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The Art Of Selling An Info Product (Phase One)

art of selling

You’ve been marketing online for some time now.

You’ve tried just about everything and finally found some success with affiliate marketing. You’ve built a few sites, an email list or two and are making a couple of affiliate sales per day.

It pays the rent, covers the bills and leaves a little left over each month. Not bad right?

Pretty awesome if you’re coming out of a 9-5 job. If you know a lot of marketers, you’ll know that most of them work A LOT. A friend of mine once said ‘Internet Marketing: where you work 18 hours a day to make money in your sleep’.

That is the hilarious and quite ironic reality for most marketers. Especially affiliate marketers and people pushing other people’s products. While affiliate marketing is great, I’m guessing you’ve thought about creating your own product before..

Launching an info product is the best and fastest way to go from making $5000/month as an affiliate, to $50,000/month as a vendor. If you have that initial traffic/email list and following to make a few sales a day of an affiliate product, and you know the niche ‘kinda well’ – you have the ability to launch a wildly successful info product of your own.

I’ve done it a couple of times, and it works incredibly well.

Selling an info product isn’t as simple as people make it out to be. You’re not going to get rich selling ebooks on Ebay. You’re not going to get rich creating a few ebooks and sticking them on Clickbank. Affiliates won’t miraculously decide to promote your product, not very often anyway.

The real art to selling an info product comes down to creating a complex SYSTEM.

A system that attracts traffic, captures leads, builds trust, establishes a brand and moves leads through a carefully crafted sales funnel that generates conversions.

So, let’s say you’ve actually created a front end product. Maybe a video course or a set of Ebooks, something priced at a low $99. This is the 4 phase system that will not only launch a successful product, but completely dominate a niche market and make a truck load of money.

Phase 1 Branding:

Branded Web Site:

The first step is to build a ‘branded website’. If your product is going to do really well, it shouldn’t be just a product, it should have a brand. Come up with a cool brand name for your new company. This will be used to generate traffic, build authority and trust in the marketplace. It will also serve as a platform to launch future products off of.

Your site should be well designed on the WordPress platform. It should be designed for one thing; to generate leads. You should set it up with opt in forms that include a newsletter signup, a free product opt-in (some kind of popup with opt-in bait i.e. a free report) and webinar signup (more on that later – you’re going to want to create a webinar that sells your product).

Your branded website should generate free traffic via SEO and social media. It should serve as a hub for your marketing. Once complete, your site should be setup with a home page, a blog, a products page where you list your product/s, and all of the other essential pages.

You can look at other blogs in the niche for inspirational. This really isn’t very difficult. Just create a site, make it look nice. The site should provide information about your niche. Later I’ll explain how to use a blog on your branded site to generate free SEO traffic, build your list and generate sales on autopilot.

Social Media Setup

Once the branded site is setup, create social media profiles including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Youtube. Each social media profile should have a custom graphic branding your site with a link to it.

Autoresponder Setup

The goal of the main site is to generate leads for free, and lots of them. When you generate leads, the goal should be to convert them into buyers for your product. You need to create a 7-10 email long series which creates a relationship with subscribers, gets them to signup for a webinar and ultimately purchase your product.

Your site should have several articles posted as blog posts before you launch it. You can use these articles in your email series to send subscribers to. This builds rapport and repeatedly exposes them to your brand.

Opt-in Bait

You should develop some kind of opt-in bait to offer visitors in return for joining your email list. This can be a video, or just a short PDF report. Fill it with great content, really over deliver on this.

This is step one of creating your info product system. Building your core website, which is your branding and content marketing platform designed to generate leads.

Later on in the marketing phase, you will publish blog posts on the site, rank them on Google and generate free traffic that will be sent to your conversion funnels (webinars/squeeze pages/sales pages).

===>>> Click Here To Go To Phase Two

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