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The Art Of High Ticket Selling (and 3 Reasons for Tripling Your Prices)

bugattiIn a time not so long ago, there was an old lady who opened an Indian Jewellery store.

She didn’t know anything about marketing, or starting a business. But she decided to open a store and that it would be successful.

After a couple of months, she was struggling.

Struggling to sell her jewellery. She tried all of the traditional sales tactics.

She tried discounting items, moving them to the window.

Re-arranging the lay out of the shop, and giving gifts away to new customers.

Her efforts weren’t paying off, and she built up a pile of debt. One day, she had to leave town for 2 weeks and put one of the assistants in charge.

As a last effort, she wrote a note for her assistant before exiting the shop.

It read something like…

Change the prices, 1/2 every item in the store.

When the lady got back from her 2 week trip, something magical happened. She sold EVERYTHING. Not because everything was cheaper.

The assistant misread the 1/2 for 2, and she doubled the price of everything in the store. Not only did she earn drastically more by increasing the prices, she sold more too.

Most product creators have no idea what to charge. They invest all their time and energy into creating a product or service, with no idea what to sell it for. A lot of the time people charge what they think they’re worth.

The reality is, you’ll almost always make more money by charging double, triple or ten times what your competition is charging for the same thing. Higher pricing is always a better model, for several reasons.

1. Expensive = Elite/Exclusive

The fact is, expensive products give off an aura of being more valuable. Naturally we equate price with value. If something is cheap, we assume it’s worthless. Like it has no value.

A classic example is the guy who buys the $300 suitcase that’s the same as the $100 suitcase. The guy walks into the store to pick up a suitcase, he’s presented with three options.

The suitcases are all pretty much the same. The first suitcase is $100, and it’s a little more generic than the other two. Made of the same material, has the same amount of space.

Suitcase two is $200, but it has a leather strap on its side. Suitcase 3 is just like suitcase 2, but it has 2 leather straps and a ‘special’ handle on top. The situation applies to all products and services.

The guy walks into the store, and walks out with either suitcase 2 or 3 most times. He realizes the $300 suitcase must have magical powers of some kind, or be more sturdy or more durable.

Maybe he thinks $300 is a little too much, so he walks out with suitcase 2; not because the leather strap is worth an extra $100. Just because of the perceived value.

Perceived value is a powerful thing, and it’s what drives buying decisions. Not so much the price, people always associate a higher price point with a higher value.

When you raise your prices, people start thinking you’re an authority. They automatically assume you’re an expert, without questioning how or why.

When you get that ‘elite’ high-end label, selling becomes easy. People suddenly start buying your stuff and hiring you when they think you’re an authority. You show this by your pricing.

2. It’s Easier To Make More Money Working Less

For years, I spent 12+ hours a day working to make 5 figures a month in my business. The problem was to make 5 figures, I needed to sell 100s of 1000s of products.

I was selling stuff that was priced at $20 to $100, earning 40% commissions. If I had taken the same products, the same information and sold it for $1000 to $3000 – I would have made 6 figures a month overnight.

It’s just as easy to get someone to spend $3000 as it is $2000. This means you can sell less products, make more money and work fewer hours. By raising your prices or the price of the stuff you sell.

If you’re going to sell high-end, top quality products at low prices, it doesn’t matter. People won’t buy your stuff and you’ll never achieve the ‘authority’ status.

3. The Customers Complain Less

One of the magical things that happens when you raise your prices is you get less refunds and less complaints. People who spend lots of money tend to complain less.

When you’re selling products for under $100 you get hordes of customers asking stupid questions, complaining and demanding refunds.

A lot of the time because the customers don’t actually go through the products. They don’t pay attention. When someone invests $3000 for the same information, they pay attention.

They see the value, and if it’s not there they’ll find it somehow.

People who question high ticket selling don’t see the big picture. Women will pay $5000 for a purse that has a certain logo on it. Not because the purse is any nicer than the $40 purse across the street. Just because of the exclusivity and ‘elite’ status of the brand.

People want to feel special, exclusive, part of the ‘elite’ group. They do this by buying expensive stuff.

Higher prices motivate you to sell and over-deliver. Higher prices also attract big spenders. People who are likely to spend more money, without thinking about it.

It makes more sense, period.

Love ya,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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You shall remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day.Deuteronomy 8:18


Important post Dave. I totally agree with all of your points. It takes the same amount of energy to get someone to buy a $30 product then say a $3,000 product. I know from experience how hard it can be at times pushing some of the smaller affiliate products out on the market. I kind of like a combination of low ticket and high ticket. Have a good one!


This makes a ton of sense to me Dave. I remember when I first got in EN, and I ONLY owned the $25 basic level. Then I made a new decision to own the inner circle product for $100. Within my first month, I had made more money at the $100 level than I did selling the basic $25 level...

I found this article to be valuable to me because it explains why that is. And you know what bro, I took the same effort to sell a $100 product that it took to sell a $25 product.


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