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The Art Of Getting People To Happily Buy Stuff (Part One)

Today I want to talk about creating one specific outcome.

The single most important outcome in marketing, that I see so many people struggle to create in their business.

Getting people to happily buy.

Now I want you to pay attention, because by the time you finish this post you’re going to understand the principles and strategies for getting people to buy happily, no matter what you’re selling.

When you look around, it doesn’t take long to see that people (especially in the Network Marketing industry) aren’t really ‘good’ at selling. The reality is, anyone can make people happily pull out their credit cards and decide to buy, if they choose to.

However that doesn’t mean everyone can be good at selling. The reality is most people suck at selling stuff.

They struggle with it, their minds just aren’t wired that way. They’re not natural story tellers or ‘influencers’.

So these (most) people get online and they start trying to sell something. Their biz opp, an affiliate product or worse; they create their own product to sell.

The result is they struggle for a long time, wondering why people aren’t happily buying their stuff. Now I didn’t create this post to tell you that you shouldn’t sell stuff, because this is the Internet.

It works a little bit differently, you don’t have to spontaneously pitch every visitor on the spot. You can craft a powerful sales funnel and follow up sequence to do the selling for you, slowly improving it over time until it becomes effective.

Over the rest of this two part post, I’m going to lay out a fundamental framework for getting people to happily buy online.

If you’ve been around me for long, you’ll know that I like to leave out the minor details. So it’s up to you to decide how to implement this into your own business.

I’m going to explain one of the most fundamental concepts in building a business and selling stuff online.

“Moving your audience towards their desired outcome.”

Checkout this Diagram.

I think it was Frank Kern who first used this analogy, and it’s one of the most important concepts to understand and use for getting people to happily buy.

In this post I’m going to explain two core concepts for getting people to happily buy anything you want.

This is the first.

All of your marketing should be designed to move your audience towards their desired outcome.

Your audience (your niche), everyone in it has a desired outcome. Hopefully you can agree on a general or ‘shared’ desired outcome.

In the make money online space, there is one clear outcome: making more money.

Everyone involved in this space has one specific desired outcome, to make more money, maybe quit their job and move to the tropics.

So there are two components of the diagram. First is the desired outcome, and the second are the obstacles.

There are going to be at least 3 different obstacles your audience have to overcome or go through in order to reach their desired outcome.

Your job is to help them overcome each obstacle, one step at a time.

In the online marketing space, these obstacles could be broken down into:

  1. Having Something To Sell
  2. A Website & Funnel To Do The Selling
  3. Traffic To Send Into The Funnel

You could make it a little more complex, but fundamentally those are the three things you need to make money online. Something to sell, a way of selling it (through a website & funnel) and targeted traffic to send into it.

The idea of this strategy is to give away content (for free) that helps your audience overcome the obstacles while selling them an easy solution.

There are 3 kind of ‘ways’ to sell stuff, which I’ll explain in a couple of minutes.

Once you have the obstacles down, and know the ‘obstacles’ your audience has to overcome to achieve their desired result, all that’s left is creating the content and sales material positioning your offer/s as the best possible solutions.

So you have your audience, their starting point, several obstacles and the desired result.

Most marketers just try and sell them the solution directly. They link directly to a sales video that says ‘this is the solution to all of your problems’, and even if it is, it doesn’t matter.

People generally don’t buy right away when they’ve already seen dozens of other things they think are exactly like your thing. Getting people to happily buy is as simple as switching to a value based marketing strategy.

Creating content to give your audience  (for free), that moves them one step closer towards their desired outcome. Somewhere in the process, you position your offer as the obvious solution and your audience will just buy it – happily without thinking about it.

Click here to continue to part two (tomorrow).

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

P.P.S. Here are some things I recommend you follow:

My Empower Network Blog – this is messages to my personal team.

The Corporate Blog at Empower Network – by far the most badass videos you’ve ever seen, come out every night at 8pm EST.

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quico saunders
quico saunders

"So these (most) people get online and they start trying to sell something. Their biz opp, an affiliate product or worse; they create their own product to sell."-- David Wood

  That is probably the most terrible advice regarding internet sales that I  have ever heard.  To claim that the worst of these three options (an "opportunity", an affiliate product or AN ACTUAL TANGIBLE PRODUCT THAT YOU YOURSELF HAVE CREATED) is to actually sell a product that you have created is ridiculous.  The main problem with empower network is that what is being sold is pretty much just "information".  Yes, it is a product (I am saying this to preempt the people who are going to scream "EMPOWER NETWORK DOES SELL A PRODUCT!!! I SWEAR!!!!").  But to claim that it is some new, unique product is absurd, and that is why Youtube has blocked empower network spam, as has facebook.  What is being sold is of questionable quality, to say the least.  I just don't appreciate you, David Wood, hating on the rare breed of person that actually HAS SOMETHING to sell, something that they ACTUALLY CREATED THEMSELVES! 


@quico saunders you obviously haven't taken your business seriously whatever it might be in if you have one. The reason Youtube and FB have blocked Empower is not because of Empower Network. its from other Affiliates that don't take their business seriously and decide to spam people. why? out of desperation, not from EN learned techniques. See the great thing about Empower is They don't really have rules like the other Biz ops about how to market their product. 

As for questioning the value of the products sold.... I hope after this rant you went ahead and commented on all the online universities as well as traditional universities and told them how their price for a certificate that says they one has a degree is way over priced wouldn't you think? Especially someone is not in the job they wanted after taking those years of schooling and cannot recommend the schools education and make a commission off of it. Now that is more of a rip off. 

Quico Suanders, once you realize that the society we live in will pay $1k for a purse with no value but a name not and how it makes them feel as upposed to the $30 handbag at target. Ask yourself why? for education that can use in multiple streams of income virtually any industry. I went all in 4 1/2 months ago and started my own marketing company making multiple streams of income and I have never did ANY online marketing before. I was in construction. building rockets for a successful aerospace company and left and now support myself off of marketing. 

YOur closed mindedness affects your vision of opportunities. You should try on a different shade of perspective. It will suit you much better... I promise. 


quico saunders
quico saunders

@CommunityMarketer @quico saunders In regards to the reason that EN has been banned by pretty much every single website of note: it is because of the fact that their affiliates have spammed the ever living shit out of every place on the web.  It is not because of any other reason.  There is an ethical question at play, and unfortunately EN is on the UNethical side of the issue.  We all know that "clicks = cash", which is exactly why SPAM is at the heart of EN's approach.  It's not a secret.  There are MANY unethical aspects of the EN model, and the fact that they have been banned from every site of importance simply proves that point. 

quico saunders
quico saunders

@CommunityMarketer @quico saunders I always find it entertaining how people that "used to have great jobs" (like rocket building!) find themselves in a position to start working for EN!  Yeah, I'm sure you were working for a "successful aerospace company", but thought to yourself that paying EN $5000 and hoping that people read your blog would be a better way to support your family.  And to compare the value of an EDUCATION, which enriches every aspect of your life, to a internet marketing scheme, is not only absurd but disrespectful to people that have some sense of personal and civic pride.  Please, in the future, do no talk from an ivory tower about a "society that will pay $1K for  purse", when in the same paragraph you are comparing the value of a university level education with an internet marketing package that David Wood and his partners in crime are selling to people like you at a HIGH profit.  I am not trying to seem like this is personal, because you seem like a very intelligent and kind person, and I wish you and your family all the best.  But the cult-like atmosphere of EN is pervasive in their affiliates words and actions, and to pretend that an education is of the same value as a pyramid scheme shows that maybe YOU are the one that has a "closed mind".

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