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The Art Of Selling An Info Product (Phase Two)

art of selling

Phase 2 Product Funnel

Phase 2 is developing your product funnel. Having a single Ebook isn’t going to make you very much money, not very easily anyway. All the best marketers in the world know this; your front end (main advertised product) will make or break your business.

However, if you don’t have a backend product funnel designed to squeeze more money out of your buyers; you’re not maximizing your ROI. Phase 2 is building out a product funnel that will maximize ROI from every customer. First…

Squeeze Pages

First off you should develop a couple of squeeze pages. These pages should be designed to turn visitors into subscribers by offering them the opt-in bait you created in phase one. These pages will be individual, the idea is to send paid traffic to these pages or funnel the traffic from your branded site to them.

After a person subscribes to the list, they can be re-directed to your sales page. Or they can be invited to join a webinar, or whatever else you decide. An alternative option is to install Contest Burner and offer subscribers another PDF or video in return for sharing the offer with a few of their friends.

Software like contest burner setup on a thank you page will generate a lot of viral traffic and boost conversions overall.

Sales Page

Next you want to build out your front end offer sales page. This page should sell your front end product. You can easily set it up on Optimize Press for the cost of $100, or design your own from scratch.

For your sales page you need to hire someone to write your sales copy, and someone to design your graphics. You can quickly find copywriters and graphic designers through the Warrior Forum or any other Internet Marketing forum.

Unless you’ve been marketing for a seriously long time, you absolutely must hire a copywriter and graphic designer. For the cost of less than $500 you’ll have a high converting sales page (as long as your product is good).

It’s All About The Upsells

The backend is the most important part of your product funnel. This starts with your first upsell, otherwise known as OTO (one time offer). This should be a second product/service offering displayed to customers immediately after they purchase your front end product.

Your upsell product should compliment your front end product. Buyers are most susceptible to buying right after they’ve just bought something. Once you’ve sold them your front end product and they’ve paid for it; they will very likely buy something else from you.

No matter how bad your upsell (even it flat out blows), it will drastically increase your ROI and average earnings per customer. So, you need to create an upsell product. The upsell product should be just as high quality as your front end product. It can be more expensive, or less expensive. Completely up to you; just split-test different prices until you find out what works best.

Now  that you have your upsell product, again have some upsell copy written and some graphics made. Create the sales page. Visitors who purchase the front end product must be immediately redirected to the upsell offer. Other ideas for an upsell: videos/ebooks, coaching, membership site.

Members Area Setup

Every high quality product should have a members area. Thank you or download pages are a thing of the past. They’re ok if you’re selling a $10 report, but for anything over the $50 price range; build a members portal.

Your members portal can be easily created with Optimize Press, it should have the product downloads, training and support pages. If you have multiple membership levels, you can setup your members portal with software like Wish List.

To process payments and setup checkout pages; use www.nanacast.com or www.1shoppingcart.com.

Customer Autoresponder

Your email follow up is extremely important. As I said, when you get a new customer  you should try and sell them as much stuff as quickly as possible. You don’t want to go overboard and start sending them a bunch of crap offers.

You want to instead setup a COUPLE of high quality products that compliment the front end that you can sell via follow-ups. Your email follow-ups to customers should primarily and most importantly build a relationship so they’ll purchase more stuff from you in the future.

You only need to have your front end offer and one upsell to launch your product. Later on you can develop more high ticket offers to promote to customers.

Automated Webinar

Lastly you want to setup an automated webinar that gets sent to all new customers. This webinar should be designed to welcome new customers, teach them a few things about the product they purchased, and of course encourage them to buy all the upgrades. You can setup automated webinars with the Ever Green Business System.

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