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The Authority Site SEO Blueprint – Part Two

Authority SEO SiteThis is part two of “The Authority Site SEO Blueprint”. For part one click here.

Step Two: Build An Identity

I talked about this the other day, this is really a breakthrough in Google’s algorithm. Google don’t want random people ranking for terms they have no business ranking for; just because they’re bad ass SEO’s.

Google want every site to have a face, an identity. They are doing this via Google Plus Authorship. Essentially all you have to do is create and connect your site with a Google Plus profile. As well as create and connect several other online profiles to the Google Plus profile.

This allows Google to monitor your online activity. I wrote a long post about this explaining everything: http://workwithdavidwood.com/setting-up-google-authorship-101/

Step Three: Authority Site Creation & Content

Once your site is up, keywords selected and you’ve put a face to it. You need to build it out, make it an authority. It’s surprisingly easy to do. Simply publish new content on a bi-weekly basis. Publishing daily isn’t always better. If you wait a week without publishing content, it sort of builds up this ranking power that’s ready to release on your newly published content. However we won’t get into that…

Anyway, publish awesome content on a bi-weekly basis. What do you write about? Anything your audience wants to hear about. Te kind of stuff that they will check your site for every other day. That’s the end goal of an authority site. To have its readers literally type in the URL of the site just to check it for new updates.

We all regularly check a handful of websites, but only a tiny percentage of the sites we visit. Become that resource and SEO will be irrelevant. Work on the design. My opinion on site design has pretty much stayed the same for as long as I can remember.

A good looking site is critical. All of the most popular sites have had tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions spent on design/infrastructure. A simple WordPress theme for $100, with a custom header & background will suffice to begin with. It really does give a site an edge over its competitors.

The metric you really need to monitor is time spent on site. How bad ass your content is and user friendly your design will control this metric. Tweak and monitor, tweak and monitor!

Step Four: Natural Traffic

Before you put your foot on the pedal and start throwing “powerful backlinks” at it, build natural traffic. I find this hilarious, because most people think I’m crazy for saying it. Especially in the SEO arena. Not many people actually get this, and a pathetic number of people actually do it.

Build up natural traffic. Build a natural flow of traffic to your site and convert the visitors into an audience. Convert them into your subscribers and long term fans.

Building natural traffic is doing SEO, but it’s building links to drive traffic; not boost rankings.

So there are about 50 odd methods for building natural traffic. Here are my top picks:

1. Forums

Forums are seriously underestimated by SEO’s. They’re like a superfood for your site. They drive traffic, build engagement/activity, backlinks and drive an audience! With conventional authority site building; the aim is to build a community. That’s what building a highly successful site is all about.

But with conventional SEO, you are driving random people to your site and trying to convert them into community members. The vast majority of searchers aren’t actively in your community. For example we’ll go back to the dog training example. Whenever I think of SEO examples; I think dog training. We all do, we’ve been conditioned to use ‘dog training’ for examples (LOL).

So, an individual might have just bought a puppey, got home and spontaneously went on to Google to search “how to train my puppey to dance”, because who doesn’t want a dancing puppey. If you were building a dog training site/blog/forum and wanted to get active readers, this type of person would have a really low conversion rate.

You want people who are actively training dogs and passionate about doing it. Those are the kind of people who will keep coming back to read your articles or post on your forum or buy your products. The average spontaneous search is useless for community building. So where do you find these avid dog trainers? Forums – obviously.

Forums are where groups of people with similar interests get together to talk about that interest, in this case dog training. So it makes sense to get involved in the forums, talking about dog training. Pretty much all  forums allow you to add a signature to your forum posts. Your forum signature displays below every post you make on a forum.

This is where you link to your site. Make your signature as controversial as possible, it should grab attention and force people to click through to your site. So forums serve three purposes: they drive traffic, they build backlinks, but most importantly they drive active community members to your site. The exact kind of people you want.

Forums are probably the most powerful natural traffic builders in most niches. I know guys who get 500-1000 UV’s/day from forum posting, literally spending 1-2 hours a day on them.

2. Paying For Traffic

SEO’s are normally terrified of paying for traffic. It defies their logic they have going on. If you can get something for free, why on earth would you pay for it? Simple. Paying for traffic allows you to get instant results. It allows you to test your site. I advise driving traffic for the sole purpose of tweaking and monitoring your site.

At the same time it’s great to diversify your traffic sources. The two sites I recommend for driving CHEAP traffic to sites/blogs are: Stumbleupon and Outbrain. Both offer dirt cheap targeted traffic. I recommend Outbrain if you’re trying to build an audience/subscribers.

===>>> Click Here To Read Part Three

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