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The Mysterious Art Of Goal Setting (and my Secret 6 Step Formula)

It’s always the same.

Someone decides to make a new decision like they want to change their career, maybe they want to become an artist, so they decide to buy an art course…

…or someone decides they want to ‘get rich’ and live in the tropics, so they start an online business.

goal setting

When it comes to business, people generally make up some random financial goal like $30,000/month that they think they need to live their dream, which is usually ridiculous.

The reality is that by now taking massive action, you can most-likely live your dream for less than $5000/month, which is easy to create when you have a system & my ‘secret’ goal setting formula.

Now before you continue, I want you to pay attention, because as you pay attenton you’re going to learn the goal setting strategy that I’ve personally used, to explode my business every time I’ve used it.

So the Internet Marketer starts working, publishing articles, blogging, posting on Facebook like a crazy person and throwing money at paid advertising.

They just start going crazy and taking action in all directions hoping to get a result of some kind.

A lot of the time these people will find themselves in a ‘rut’ or at least what they call a rut. This is when a person is not getting the results that they want, they’re unhappy with their current reality and they want to ‘get out of it’.

The problem is, most people feel like they’re in a rut the whole time because they have NO clear goals.

That’s the problem. As it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, how hard you’re trying, you’re not going to hit a target without first setting one. You can’t throw a dart at a board without seeing it clearly.

If you don’t know what you want, you’re guaranteed not to get it.

In this last post, I talked about how we all have this internal guidance system.

Out internal guidance system unconsciously moves us towards our goals. It’s the goal striving mechanism within all of us, and it won’t function to get the results that you want unless you have a clear-cut goal to shoot for.

Now personally, I have a 6 step formula for setting goals. This is the exact strategy I’ve used countless times to get the results that I want in my life. Pay attention, focus and use the strategy, now:

1. Create Your Outcome & Set Your Intention

The first step is to set a clear intention of what you want, your desired outcome.

How do you want to live? Where do you want to live? How do you want to spend your day, what income do you want to create? Why do you want these things? What will your outcome get you that you don’t have now? What’s the real reason for achieving this outcome?

Once you create an outcome, set a time frame for when you want to accomplish it.

2. Get Crystal Clear

The second step is getting clear. Getting clear on exactly what you want and what you don’t want. Lots of people think defining what you don’t want is just negative, but I find it a useful exercise.

What are you willing to do to accomplish your outcome and what aren’t you willing to do? If you’re not willing to spend 5 hours/day on the phone, write that down. Get clear on what you want and also what you don’t want.

So damn clear that you could describe your goal to a child, to the point where he’d see it as clearly as you do.

Getting clear involves defining little details, exactly what you want. When you do this and you ‘construct your lifestyle’ –  you need to realize how much it’s going to actually cost you. Having a ball park figure of $30,000 a month to live on the beach somewhere with maids and work 2 hours/day is pointless.

It generally costs a lot less than what you might think.

Get clear on what you want, write it down and calculate how much it’s going to cost, roughly – then add 30% on top of that number. That’s how you should set financial outcomes.

3. Create A List Of Resources

The next step is to create a list of resources.

Everyone has resources.

Maybe it’s a burning desire to succeed, motivation, a certain kind of knowledge or experience. Financial resources, a website, a blog, an email list, a list of articles.

Write down a list of 25-50 resources you have available to you to accomplish your goal.

4. Create A List Of Resources You Don’t Have Yet

This is powerful. Create a list of resources that you don’t have yet that will help you reach your goal.

Again, maybe this could be a website, a community of followers, an advisor or a financial investment. You can write down anything here, it doesn’t matter matter how ridiculous it is.

What happens when you write these things down, is your unconscious mind will start seeking them out for you, automatically.

5. Constructing A Meta Strategy

A meta strategy is a big picture strategy.

It’s mapping out the core components of your business, the big parts that you need to build to create your outcome.

The components of a meta strategy could be a blog, traffic, a high converting sales process and a follow up system.

Core components…

6. Construct A Micro Strategy

Once you write down the meta strategy you’ll know exactly what big picture components you need to create in your business to get the result that you want

Once you have that big picture, you need to construct a micro strategy. A micro strategy is the detailed stuff, the strategies within each core component of your meta strategy.

What’s your blogging strategy? What’s your traffic strategy? What’s your sales process and what’s your follow up system – how are you going to build it. Create time frames for constructing the micro strategy components.

When setting goals using this process, it’s important that you set timelines and milestones. Create milestones for completing parts of the micro strategy followed by components of the meta strategy.

Milestones that you know when you accomplish, you’ll realize you’re on your way to accomplishing your outcome. Milestones empower and motivate you to continue, always.

When you have your goal, meta/micro strategies and milestones written down and your outcome is clear; you’re going to start getting results, just as long you make a decision to get started and take massive action, NOW.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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Amazing post. Thanks brother

Stephanie Team Influx
Stephanie Team Influx

Dave you always provide valuable content that really makes me think about how to operate a successful business. You Rock!!!

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