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The 7-Figure Information Marketing Blueprint

In the Online/Network Marketing industry, everything that we do and sell should be about value.  You should not be ashamed of selling stuff if you absolutely believe in the product or service. After all, selling is the way business, heck it’s the way of life if you ask me. It is a matter of growth and expansion. How can you expect to excel in business without selling in some form or fashion? I want to give you an Information Product Blueprint that can help you get on the course to start generating a substantial amount of income into your business today.

First off…..

Why does Information Marketing Rock?

-Information products are fast and easy to create
-It allows you to offer something unique
-It brands YOU vs Your Opportunity
-You get paid to get leads
-It gives you Instant Credibility
-It is extremely profitable

Types of Information Products

-Live Events

8 Step Information Product Blueprint

1. Select your topic
2. Choose your format
3. Craft your offer
4. Set up you sales system
5. Create your product blueprint
6. Sell access to your event
7. Record your event
8. Continue selling access

Selecting Your Topic

In order to select a topic for your product, you have to take inventory. Meaning you have figure out your interests, knowledge or expertise in whatever topic you choose. You can even use the expertise of others. Next, you have to conduct research. This can be done by using google’s keyword research tool, conducting top term searches, and looking at forums or social networks. Now while you’re doing this, you must determine if there is a market for it and if you have a passion for it.

Your Format

Your format can be delivered to your audience either through a traditional video, screen capture video, a live event such as a webinar or live stream, recorded audio or simply written out as a report. All of these formats work well, but what works the best in my opinion is either through a traditional video, screen capture or live event.

Crafting Your Offer

Your offer is what sells the product. So what you want to do at this step is Create your offer summary, write your headline, write 5-10 benefit bulletscreate your offer and call to action, then write your Risk ReversalAn example of a risk reversal can be “30-day money back guarantee.” Something along the lines of this.

Setting Up Your Sales System

The required components for this would be to get a domain (Godaddy.com), set up hosting (Hostgator), get an autoresponder(Aweber-best tool), and set up a shopping cart.

The steps for selling your webinar would be to set up your capture page, create a sales pages using the offer you wrote. Then set up your shopping cart and set up your webinar. Now you need to drive traffic.

Steps to Create Your Blueprint

Go back to step 3 and get the offer that you wrote. Write down all the topics that you are going to cover. Once you have done this, go ahead and organize everything, eliminate what you don’t want and combine it all together.

Sell Access To Your Event

This will be your “live” version. The greatest part of this is that your initial customers will get to take part of the product creation process! This will be the start of you building up your list.

Record Your Event

A lot of marketers miss out on this step which in turn, you’re missing out on money. You may have presented a great presentation, but the only people who got to experience this were the initial audience that took part in the live event. It makes no sense to give a great presentation if you don’t have the ability to share it time and time again. Most video creation platforms offer the recording capability.

Continue Selling Access To Your Product

This goes back to step 7 which is making sure you record your event. This will be your automated sales system so once it is setup, you want to focus on maybe improving your conversions and adding more traffic.

Rinse And Repeat.

Simple enough right? In a way it is, but it will take a lot of work and discipline. If you follow these exact steps, you will be well on your way to creating a 6-7 figure income! What can this type of income do for you and your family? Think about it….


The Power Is In Your Hands….
Keyanna Mayfield

P.S.  If this wasn’t enough for you to get started and you would like a step-by-step, in-depth blueprint that literally teaches you exactly how to build your system and immediately start profiting day one, then you need to Click Here Now. 

P.P.S. Don’t forget to leave your comments or questions. Come by Facebook and visit me some time.


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