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competitive seo

The Basic Guide To Competitive SEO

competitive seo

The fundamental reason why people suck at SEO is because they can’t tell medium competition from high competition. People just don’t understand what makes them more competitive than a less competitive niche.

Without knowing how competitive a keyword is, they start doing what they’ve been told. They start creating content, publishing articles, building wikis/bookmarks/2.0′s/profiles and all the other conventional links SEOs have been harping on about for the last decade.

The reality is, you need a completely different game plan for competitive SEO than you do with low-medium competition niches. First off, if you’re new to SEO and looking to make a quick buck; you should master keyword research and go after untapped low competition niches.

Why? Simply because there are some good SEOs in the competitive niches; hence the word competitive. The good ones and there are GREAT SEOs in the big niches; they have huge budgets. That’s what it all comes down to. Who can buy the most links from the highest authority sites in the niche.

If you don’t have at least $200/month to spend on SEO, there’s 0 point going into a competitive niche. What kind of niches should you avoid?

  • Weight Loss
  • Acne
  • Credit Repair
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Finance
  • SEO
  • Web design

The problem is, offline businesses don’t go to the random SEO on the street. They go to agencies and pay them a fortune to do their SEO. The good news is that most SEOs in agencies suck at their jobs and do a bad job at spending their client’s budgets. So with a reasonable budget of $200-$500/month you can go into these big niches and start with the less competitive of keywords.

Here is my step by step guide to dominating competitive niches:

Step One: Setup Bad Ass Site

If you’re going to invest in SEO, you better first invest in your website. A good design is necessary, social profiles should be setup and connected to your Google Plus account. Your site’s Google authorship should be setup.

Step Two: Launch Site Month One

Let’s say you have a new site, if not this still applies. When your site is new to Google and it hasn’t got a lot of trust. You need to play it cool, publish lots of interesting content and build a few high PR authority links.

I can’t stress the importance of fresh content enough, despite what other people are saying. The more you publish content, the easier and faster your new content will get picked up and ranked.

So for the first month to 6 weeks you should publish content bi-weekly and build a few high PR links. To learn how to find and buy high PR backlinks, read this last post. Essentially the ultimate way to do SEO is to create backlinks that are: high page rank + relevant.

That’s the magic formula to creating rank sky-rocketing links. What you want to do is go out there and spend almost your entire month’s SEO budget on relevant high page rank backlinks. I would advise spending at least 70% of your budget on PR4-5 domains and turning them into relevant websites that link to your site.

Then spend the rest of your budget on high PR’s on other people’s websites. You can find them on Digital Point, or you can contact websites in your niche asking to buy a link on their site. Both strategies work as talked about in my last post. For these links you’ll generally have to pay monthly for them. With $500, you can get at least 5 PR5 domains and a bunch of PR4/5 links on relevant sites in the niche.

The trick is to look for high PR domains with large link profiles. 1000-5000 incoming links is great, any more is excellent. You can run domains through Majestic SEO to view their link profiles. When buying home page links, low outbound links is the most important factor as well as not sharing the high PR pages with adult/gambling sites.

That’s it for the first month to six weeks. You should have setup a bunch of relevant high PR sites and bought links on relevant high PR authority sites in your niche. Just 10 of these links will do. 10 of these links, 4-6 weeks of time and a few published articles will go a long way building trust with Google.

What if you don’t have the money?

If you don’t have the money, you COULD just use high Page Rank sites like web2.0′s and bookmarking sites with extremely high Page Rank. If you did that and built a ton of other links to your properties, they will eventually grow in page rank.

But they just won’t have anywhere near the same effect as buying home page high PR’s on relevant sites and manually creating relevant sites with your own high pr domains.

Step 3: Wait/Social Phase

After you’ve built 10 or so high PR authority links and built some relevant sites. You just need to stop linking. As long as you see positive SERP movements from your high PR links (which is impossible not to), just stop linking for a little while. You should give your site 2+ weeks to just sit and stabilize, as well as gain some trust with Google.

What you can do during this waiting period is publish more content; create a viral/social presence. Social media is huge and everything, social signals are definitely important. Nowhere near as importable as high PR relevant backlinks, but they help simulate viral growth which helps support your case for all of sudden getting a bunch of high page rank backlinks.

You can simulate this viral growth and social presence by using Fiverr to send Facebook likes to your site, Re-tweets and real manual bookmarks. Another great idea is to focus on forums. Forum posting is an excellent way to drive organic traffic and increase your sites natural presence.

Step 4: Keep Building Links

So you have two options here. One you can keep building 1-2 new high PR backlinks per week to your site until you achieve desired rankings. At which point you can dial to enough links a month just to maintain rankings. It’s a perfectly feasible strategy and has a lot of benefits over building conventional links.

If you build mass conventional links in the form of wikis/bookmarks/2.0′s/etc, you can’t really recover from a penalty. However by building your own high PR sites only, you can easily take down one of the sites that seemed to of caused your penalty. It’s a lot easier to manage and control.

By simply forum posting, guest blogging and buying high PR links; you’ll come out on top and have near 0 chance of ever being penalized. The other option is to build conventional backlinks. Use senuke or your other tool of choice to build consistent daily backlinks. Both strategies work, the more expensive strategy works better.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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