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The Best SEO Strategy For 2013


Let’s face it, come on…

99% of SEO is total bullshit. While the ‘gurus’ are selling you conventional link building strategies, they are using a much easier, faster and more effective strategy for ranking their sites.

A strategy that can literally rank any website for any keyword, within days or weeks, very rarely months.

It’s a little something called buying high PR expired domains..

It’s very simple. You can buy expired high Page Rank domains, transfer them to your host and set them up with an article and link to your site. These are the ULTIMATE backlinks.

Google wants to see two things: High Page Rank + Relevance.

That’s all Google really cares for in a backlink. If a site is high PR, it means it’s authoritative. If the backlink is contextual within a relevant article; it tells Google it’s a real backlink; not some blog comment you posted on a high PR page. If the contextual backlink is on the home page of a high PR domain; that’s just magic.

If you want to kick ass and dominate a niche, the best strategy is to combine content marketing with high PR backlinks. There are several ways you can go about setting up high PR domains and linking them to your site.

Some people like to build home page links, some people like to setup blog networks. I like to use 3 different strategies. When you combine them with simple content marketing (some guest blogging/commenting and forum marketing + social media) – it’s game over for your competitors. You win every time.

First, here are two places where you can find high PR domains:



Yes, they are expensive. This is an expensive strategy, but you could spend thousands on a single SEO service in one year, or buy 20 high PR domains – the latter would probably produce more results.

I talk a lot about content syndication. As I honestly believe if you’re not a top 20 site in your niche; you’re wasting your time. Google wants authority, we all know that. Publishing lots of content and syndicating it is an effective strategy for ranking FAST – but only when you have authority.

Google don’t want sniper sites or 10 page exact match domains. They want authority sites with identities. Sites that have hundreds of thousands of pages of content. Those are the kind of sites that dominate niches and rank for anything. When you have that authority status, whatever you publish will instantly rank.

Here’s an example. when SEOmoz or Search Engine Journal publish a blog post about a new Google update. Whenever they do, it instantly ranks page 1 for the Google update name within minutes or hours, every time without fail. It’s because their domains have insane authority and high Page Rank.

When you have this DOMAIN AUTHORITY – all of your internal pages and posts will rank by themselves – with minimal link building.

So you can go about getting this insane authority in a few ways.

1. You Can Build Conventional Links (wikis/web2.0/edu/blogging/profiles)

If you do this, it will take you a long time to gain enough authority to the point where you can rank overnight for competitive keywords. That’s what you want to shoot for. You want to be authoritative enough to rank for any semi-keyword within hours of publishing the page/post.

Many SEOs advise people to build these conventional links, but at the same time publish lots of blog posts etc to build up site authority. With conventional links, there is 0 point publishing lots of content right away – it just won’t rank quickly. It’s stupid.

If you have root domain authority, all of your internal pages and posts will rank automatically. If you don’t have root domain authority, you can build conventional links to every individual URL and they will rank. But, it makes more sense to build root domain authority. It’s how niches are taken over.

Building domain authority with conventional links alone will take at least a year or two to get to the point where you’ll rank on autopilot for semi-competitive keywords in your niche.

2. You Can Build Conventional Links + White Hat Marketing (guest posting/blog commenting/forums)

This is a good strategy, it really is. If you’re broke, this is the strategy I would recommend you follow. Publish new content every week, while building wikis, web2.0′s, article directory, doc sharing and other conventional links to your home page + content pages.

At the same time do consistent white hat marketing; guest posting, blog commenting and forum marketing. Guest posting, blog commenting and forum marketing are essential strategies if you are trying to become an authority in your niche.

The three strategies are free, and they drive traffic directly to your site. It makes a lot of sense to use them. They instantly drive traffic, get you links from relevant sites in your niche and help you build a presence.

3. You Can Build High PR Links (The Best Strategy)

The best SEO strategy for 2013 and beyond is high PR linking, no questions about it. It’s the fastest way to rank for the most competitive keywords in your niche. It’s also the fastest way of gaining enough domain authority to the point where you can rank overnight for semi-competitive keywords in your niche whenever you publish new content.

The problem with the other strategies, is that you’re not actually getting high PR backlinks. You’re getting backlinks from high PR domains, but not the pages themselves. To rank faster than lighting – you need links from the pages with the PR.

So you have two options. The first is only for SEOs with massive budgets. You can go around your niche, searching for sites with high PR – and make them an offer, to buy a link on their home page. It’s a powerful strategy, but most webmasters don’t sell links, and the ones that do charge outrageous sums of $.

The second option is to purchase expired high PR domains from auction sites, and re-position them as relevant sites linking to yours.

===>> Click Here To Go To Advanced High PR Domain Strategies 

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Dave Davis
Dave Davis

Wow, that's a ridiculously spammy "related links" widget you're using there. Haven't seen one so blatant in a long time. 

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