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The Art Of Goal Getting – Part One (and The Calm Confidence Of Going Viral)

Yesterday, I shared my personal goal setting strategy.

Today I decided to share my ‘goal getting‘ strategy. A strategy I use to actually achieve the goals I set….

…because I want you to realize that you can achieve any goal you set, just as long as you use the right strategy.

The Art Of Goal Getting

Most people have no idea how to set goals, to the point of where I find it kind of hilarious.

After going through the first post you should have a list of goals written down or maybe you’re writing your goals down now.

With your goal/s written down: I want you to ‘test’ your goals against five criteria:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Action Orientated
  • Realistic (be flexible with this)
  • Time Conscious

Test your goals against these criteria, making sure they fit all five.

At our last Empower Network event I asked the audience of 1000+ people what their goals are.

The result?

Not one person had a goal that fit into all five criteria.

So I’m at the event in Dallas, Texas – going around the audience asking them what their goals are.

People start shouting out their answers…

“Freedom”, “to be able to move to the tropics”, “to quit my job and do something with my life”

One guy shouted out something so ridiculous, it not only didn’t fit into any of the criteria, I had to try my best not to laugh…

…he opened his mouth, and to everyone’s amazement said:

I want the calm confidence to go viral.

Silence, (me trying not to break into laughter)…

Following up with him, I was surprised to find out he wasn’t joking, and he really did want ‘the calm confidence to go viral’ .

It took me a while to find out what this really meant, after realizing the man had no idea either.

The point of the story: people say weird shit and almost nobody sets goals using this or any formula at all.

Now, the first actionable step to achieving your goals is to create an action plan, using the meta/micro strategy laid out in the last post.

Break down everything that needs to be done at the meta and micro level in order to achieve your goal/s, because by now I’m sure you realize it’s the right thing to do.

Lastly breaking down all of the tasks into daily goals. Doing this you can get a crystal clear idea of  how long it’s going to take you to achieve your outcome and know exactly what to do.

Using the meta/micro model, your goal may have 10 meta strategy components, each with 10 of their own micro strategy components to build/create.

If you have 10 hours in the day to work, and there are 100 tasks or components to create and you want to accomplish the goal in 10 days, you need to be completing 10 micro components a day, one every hour. If you can’t complete a task every hour, you need a more realistic time frame.

Identify Possible Obstacles

One of the fundamental reasons why people fail to accomplish goals is because they get frustrated and burnt out.

You can prevent burn out and frustration by staying motivated, paying attention and identifying the possible obstacles you may run into.

It’s important to now realize that sometimes you’ll run into obstacles, and it’s easier to break through them when you see them for what they are by first writing them down.

Surrounding Yourself With People Who Want You To Succeed

Sometimes, you have to detach yourself from the people around you. Friends, colleagues, family, people who don’t want you to succeed.

Focus on surrounding yourself with people who care about your success, people who lift you up and empower you to strive for a better future. This isn’t always easy to do, but it simple.

Start by making a list of the people in your immediate circle of influence, friends, family and work colleagues. How many of them empower you? Write down a list of these people, make a decision to detach yourself from negative influences.

Now make a list of people to call, email or spend time with who can help you move towards your goal. If you’re building an online business, make a list of other successful marketers who you could start spending time with.

Make a list of people in positions of influence, people who have achieved the goal you’re striving for. Sometimes, you’ll be able to connect with these people in person, sometimes a simple FB connection and an exchange of a few messages a week is powerful enough.

Make a point of being with people who support what you’re doing, who lift you up and avoid anyone who discourages you.

Surround yourself with those who empower you.

What’s you’ve got to remember is nobody has magical powers.

Nothing appears out of nowhere by magical thinking.

Now realize what’s in it for you. Why are you going after your goal? What will it give you that you don’t have now? Get clear on your why, write down a list of reasons, and narrow down to the most fundamental reason.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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"The calm confidence to go viral". That's hilarious!


Makes sense, makes sense. I like it, thanks for the post Dave. 

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