people who have a consistent message over time and a single message.

They begin to know, like and trust you. The viral nature kicks in as if magic is occurring, and exponential growth appears as if out of nowhere.

It all starts with the content.

3-5 pieces of content per week, a consistent message and speaking with conviction. Believing in what you’re doing and offering your people ‘a better way’.

That’s what creates communities, culture and big teams.

I challenge you to be consistent with your marketing over the next 90 days. Put out a piece of content 5 times a week, Youtube videos or blog posts.


All it takes is 90 days of consistent action, for the content to begin to result in regular leads & sales.

The longer you’re consistent, the more your content will compound, and compound; creating explosive growth.

People will begin to wonder how you’re producing the results you’re producing.

It starts with using a system to publish & syndicate content from.

A blog.

Get one right here, only $25.

Love ya,
- David Wood

P.S. See our average income disclosure right here.

P.P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below.

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You're right on the head about the Power of Consistency Man.

That point holds true to be successful or master anything .

Appreciate the post/traioning.

- WL



Very inspiring Dave!!  Thanks for sharing and really appreciate all your work! 


Thanks Dave, for making all clear...... once again!


Is a life changing....Thank You So Much Dave Wood


I see someone stepping into unlimited open doors.... If you believe it, you will have with no limited times..... I see it happen....and it will put tears of joy in your eyes....


Excellent info, thanks Dave...


Absolutely brilliant post and it needed to be said.  So many people are being sold the "get here and join my programme, and do nothing and get your downline built for you for no effort" type deal - It takes hard work (the grind), consistent daily action and belief beyond the first few days when the results don't come in straight away.

A very timely reminder. - Loved it!


Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown

Another great reminder about consistency and how important it is to creating and building your success.  Thank you Dave for sharing your experience as it helps to keep us moving forward, pushing past any obstacles, because when we do, we know we are on our path of achieving our goals and dreams.


Davidwood is my real role model a great personality who think differently wish him success svv group

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